Smodin: The AI Answer to Your Writing Problems

As a student, it can feel like you are being given essay after essay with only days to do them. 

Of course, it can help you learn and structure an argument, but a helping hand would make a world of difference in preventing burnout and keeping on top of other tasks. 

Smodin is here to save you by being your very own AI (artificial intelligence) writing assistant that will help with your essays – for free!

To learn more about Smodin and how it can help your writing, stay tuned; maybe you’ll be next in line to download it. 

What is Smodin? was created by Kevin Danikowski, a teacher who, over his extensive career, found that even the smartest students struggled with writing essays – particularly starting them. 

He then formed a team of innovative developers and created Smodin, an AI multilingual writing tool that bulldozes down writer’s block and gives students an equal opportunity for success. 

It can help you write more than just academic essays. If you need social media posts, emails, books, digital marketing campaigns, or articles to be written, then you don’t need to look any further than Smodin. 

It is also incredibly easy to incorporate into your writing routine as it doesn’t require IT expertise to use. 

Simple tools for students & writers to get more done


5 Smodin features that use AI to save you time

Smodin uses natural language processing technology (NLP) to analyze and write in ways similar to a human in a matter of minutes. This advanced AI technology can also accurately predict your behavior using deep learning. 

Deep learning is quite similar to the human brain, using a neural network to make connections. This makes Smodin so effective at converting human input and phrases into language that even a computer can understand. 

By using this kind of AI writing technology, Smodin promises that you will have structured text written to a professional standard, and will do all of the research for you.

It will also back up its research with the correct reference and citation procedure in American Psychologist Association (APA) and Modern Language Association (MLA) formats. This is much easier than using an online citation generator, as there is still room for human error. 

Even if you only need a bit of guidance, you can input your writing into Smodin and watch as it instantly advises on areas of improvement. 

Writers can spend up to 5 hours proofreading their work, so it only makes sense to get someone (or something) else to do it.

The main feature it advertises is Smodin Author, which can generate a whole long-form piece of text with only a few prompt words to go by.

As you can see, Smodin is no one-trick pony that generates a vague piece of writing and leaves you to edit it into something readable – it cares about quality, plagiarism-free content. 

A screenshot of the range of tools that smodin offers on their webisite


Here is a selection of features that Smodin provides:

  1. Rewriter
  2. Plagiarism checker
  3. Citation machine
  4. Multilingual translator
  5. Summarizer

1. Rewriter 

Smodin’s rewriter feature will paraphrase whatever text you input, no matter how short it is. Perhaps your sentences feel a bit clunky, or you’ve found material you want to incorporate without plagiarizing; the rewriter tool is there to help. 

This feature can also paraphrase a whole article or other long-form content if needed and will adjust the tone of voice to your liking.

If you want to write search engine optimized (SEO) content, then Smodin will generate text with relevant keywords, saving you bags of time on research. 

2. Plagiarism checker

Even though Smodin is serious about being plagiarism-free, you should always check to ensure. This feature is also valuable if you have crammed for an essay or article and feel that you may have been a bit too ‘influenced.’ 

Smodin prevails as an AI text generator because it knows how to avoid common patterns in language and format, which raises the red flag for plagiarism. 

3. Citation machine

If you do not properly cite your sources in an academic essay, you might as well throw it out as far as your professor is concerned. 

Smodin won’t let that happen and will accurately cite every source you have in your writing with the proper format, such as MLA, APA, Chicago, and more. 

Citations can be limited to in-text, formatted on a separate reference page, or both. Having credible sources is also needed for online content to ensure it is valid and original. 

4. Multilingual translator

Language is no longer a barrier with Smodin. Books, emails, files, and even menus can be translated into multiple different languages instantly.

For even more efficiency, you can export your translated content into file types which can then be seamlessly imported into a range of documents. 

5. Summarizer

Have you ever been given a 20-page paper to read that you don’t have the time or patience for?

Smodin has just the tool for you. The summarizer feature will analyze text and output a fully formed 200-word summary based on the most valuable words, sentences, and phrases. 

3 Smodin pricing plans for all budgets

As it is primarily aimed at students, it is great that Smodin offers a free version. But it is not without limitations.

To preface, we should explain that Smodin provides ‘credits’ used for the Smodin Author feature meaning each time the AI writer is used, a credit is taken from you. 

Pricing plan screenshot from smodin's website showing limited for free, essentials for $10, and productive for $29 a month.


As you can see, Smodin will have a plan for you depending on your budget and how many features you want access to. 

The limited plan may feel a bit lackluster for those struggling with their writing and needing more input. The fact that you are limited to 3 credits a day is also quite frustrating—especially if you have a deadline coming up!

As stated in the image above, the essentials plan is the most popular as it’s a happy middle between affordability and functionality. You get a similar amount of credits, but you have unlimited rewrites and plagiarism checks, the perfect pair to help create an original piece of writing.

The essentials plan also provides you with the Author features, something you do not get with the limited plan. This feature has optimized areas of researching and rewriting for email, essays, and social media posts. Your imagination is the limit to what you can do.

For the best value, the productive plan will cost you $29 a month but will give you lots of reasons to keep it on board. You can check 8x as much text for plagiarism as the essentials plan and it will write much longer essays. 

3 Smodin alternatives if you’re still not impressed

Whether it’s the pricing or the features that are holding you back from, many other AI text content alternatives may be more suited to you. 

1. is very similar to Smodin as it offers paraphrasing, plagiarism, text summarizing tools, an article rewriter, and a grammar checker. 

However, if you are looking for an AI writing assistant without paywalls, doesn’t fit the bill, as only 2 paraphrasing features can be accessed for free. The other 3 will provide a different tone of voice and structure for $7 weekly. 

Rephrase's website shows simple layout and paraphrasing setup.


2. QuillBot

Our next recommendation if Smodin isn’t up your street is the AI writing tool QuillBot. This is one of the more affordable options, and you definitely get your money’s worth. 

For just $8.33 a month (billed annually), you can use features including unlimited paraphrased words, advanced rewrites, 6000 summarized words, a plagiarism checker, and 7 writing tones.  

Like Smodin, QuillBot offers translation tools and citation generators, which makes it a great AI text generator for lots of different areas, including search engine optimization. 

If you are living that student life and do not want to pay for this service, you can use the free plan which still gives you plenty of assistance with paraphrasing and plagiarism checks. It’s even available as a Chrome extension, keeping it in arm’s reach whenever you need it. 

Shows QuillBot's simple layout with a big range of features down the left hand side.


3. Jasper

You have probably already heard of Jasper as it has been making quite the ripple in AI writing circles.

Jasper claims that it has memorized 10% of the internet, making it immensely knowledgeable about a wide range of things. With so much knowledge in the tank, you can be comforted knowing that Jasper’s content generator will be plagiarism-free.

How much you will have to pay to ‘hire’ this writing assistant depends greatly on how many words you require. Prices range from $24 a month for 20,000 words to $332 a month for 320,000 words. 

Homepage shows all of the things you can create using Jasper including emails, blogs, and marketing.


To wrap up

The struggle of not finding the words to express big ideas can sabotage a lot of bright minds, whether they be students, professionals, bloggers, or those who love to write as a hobby. 

This is what holds many people back, especially students, despite how clever they are in other areas. Sometimes that writer’s block is too heavy for a human to lift on their own. 

Luckily, Kevin Danikowski saw the answer in AI and created Smodin to help them out. Using AI can build your confidence and show you what you are capable of once you push past the constraints of the human mind and step into an artificial one. 

Have you ever used an AI writing tool like Smodin? To learn more about how this technology works and how it can benefit your life, go to Top Apps.