Smodin: The AI Answer to Your Writing Problems

As a student, it can feel like you are being given essay after essay with only days to do them.  Of course, it can help you learn and structure an argument, but a helping hand would make a world of difference in preventing burnout and keeping on top of other tasks.  Smodin is here to […]

8 Best AI Sales Tools That Help Automate Parts of Your Pipeline

You probably have a love-hate relationship with your sales pipeline. It’s an essential visual overview of your entire purchasing process. But the huge amount of data needed to make it effective can be a nightmare to stay on top of. Luckily, technology can help out. AI sales tools can take control of the boring admin […]

Uberduck AI review 2024: Features, Pricing & Benefits

Every film about a red-eyed robot taking over the world or a machine seeking revenge makes us more hesitant to embrace the future of technology. There certainly is power in cinema because, as of 2022, 34% of people were afraid of artificial intelligence (AI).  Directors and screenwriters are always going to be dramatic. They focus on mechanical […]

AI Marketing Tools: A Complete Guide to Streamline Your Strategy

With AI dominating the headlines, all industries are beginning to ask how they can use it for their business. And so they should be. When used right, AI can smooth out workflows, provide useful insights, and sometimes even take over tasks.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to code your own bot. There are already hundreds […]

The 5 Greatest Benefits Of Using AI Writing Tools For Business Owners

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have recently taken the world by storm. The AI industry is truly booming, worth an incredible $136.6 million and set to grow by a further 38% in 2023. Source AI has indeed come a long way from its humble and hesitant beginnings. When AI writing tools were initially introduced, the […]

Top 6 AI Tools for Ecommerce to Optimize Your Workflows

Running a business is exciting, fast-paced, and constantly changing. But like a swan on water, a lot of repetitive work goes below the surface to keep things afloat.  As you sit there trying to make sense of numbers and poor revenue, you may ask yourself, ‘wouldn’t it be perfect if a little robot did this […]