Uberduck AI review 2024: Features, Pricing & Benefits

Every film about a red-eyed robot taking over the world or a machine seeking revenge makes us more hesitant to embrace the future of technology. There certainly is power in cinema because, as of 2022, 34% of people were afraid of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Directors and screenwriters are always going to be dramatic. They focus on mechanical monsters and scary software because it’s exciting to watch. In the real world, the threat doesn’t exist. And game-changing platforms are waiting out there to prove it. 

Computers are not taking over, but for content creators, their intelligence and fascinating abilities can be the difference between success and failure. 

Let’s look at Uberduck.ai, a tool rapidly growing in popularity, and how it’s changing the game for users. 

What is Uberduck AI?

As a creator, any application that promises to help you “make cool stuff” is bound to pique your interest. That’s exactly what happens when you use Uberduck AI, the open-source AI community. Ultimately, it’s a way to make music with vocals that you set, and many of the AI voices available at Uberduck AI are royalty-free. Royalty-free voices mean that you don’t have the added expense of paying voice actors, either. Through the application of generative AI, the app creates features such as:

  • Voice cloning 
  • Synthetic media creation
  • API documentation
  • Text-to-speech (TTS)
  • Voice to voice
The heading "The Open Source Voice AI Community" sits at the top center of the page. The words "Voice AI" are in orange and the rest is in black. There are some icons beneath, each referencing one of the features of the website, including AI voiceovers, killer audio apps, custom voice clones. and a community that turns AI research into creator tools.


Audio content is often underrepresented in marketing—even though it can draw in customers, build relationships, and make your brand memorable. If you aren’t utilizing it, then you should be. 43% of people listen to content every day. With Uberduck AI, you can master this format to help yourself gain a competitive advantage. 

It doesn’t surprise us that the platform became a hit on TikTok in 2021. After all, it’s tough to imagine a world where a Mickey Mouse and Snoop Dogg rap collaboration wouldn’t be hilarious. And yes, such a thing is entirely possible when you use this tool. 

The software itself has a user-friendly interface, offers documentation for when you need some guidance, and boasts a range of pricing options. Everyone is able to unleash their potential, regardless of budget and skill set. 

Uberduck AI pricing plans

Voice generators can get costly, so it’s lucky that Uberduck AI has a free plan that’s free forever. But, there are some caveats to this and the free plan can only be used non-commercially. You’ll only get access to private voice and 300 credits per month.

On the other hand, the Creator plan is $9.99 per month ($96 annually) and gives private voice, API access, AI-generated raps, unlimited saved audio clips, and lower latency. Anything you can generate with your 3600+ credits can be used commercially.

If you need even more, you’ll need to contact Uberduck AI for the Enterprise plan. It offers everything in the Creator plan with the addition of collaboration features, templated audio generation, and almost too many credits.

Uberduck AI monthly pricing plans.


Uberduck AI annual price plans.


4 ways content creators are using Uberduck

Whether you’re a creator trying to make a name for yourself or a seasoned player looking for ways to evolve, Uberduck AI will help you generate speech and music to reach your goal. With this application, you are no longer confined by your own capabilities and imagination. So, let’s answer the question: how are content creators using the platform, and should you jump on the bandwagon?

1. Text-to-speech service

Have you ever wanted Kanye West, SpongeBob SquarePants, or the Wii Sports announcer to feature in your content? Well, dreams do come true because now they can. 

Uberduck allows users to mimic famous voices and have their text spoken by a range of well-known and fictional people. They claim to have over 5,000 choices for your AI voiceover needs. 

The AI voices of famous personalities generate more attention and interest than anyone else’s. We’re sorry to say, but yours (more on voice cloning later) just won’t compare. Even with that killer hook or call-to-action. Instead of missing out, embrace the ever-present celebrity adoration. 

An image taken from the Uberduck webpage which shows how the text-to-voice feature works. It shows that you choose a voice or reference audio and then enter text to synthesize.


Why wouldn’t you want to utilize a sound that people recognize from a mile away? Speech synthesis is a very effective tool that gets eyes on your content. Here are some of the ways creators have been implementing it into their strategies and why you should as well. 

  • As we get older, we can feel out of touch with the entertainment of the younger generation. Do your research into the latest internet takeover and use these trending celebrity voices to your advantage. It will help you stay in the loop and connect with an audience that has evolved beyond traditional marketing.
  •  In 2023, it was estimated that a whopping 50 million content creators are contributing to the economy. To both get your name out there and in front of everyone else’s, you need brand awareness. Using famous AI voices, especially in a funny or trendy context, will build this up quickly because it’s entertaining and adds value
  • You’ll save yourself time because you won’t make any mistakes. It’s a nightmare when you have to redo the recording because of missed content, misspoken words, rude interruptions, or poor sound quality. Avoid all of that stress by simply typing and pressing a button. 

