10 Best AI SEO tools you need to know about

Getting your business to the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERP) can be a real fight if you don’t know what you’re doing. With so many online competitors out there all vying for the same position, you need some smart help on your side. 

Incorporating artificial intelligence into your content strategy plan can take your search engine optimization (SEO) from good to great. You’ll be able to see exactly where you need to improve without spending hours trawling through variables and statistics since all the information you need will be collated right there by AI algorithms. 

Let’s have a look at 10 of the best AI SEO tools available on the market and see how they can help your business climb to the top.  

1. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO has frequently been the go-to pick for many companies looking for AI-based SEO tools to boost their organic traffic and improve their SEO score, and it’s clear to see why. 

The design is sleek and easy to use, and you’re able to integrate it with WordPress, Google Docs, and other SEO tools like Semrush and Jasper. 

A block of explanatory text about brand awareness on the left, with a dial that reads 67/100 on the right. Underneath this dial is a host of colour coded information that lets you keep on top of how well your keywords are doing


Let’s have a look at its key features.

Grow Flow

Trying to stay on top of everything can be a nightmare, both for large businesses with an enormous outreach and smaller start-ups that don’t know what they need to do. 

Grow Flow is one of the best AI SEO tools that lets you manage past, present, and future projects by providing:

  • Article ideas 
  • Updates on your keyword rankings
  • Suggestions on which routes to take for maximum optimization

Content Editor

Surfer’s Content Editor gets right to the core of SEO strategy by helping you write the best copy you can. It acts similarly to Clearscope, providing a list of keywords you need to include, as well as an overall score out of 100 so you know how well you’re ranking against your competitors. 

The Outline Builder uses natural language processing (NLP) to generate headlines and an overall structure for you to write against. This also works in multiple languages, helping provide a global outreach. To top it all off, it’ll even check for plagiarism for you, making sure your work is 100% copyright-free.  

Keyword Research Tool

Surfer’s Keyword Research Tool helps when it comes to planning your content marketing strategy. It gives you all the necessary tools and insight into how to specialize and become a leading expert in your field, such as through analysis of keyword difficulty and your audience’s search intent. 

Also, their keyword Chrome extension allows you to see more statistics of your competitors’ pages and analyze datasets from over 70 countries. This way, you can see the overall volume of keywords and where your ones overlap so you know if there are any vital ones you’re missing from your content.  


Finally, the auditing feature lets you bring everything together and maintain a high-quality website. Its AI software scans your site to identify potential improvement points, such as providing a list of internal links you can add to your content. 

You can keep tabs on how your keywords are doing or how your content length needs to change over time to keep you on top form. This also means you can repurpose old content and keep it updated, which can save temporarily on continuously coming up with new ideas. 


Whilst there is no free plan available, you are able to access a free 7 day trial to decide whether or not Surfer SEO is among the AI tools you want in your collection. You do need to purchase one of the existing plans, and then you have 7 days to cancel.

All plans come with:

  • Advanced keyword research
  • Deep-dive SERP analysis
  • Guidelines enhanced with NLP
Surfer SEO price comparison.


2. Jasper AI

If you’re looking for a way to speed up your content creation process for both short and long-form texts, then Jasper AI has you covered. 

This generative AI platform helps create plagiarism-free articles, blogs, emails, and social media posts while integrating the necessary SEO content to keep your work at the top of Google’s SERP. 

And, as previously mentioned, it’s fully compatible with Surfer SEO, giving you the best of both worlds. 

A list of features Jasper offers- Write copy and content that converts- 10x your content output- Create content in 26 languages- Collaborate with your team- Brainstorm new ideas- Write better, everywhere- Build an AI-powerful business- Have fun! Jasper is a joy


Working with Jasper can increase your workflow by 5 – 10X. It definitely pays to automate certain areas, such as generating ideas or helping to section out your work, as this gives you more time to be creative and focus on the human element of content writing: connecting with your audience.

This also makes it useful for companies wanting to get a large collection of articles out in a short amount of time to solidify themselves in the marketplace. It means you don’t have to waste money hiring a large team of copywriters. You can manage it all with one or two people and receive the same level of results. 


Jasper’s pricing plans are all customizable to a certain degree. Whether you want the Starter, Boss-Mode, or Business plan, you can decide how much you want to pay within each bracket to access a specific amount of AI-generated words per month.

