8 Best AI Sales Tools That Help Automate Parts of Your Pipeline

You probably have a love-hate relationship with your sales pipeline. It’s an essential visual overview of your entire purchasing process. But the huge amount of data needed to make it effective can be a nightmare to stay on top of.

Luckily, technology can help out. AI sales tools can take control of the boring admin and let you do the human stuff. Some of the more clever apps can also deal with outreach and even sales enablement.

In this article, we’ll look at the eight best AI sales tools to help you stay on top of your pipeline and meet customer needs. That way, you can make data-based decisions depending on the size and scale of your business.

  1. Drift
  2. People.ai
  3. Salesforce
  4. Dooly
  5. Fathom
  6. Writecream
  7. Gong
  8. Crayon

Why is artificial intelligence in sales so helpful?

AI technology uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to improve sales processes. Basically, it takes away repetitive, mundane tasks from sales professionals and lets them focus on the human interactions that close deals.

AI sales tools can also help with:

  • Sales intelligence and outreach
  • Pipeline management
  • Sales forecasting
  • Lead generation and scoring
  • Improving the customer experience
  • Sales analytics

When it comes to big data, humans are bound to miss things or make mistakes. With AI, you’re seriously minimizing that risk.

So, let’s get into the best artificial intelligence tools that can help streamline workflows and take the pressure off with sales automation.

1. Drift

From huge corporations to small businesses, what’s the most crucial part of any sales process? The conversations.

With the shift to online business, buyers are now in control. They expect real-time conversations that fit around their schedule, not the other way round. So, when Drift hit the market, they launched their own category—conversational marketing—centered around buyers.

A chat between a customer and Driftbot—the chatbot asks Aubrey if they have any questions and passes on to a human member when it finds out it's too technical.


Drift’s conversational AI sales tool helps buyers connect with sales teams 24/7. As well as providing live chat with human salespeople, Drift’s chatbots can handle:

  • Repetitive tasks like answering FAQs 
  • Booking meetings, sales calls, and demos for reps out of hours
  • Sending follow-ups to warm leads
  • Filtering out unqualified buyers
  • Connecting buyers to the right reps with “intelligent routing”
  • Sending instant notifications to sales reps when high-priority clients want to chat

For small businesses, you’re looking at $2,500 a month for this service. For bigger teams, you’ll need to get in touch for a custom quote.

It’s not cheap, but you’re paying for Drift to be your AI sales assistant. However you use it, make sure you never miss out on conversations when potential customers are ready to have them.

2. People.ai

If repetitive tasks are hindering your sales team’s productivity, People.ai can help. But how?

Well, it creates an overview of your pipeline, sales cycle, and top performers on one dashboard to keep you on track. Plus, it makes it much easier to close deals, as everyone on your team knows where you stand.

A dashboard titled "Upsell - Phase 2" shows a list of ranked customers by top internally/externally engaged and how many meetings, emails, and calls each has had.


You can also use People.ai to:

  1. Automate time-consuming CRM data entry and give reps more time for customer interactions
  2. Analyze your top salespeople to set benchmarks for performance
  3. Enable sales coaching to identify areas where each rep could improve
  4. Build playbooks based on sales activities that drive results
  5. Actively monitor the health of deals in your pipeline
  6. Improve sales forecasting based on hard data

By anticipating the road ahead, People.ai can help you track and improve the route to revenue. When it’s used by huge companies like Zoom, Okta, and Zendesk, you know it’s worth trusting.

Pricing isn’t shown on their site, so you’ll need to get in touch for a quote. But it’s one of the top-rated AI sales tools for a reason, so don’t discount it.

3. Salesforce

CRM software is a must for any sales representative. It helps you track all stages of your sales funnel, from prospects to qualified leads and customers. But there’s no denying data entry is a boring, repetitive task.

Salesforce is one of the biggest names in the industry. So, it’s no surprise they’ve come up with the first generative AI for CRMs—Einstein GPT.

The software analyzes past interactions and customer behavior to create valuable, searchable insights. You can use these for all elements of sales management, including relationship-building, lead scoring, and even growth campaigns.

This AI sales tool is a complete game-changer for team members. Some of the most popular use cases (they’re pretty much endless with this tech) are:

  • Filtering your top contacts
  • Writing customized introduction emails 
  • Creating lead generation pages with sign-up forms
  • Collating metrics and insights on accounts
  • Automating workflows and even writing code

It’s a pretty new technology. But one sales team has already seen a 20% increase in win rate using it. Simply ask Einstein GPT your question, and see what it comes back with.

Set up for bigger teams, Salesforce is one of the more expensive AI tools on this list—you’re looking at $25-300 per user every month.

4. Dooly

If you’re already a Salesforce user, Dooly will be your new best friend. Plus, you’ll be joining other big-name customers like Figma, Intercom, and BigCommerce.

Dooly helps collect all your sales data and activities in one place under a term they call “connected selling.” You can bring your whole revenue team together by customizing workflows (based on your best reps’ processes), accelerating deals with prompted playbooks, and overall cleaner CRM data.

A popup notification shows recommended next steps: send case study in follow up email, schedule demo with Crystal for next Tuesday, loop in sales engineer for demo support.