2. Voice to voice

Instead of using text, if it’s easier, you can also use Uberduck AI to convert your voice to a different one. You simply upload your voice clip and let the platform do its magic to generate speech from your words. The free plan lets you choose from 8 of the 15 different AI voices available. The options are typically human voices with descriptions to help you decide. You’ll even find a few famous voices in there, like Grimes. As a content creator, this will save time by eliminating the need to type longer texts.

Voice to voice function of Uberduck AI.


3. Custom voice cloning

The AI tool has another nifty feature where, instead of using the rich and famous, you can synthesize your own voice. A content creator has hundreds of tasks, messages, and channels to juggle. If there’s a way to reduce the workload with voice cloning, you should know about it. 

With voice cloning, you can be everywhere at once. The platform will process data (about 20 minutes worth) until it has a grasp of what you sound like. Then, all you have to do is input the text of your desire, and you’ll speak it. Here’s a short tutorial from the experts to show you how easy it is.

This is a must-have for any video, vlog, music, or voiceover creators who want to achieve more personalized content with ease. This particular resource is part of a paid plan, which is worth noting, but below are some of the reasons why users enjoy this tool so much. 

  • You can change the way your voice sounds or give yourself a different accent. This is helpful if you want to give your online persona a unique identity. Also, if you have an illness that affects recording, you can use an AI voice instead. No more wasting time waiting to feel better. 
  • There is an option to put your voice into a song and change the lyrics as you wish, which is an easy way to entertain your consumers. Try adding a snippet to a TikTok video or a YouTube video introduction, or jazz up your Gmail attachments to increase the click-through rate. Some creators have also used this feature to build chatbots. You don’t even have to put your vocals to the test. 
  • Reach new audiences and revenue streams because the platform lets you change the language you speak in. Uberduck supports English, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, and Polish. They do forewarn that this requires you to provide your own processed data but claim this isn’t too difficult. 
  • You can generate interactive voice bots within Uberduck AI to communicate with your followers or customers in a fun, new way.

4. AI-generated raps 

Okay, this one might be a little niche, but if we didn’t lose you at voice cloning, stick with us on this one, too. With the ability to select a beat, get lyric inspiration, and generate audio at your fingertips, this Uberduck AI feature is a dream for anyone in the music industry. It is unlocked with a paid plan, and it brings revolutionary opportunities for content creators of all topics, niches, and interests to create rap music with AI voices. 

Using the Uberduck AI rap generator.


If you’re not a rapper, you might be questioning the relevance of Uberduck AI’s rap generator. But trust us, it’s worth considering. This is one of the features that makes Uberduck AI stand out from its competitors. Creators use it for growth, and here are some of the ways they do it. 

  • Our attention spans are at an all-time low. This isn’t great news for people trying to educate, entertain, or get information out there. Uberduck provides creative and innovative ways to keep users focused. Try rapping your content in the voice of Nicki Minaj in your next social media video and watch the views roll in
  • It fills in skill gaps for you. If you’re a rapper who has flawless lyrics but struggles to make them flow, the feature allows automation of the part that’s difficult for you. This will help you to learn by example. You could even join the Discord server to gain knowledge from others in the community and help them turn AI research into high-quality creator tools. 
  • Rap and hip-hop are the most popular music genres in the US and UK. Even on a global scale, it sits in 6th place. Joining in with something popular builds trustshows that you are current, and makes you more relatable to consumers. With Uberduck, you don’t even have to be a good rapper to enjoy these perks. 


It’s an exciting time to be a content creator. There’s no doubt, not when you can make an impersonation of Peter Griffin and a rap about your business goals on one platform. Uberduck AI does it all. Who knows how far this app could project our careers one day?

Let’s face it, our jobs are not in jeopardy. The future is sparkling with possibilities, and the fear instilled in us by movies is nothing more than a product of science fiction. AI should not be viewed as competition, the intelligence is more like a virtual assistant or partner. 

The relationship between creators and Uberduck AI is a perfect example of how science can inspire innovation without taking it away. When humans and technologies combine their complementary skills and abilities, creativity happens as we’ve never seen before. 

With Uberduck AI, the options to create vocals, music, and AI voiceovers are seemingly endless. The selection of AI voices is enviable, and the royalty-free voices mean that you won’t need a budget for voice actors. So select your favorite among the AI voices and start playing around with Uberduck AI today. It doesn’t cost a thing!