For example, with the Creator plan, you can spend $39 per month for one seat and brand voice plus access to SEO mode. With the Pro plan, that increases to 3 brand voices and other add-ons like Jasper Art.  

Pricing plans for Jasper AI SEO tool.


3. WordLift

SEO doesn’t have to be a mystery left to AI algorithms. It’s important to understand what you’re doing to achieve a specific outcome, and WordLift can help with that.

It translates your site into structured data, which makes it easier for search engine crawlers to understand your website’s content faster. 

Whenever you start writing something, WordLift helps you to keep in mind the big ‘W’ questions – Who? What? Where? When? This will make it a lot easier to target your content to a specific audience and get the best return on investment (ROI) from your writing. These elements are known as ‘entities’, and are identified throughout your writing by NLP techniques. 

These entities can then be saved in a vocabulary, which can be turned into a knowledge graph for visual representation of your data. This makes your goods and services more SEO friendly, and you can then expand on this increased customer interaction by adding on-page CTAs (calls to action) like clickable widgets. 

"In 1 month, our customer in US retain earned $5.1 for every dollar spent on WordLift"Beneath that are statistics, such as 85%+ impressions, 18%+ clicks, 5.1 ROAS. A large mouse symbol and a dollar coin are featured above


You can also get WordLift as a plugin for applications such as WordPress. 


Whilst the cheapest pricing option is beneficial for smaller businesses, it’s well worth the investment for the next size up. This grants you access to more entity types, which can help your SEO score even further. 

The starter plan gives you access to the following entities:

  • Who: Person, Thing
  • Where: Place
  • What: CreativeWork, Organization, Article, WebSite, NewsArticle, AboutPage, ContactPage

Whereas the Professional plan adds these additional entities so you can specialize and refine your SEO efforts:

  • FAQPage (Voice)
  • LocalBusiness (Voice) 
  • Recipe
  • PodcastEpisode 
  • Course 
  • Home Activities 
  • Event 
  • Review
3 columns, the middle one in blue to show it is most popular: Starter, professional, and business


They offer a 14-day free trial so you can figure out if WordLift is the service for you. If not, no worries! We’ve got plenty more options on this list to choose from.

4. Semrush

Another big name amongst SEO marketing tools, Semrush has been a player in the game since 2008. And their services have only grown bigger and better since then. 

It’s an all-in-one SEO platform designed to give you everything you need for a successful online business presence. They have dozens of features and tools to choose from, such as their Keyword Magic Tool which provides access to a database of 24 billion keywords to choose from. There’s always something new to find so you can keep creating high-quality content within a successful niche. 

Split into different content categories such as SEO, advertising, competitive research, and social media


Their AI writing tool comes equipped with a function called Rephraser. This allows you to rephrase and repurpose older content, summarize copy, and detect plagiarism in your work. It can also provide insight into your tone of voice and overall readability so you can be sure your content is accessible to anyone who wants to read it. 

Other useful SEO features include:

  • The ability to see your competitors’ backlinks and their keyword rankings
  • Conduct site audits 
  • Explore content optimization strategies that are both user-friendly and provide the best experience for customers
  • Track your daily SERP positions


Semrush is a top-notch piece of software, so the best parts of it don’t come cheap. But it is possible to sign up for a free account if you’re running an individual or very small business without much of an online presence, or you can try their 7-day free trial. 

Here’s what’s on offer if you decide it’s worth the investment. 

Semrush pricing options.


5. Penfriend

Penfriend is a brand-new tool that hit the market at the end of 2023. All you need to do is provide your keyword research in the search bar, and this AI SEO tool gets to work creating titles that cater to what’s currently ranking with search engines. Once you choose the title that resonates for you (there’s scoring provided), you proceed and the AI creates your outline. The outline also focusses on search engine optimization, so once you create your article, the final product is geared specifically towards outranking the competition.

Penfriend uses AI to outrank competitors.


It feels like Penfriend has considered everything. Some added features include:

  • Evaluating the content for better flow
  • Suggestions for instances where a human touch is needed
  • Image and graph recommendations
  • No prompting

The bottom line is that Penfriend is one of our favorite AI SEO tools because it will get your article to 90%, and then it’s up to you to personalize it to reach that 100%. Since the platform really focuses on content optimization and SEO optimization, there’s not much that you’ll need to do – just a few touches to make it your own.


