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Gen Z Translator Review 2024: Best Use Cases and How it Works

Author: Lianne Jones

Gen Z Translator: What Is It, Review, And AI Use Cases

Yooo my dude this AI tech be hella fire, like kinda low-key dope fr! Did you understand that? If you didn’t (don’t worry – you wouldn’t be the only one), then Gen Z Translator by Studio M64 is an AI tool that can translate Gen Z slang into, well, more comprehensible text. Artificial intelligence can be used for a host of purposes now.

Some practical, some purely for fun. And here’s yet another fun use of AI: translating Zoomer speak into Boomer speak and vice versa. So Gen Z Translator was created for entertainment purposes. In fact, the developers even state this on the website. Despite that, can this AI technology be used for more than just entertainment?

Let’s take a look. We review Studio M64’s Gen Z Translator below and provide several use cases for how this AI technology can potentially benefit users.

What is Gen Z Translator?

Gen Z Translator is an AI tool that converts any text to Gen Z slang and vice versa. It uses OpenAI’s gpt-3.5-turbo technology to process and convert text. Gen Z Translator was developed by Studio M64 and is free to use online.

Gen Z Translator review

Gen Z Translator AI isn’t the only Gen Z translation tool the internet has to offer. So before you dive in, find out everything you should know about Gen Z Translator in our review, which runs through four key areas:

  1. Main features – what Gen Z Translator can do
  2. How to use Gen Z Translator
  3. Is Gen Z Translator good at translating?
  4. Is Gen Z Translator free?

The main features of Gen Z Translator

Gen Z Translator AI offers two main features: “Convert A Sentence to Gen Z Mode” and “Comprehend Gen Z Slang”.


Gen Z Translator is a simple and straightforward AI tool – something you might be glad to know if you’re not part of the younger generation. It’s simple because it serves two purposes:

  1. Translating Gen Z speak into plain, understandable text
  2. Translating any given text into Gen Z speak

That’s really it. What’s worth noting, though, is that Studio M64, the developers of Gen Z Translator, comment on the website that Gen Z Translator is an “imperfect” AI tool. It’s designed for entertainment, for that reason, as the developers also state that Gen Z Translator was “made for fun”.

How to use Gen Z Translator?

An example of Gen Z slang accurately translated into slang-free text using Gen Z Translator.


Gen Z Translator is simple to use. In fact, once you load up Gen Z Translator on the Studio M64 website, you’re instantly presented with its two main features:

  • “Convert A Sentence to Gen Z Mode”
  • “Comprehend Gen Z Slang”

Simply click on the option you want and you’ll be prompted to (depending on which one you click) either “Paste or type in the text you want to translate” or “Type in or copy paste Gen Z text” into the text box. The text box allows you to use up to 100 characters. After that, it’s simply a matter of clicking “Translate”. This will generate the corresponding slang words from the user inputs.

Gen Z Translator will translate the text in just a few seconds. You can also click “Translate” as many times as you want to generate different translations. Overall, Gen Z Translator is quick and easy to use. The process is simple and the user interface works issue-free on both desktop and mobile devices.

Is Gen Z Translator good at translating?

Gen Z Translator translates “To be, or not to be: that is the question” into “To yeet, or not to yeet: that’s the Q”.


Now for the main part: Is Gen Z Translator good at translating Gen Z slang, and vice versa? The short answer is yes. Gen Z Translator might be an AI project “made for fun” but there’s no doubt that it can accurately translate Gen Z speech into plain language – and vice versa. When translating to Gen Z slang, Gen Z Translator largely checks all the right boxes. The generated text will include:

  • Common Gen Z abbreviations
  • Gen Z colloquialisms
  • Popular social media phrases and expressions
  • Friendly forms of address used by Gen Zers

On top of that, Gen Z Translator will even, in some cases, include hashtags and emojis, plus text generated in uppercase and lowercase letters – a stylistic formatting choice sometimes used on social media to express enthusiasm or sarcasm. What’s especially impressive about Gen Z Translator is that all the above are accurately used.

The generated Gen Z text is authentic, as a result, and can easily pass off as being typed by a Gen Zer. As for translating Gen Z text, Gen Z Translator also does a great job of converting Gen Z speak into universally understandable slang-free text. The grammar is accurate and multiple sentences are even translated in written order.

An important final takeaway is that Gen Z Translator does not generate swear words. It also does not generate inappropriate content unless the typed or pasted text is of an inappropriate nature.

Is Gen Z Translator free?

Gen Z Translator is available for free on the Studio M64 website. You do have to sign up for an account to use it, however, but all this requires is an email address and password. You can also sign up using Google or Twitter accounts. After creating an account, you can begin using Gen Z Translator for free by clicking on “AI Services” at the top of the page, then “Gen Z Translator” from the dropdown list.

Although Studio M64 has subscription plans and monthly prices for the majority of its AI tools, Gen Z Translator is an exception. It’s free to use and does not have any upgrades or extra benefits for paying subscribers.

Gen Z Translator AI use cases

At a glance, it’s more than apparent that Gen Z Translator is an AI web application designed for entertainment purposes. It can be humorous too, as well as interesting for anyone with a passion for languages and communication. After all, even the developers state that Gen Z Translator was “made for fun” and should be taken “lightly”.

But can Gen Z Translator be more than just an entertaining AI app? As it turns out, it can and serves an important function of bridging the communication gap between different generations. Here are the best AI use cases for Gen Z Translator and how it can benefit different users from a practical perspective.

Increasing social media engagement

If a business or brand has a younger target audience, Gen Z Translator can be an invaluable AI business tool for marketing campaigns. It can be used to relate with social media followers and increase online engagement, thanks to its ability to effortlessly generate social media captions, Tweets, hashtags, and more with an authentic Gen Z spin.

Writing Gen Z character dialogue for novelists

Creating believable dialogue for characters can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming parts of novel writing. If a novelist has a Gen Z character (or several) in their story, however, Gen Z Translator can be an AI writing tool for inspiring authors when it comes to writing authentic Gen Z dialogue, especially in young adult (YA) novels.


Studio M64’s Gen Z Translator is easy to use and impressively accurate. It can generate authentic Gen Z slang from any given text, as well as quickly translate Gen Z slang into traditionally written speech. What’s also great about Gen Z Translator is that converting text into Gen Z slang sometimes generates suitably placed emojis and hashtags, adding to the overall authenticity.

The only (small) downside of Gen Z Translator is the 100 character limit. But other than that, it’s a faultless and highly entertaining AI tool that can even serve a few practical purposes: helping older generations understand Gen Z relatives, boosting social media engagement with Gen Z-friendly social media captions, and inspiring Gen Z character dialogue for novel writers.

Gen Z Translator is free to use on the Studio M64 website. You have to sign up for an account to access it, but no credit card is required as there are no user subscriptions or plans. So, all in all, is Gen Z Translator worth it? We definitely think so. Or as Gen Z Translator puts it: It’s lit and we totally vibe with this AI tool, no cap.

Frequently asked questions

What is Gen Z?

Gen Z is a demographic that generally refers to anyone born between the mid 1990s and early 2010s. Gen Z follows the Millennial generation, which is considered to be anyone born between the early 1980s and mid 1990s.

Is Gen Z Translator free?

Gen Z Translator is a free AI tool and web application that translates Gen Z slang into simple, slang-free text. It’s free to use on the Studio M64 website, letting users easily translate Gen Z speech and also convert any text into Gen Z slang.

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