Dooly can help by:

  • Automatically syncing meeting notes, fields, and activities with Salesforce
  • Using AI to suggest actionable next steps based on sales notes
  • Managing your pipelines with one-click updates (replacing hours of manual input)
  • Prompting with options that help you improve deal health
  • Showing pre-built templates that help fill out your sales methodology
  • Walking you through real-time playbooks to help guide your calls (e.g. what to say to pricing objections)

While this may not be a tool for solo entrepreneurs, it’s one to learn about if you’re hoping to scale your operation. There’s a free plan to get you started. After that, choose from the $30 Growth or the $65 Premier plans.

5. Fathom

Figuring out your scribbles after Zoom calls can seriously hinder sales productivity. If note-taking is your main pain point, think of Fathom as your AI meeting assistant. The best part? It’s totally free.

Fathom lets you focus on the conversation while it records, transcribes, and even summarizes your meetings.

A screen grab from a Zoom call is underneath the title "Instant access to a transcribed recording with your highlighted moments".


Instead of listening back to the full thing, you can bookmark parts of the call as you go. Once you’re finished, you can highlight those parts of your recording, and the tool will tell you what was being discussed.

With support for seven languages, it can also automatically generate and sync notes to all the right parts of your CRM. When copying and pasting into emails or documents, it’ll format perfectly into easily readable and color-coded chunks of text.

You can even take your highlighted sections and share them as clips. No more time spent manually editing and saving different sections of your recording.

With Fathom, you can actively listen instead of taking notes. Never fear you’ve misheard or forgotten something your prospect has said again.

While this version will always be free, check out Fathom Team Edition if you want to upgrade when you scale. This powerhouse lets you keep and search for all your team’s calls in one place—but it’ll cost you.

6. Writecream

Struggle writing sales content or copy? Writecream’s AI tool can create something sendable in seconds. If you’re looking for more for your money when you upgrade, it can also help you write social media posts, ads, blogs, and SEO meta descriptions.

Four options of messages are on the Writecream dashboard. One example reads: I love Medium so much, I use it almost every day. It's so easy to find great content and i'm really impressed with the variety of voices you have on there."


Staring at a blank page can be one of the toughest parts of sales. You know what you want to say, but you’re not quite sure how to say it.

Writecream completes hours of teamwork in minutes, giving you more time to focus on other parts of your business. It works by mining information about prospects to create personalized messages. These can help initiate an organic conversation without the endless research beforehand.

In terms of sales, Writecream specializes in personalized:

  1. Cold email outreach: Icebreakers based on a prospect’s work, education, and experience.
  2. LinkedIn messages: The tool uses profile data to initiate connection requests and InMails.
  3. Investor email pitches: Let AI help sell your product or business idea to those with the finance to make it a reality.

Choose from over 75 languages and even personalized audio and image icebreakers using AI software. Try Writecream for free, and never let writer’s block get in the way of your outreach again.

After that, plans start from $29 per month (for the limited-time Unlimited version). Then, $49 and $69 per month (depending on the amount of characters you need).

7. Gong

There’s a lot of communication involved in sales—resulting in a ton of information you don’t have the time or resources to go through. Enter: Gong.

Gong captures and analyzes customer interactions, then uses AI to deliver sales insights (like risks and opportunities) across your business. This lets you measure the early signals that lead to churn, plus the tactics your top salespeople are using that others aren’t.

"Deals closing this quarter" highlights a company called Woolo with $500,000 ARR and a notification that says "The prospect said they'll have to consider in the new year".


It’s an all-in-one platform that deals with:

  • Pipeline management and forecasting: Quickly spot and deal with risks in your funnel.
  • Sales team coaching: Measure the frequency of call listening and feedback.
  • Automated daily tasks: Get a list of suggested tasks in real-time order of priority.
  • Strategic initiatives: Track if top-level initiatives are being adopted on the frontlines and the impact they’re having. 

It integrates with all your favorite apps (Salesforce, Zoom, Google, HubSpot, etc.) Plus, it helped one company up their close rates by 30% in one quarter.

Pricing depends on a few team-specific factors. So, just answer a few questions on their site and get your customized quote.

8. Crayon

When trying to grow a business, it’s important to track your own processes. But it’s easy to lose focus and forget about your competition.

Everything they are doing affects you. If they’re sweeping up the market share, you’ll be losing. Crayon’s award-winning competitive intelligence platform helps prevent that by keeping an eye on them for you.

A mockup of Crayon's dashboard shows "Competitive Win Rate", a leaderboard filtered by losses and wins, and a pie chart of loss reasons.

The tool pulls data from hundreds of millions of sources to capture your competitors’ real-time movements. It keeps track of over 100 data types that cover: 

  • External messaging and positioning
  • Product and pricing changes
  • Hiring plans and employee reviews
  • Go-to-market strategies
  • News, PR, and events
  • Customer bases and partnership networks

With all this data, you might be worried about finding the gold. But Crayon uses game-changing AI and machine learning to cut through the noise with features like “Anomaly Detection” and “Importance Scoring” that you won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll be joining other huge customers like Panasonic, Spotify, Mailchimp, Dropbox, and even Gong. They all use Crayon to beat their competitors, and you can too.


Don’t worry, AI sales software isn’t coming for your jobs. These tools are there to take over the boring tasks and let you prioritize building and maintaining customer relationships.

Whichever part of your sales process you need help with, artificial intelligence can lend a hand. According to Salesforce, top-performing sales reps are 2.8x more likely to use AI than their low-performing counterparts. 

So, don’t get left behind—these AI sales tools and this tech is here to stay.

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