Considering how much value you can gain from a single article generated by Penfriend, the costs are quite reasonable. You save 15% when you commit to annual billing, and the plans range from $85 a month to as high as $425 per month. The most popular is the middle ground for $212, which gets you 15 articles. When you consider that Penfriend is an SEO tool coupled with a title, outline, and content generator, it’s really one of the most well-rounded AI SEO tools out there. Plus, whatever you used to spend on an AI tool to generate blog posts and articles, you can cancel and put that amount toward Penfriend.

Penfriend pricing plans.


6. Alli AI

Alli AI is one of the best AI SEO tools available and makes great use of its machine-learning capabilities. You can deploy a vast number of on-page code optimizations on your site and watch them make changes to your content in real-time. This will make sure you’re always ranking highly on the SERP. 

Various shades of blue and yellow create a striking homescreen. The words 'optimize, automate, deploy and scale SEO' are front and centre in white text


They have 4 main features available, which are:

  • Bulk on-page optimization: Wherever there is code on your website to be optimized, Alli AI code snippet will find it and suggest changes that you can approve or deny. 
  • Live Editor: When it comes to optimizing content, you want the changes you make to take effect quickly. With Live Editor, you can alter any part of your content writing, whether that be headings, titles, or main bulks of text, and the changes will be implemented immediately. It’s easy to undo these changes, too, so you don’t need to worry about making a mistake.
  • Real-time deployment: This doesn’t only help your business from the inside, but it also keeps your customers happy on the outside. If you run a SaaS company (software as a service), then instant deployment means you can manage hundreds of client sites from one place and update them without any delay. You can automate more parts of your business by coordinating with the bulk on-page optimization to organize thousands of pages all at once. 
  • Self-optimizer for traffic ROI: AI-powered SEO tools can automatically write and adjust your keywords for the best possible ranking and conduct A/B testing to determine which ones are the most effective. This maximizes your website’s traffic potential and means you don’t have to worry about keeping on top of the ever-changing keyword landscape. 
A graph showing how site speed optimizer, bulk automations, live editor, and A/B testing are all funnelled through Alli AI to reach your website



You’re definitely paying for a high-quality AI SEO tools here, so the price tag may be a bit of a dissuasion for some people. However, you can request a demo or try out a 10-day free plan so you don’t have to jump into decision-making all at once. 

3 columns: business $299/mo, agency $599/mo, enterprise $1,199/mo


7. Diib

If you’ve got your content briefs down to a T and know what you’re doing in terms of your digital marketing, you may still want a bit of help growing your site to achieve its fullest potential. 

Diib is one of the AI SEO tools that can help you keep on top of your metrics and analytics and provide guidance on where to go next with your SEO campaign. 

A summary of the Growth Plan option with a small graphic of what it looks like to the left


It focuses its approach on how you compare against your competitors through a series of benchmarks that let you know if you’re below, on, or above average. A list of 12 metrics analyzes details like your meta descriptions, your site speed, keywords, and how good your link building is to give you a well-rounded picture of how you’re doing and where you could do better. 


There are just two options when it comes to Diib – a free, self-service option or a paid-for ‘Pro’ option. Before we get into the differences, here are where they overlap:

  • A daily health score that combines 12 metrics into one overall score so you can see how healthy your website is. You can chart this against your competitors’ scores.
  • Social media monitoring means Diib can provide a useful roadmap for where you can go next and help you keep on top of your online performance. 
  • Email support is applicable for everyone, although Pro members will also have access to Zoom and phone calls with Growth experts. 
Available plans for Diib.


8. Frase

Frase is another fully comprehensive SEO platform, perfect for bloggers and content writers alike who want to stay on top of their game. It helps save hours of time across all categories, from AI content generation to editing to analysis after publication. 

Frase places emphasis on the copywriting stage of the SEO process, with an AI writing tool available to take care of every conceivable factor. The system can be adjusted to suit the tone and style of your company so no one would even know it was written using NLP. Clicking the “write for me” button can generate anywhere from a few lines to entire paragraphs of plagiarism-free text. 

A rectangular box containing information on content brief, content writing, content optimization, and content analytics


You can share content briefs with members of your team to ensure everyone’s on the same page, which speeds up the editorial process and keeps you generating content faster.

