ABOUT MarketMuse

Introducing MarketMuse, an AI-powered social media assistant designed for content planning and optimization. This innovative software provides personalized and objective insights for website content, offering a wide range of features and benefits:

– Automated content audits: MarketMuse delivers page-level, site-level, and SERP insights for informed planning.
– Content gap identification: Users can leverage gaps in the SERP to gain authority and own their topic.
– Optimization guidance: MarketMuse provides insights on keyword prioritization, content structure, and blueprint suggestions for faster publishing.
– At-risk content identification: Enhance overall authority by saving and optimizing at-risk content.
– Real-time feedback: MarketMuse removes the fear of writing by providing quality feedback.

MarketMuse is perfect for various content strategy and marketing teams, including:
– Content marketers looking to optimize their website content for better results.
– SEO professionals seeking to improve keyword prioritization and content structure.
– Copywriters and editors aiming for faster publishing with minimized edits.

MarketMuse empowers users to confidently make data-driven optimizations, delivering meaningful results for content strategy and marketing efforts.

MarketMuse Pricing Starting at $149/mo

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