Then, you can keep an eye on everything with an insightful dashboard that can target keywords you’re not currently using and give advice on how best to incorporate them. The goal is to increase your organic search traffic, so having as broad a control over specific keywords in your area as possible is definitely the way to go. 


Frase comes with 3 main payment plans and an additional Pro Add-On for $35 a month, which provides a host of premium features and an unlimited amount of AI-generated words. Alternatively, you can try out their 5-day trial for only $1.

Each plan comes with the same 9 basic elements, so no one feels left out, regardless of which one they choose. These are:

  • Automated SEO content briefs for writers
  • Easy shareability of documents 
  • Google Search Console integrated analytics
  • Keyword and content scoring
  • Project status settings
  • Custom templates
  • A content editor with all the features of top word processors
  • Team project folders
  • An outline builder that uses data to generate results
Solo, $14.99/mo, Basic, $44.99/mo, Team, $114.99/mo


9. MarketMuse 

When it comes to e-commerce, getting ahead of the competition is vital. You want to be able to save as much time as possible automating whatever you can, so you can turn your attention to where they’re needed most. 

Text reading "Don't waste time on the wrong content" on the left with a 3D model of a yellow android on the right, looking at a floating blue folder with coloured circles emerging from it


MarketMuse can help you do just that by automating your content audits and providing objective facts on what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes, it’s possible to overlook potential flaws within your web pages if you’ve tried to design them in a certain way, but this can damage your search engine rankings. You need to know the clear-cut path of where to go and what to change. 

They offer:

  • Competitive content analysis so you can visually chart the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and know which gaps in the market to fill
  • Content cluster analysis, which helps SERP crawlers sift through datasets faster
  • Content planning that helps you see which areas you should prioritize 
  • Keyword research with personalized difficulty metrics so you know how challenging a keyword can be for your blog in particular


MarketMuse’s free plan is a great way for smaller brands to get started auditing and perfecting their SEO strategy despite the overall limited results. But, if you’re ready to make the leap to a Standard plan, then there aren’t many things you’ll be missing out on.

You’ll be granted access to the full range of results in SERP X-ray, Topic Navigator, and Heatmap, all of which are useful research tools for when it comes to getting a strong hold on the marketing ladder.

4 columns: free, standard ($149/mo), team ($399/mo), and custom price


10. Outranking

Outranking is designed to push you to the top of the results page and generate organic traffic. It does so by: 

  • Analyzing dozens of on-page SEO optimization factors 
  • Clustering semantically linked keywords
  • Optimizing internal link-building

You can save time on writing by developing AI-generated drafts, which look through the top-ranking pages on a given keyword topic to assess the tone and style in which they were written. It can then mimic these factors and naturally add in any missing keywords, giving you the best chance at ranking in the top spot. 

Alternatively, it can generate a series of headings for you to write your own content around. These useful frameworks save time when it comes to researching and developing ideas. 

Text in black reads "an AI content tool you don't need to hide" in the top left corner. In the top right is a drawing of 4 boxes connected to a dotted line that show content strategy, content execution, SEO optimization, and track & improve categories


From then on, it’s a pretty standard tale of rank tracking, predicting trends, and repurposing old content so everything you write can stay relevant and updated. 

In terms of AI content generation, Outranking claims to outrank (pun intended) CopyAI, Frase, and Jasper in its capabilities. They exclusively offer:

  • Outline generation based on keywords and NLP terms
  • Source citing
  • Deep research capabilities
  • In-document commenting


There’s no free trial, so you’ll need to spend $29 for the Starter plan initially. The plans go up from there to $79 for the SEO Writer plan and $159 for the SEO Wizard plan, each adding more SEO documents and features. You can also contact them for a custom plan if needed.

Outranking.io pricing plans



With so many products to choose from, it can be easy to get lost and feel overwhelmed. Take the time to sit down and assess which areas you want the most help with when it comes to SEO planning so you know you’re investing in the right product.

Even Google has developed AI SEO software which is completely free to use. Admittedly, it doesn’t have as many features as, say, Semrush or Surfer SEO, but if money is an issue, then it’s definitely worth checking out.

Which one of our recommendations for the best AI SEO tools will you start with? Whichever you choose, you can be sure to see an amazing increase in customers, ROI, and conversions due to increased SEO optimization.