How to Find AI Podcasts: The Hidden Gems Available with the Right Search Tools

The search for a compelling artificial intelligence podcast in 2024 is over, with more than 850,000 active podcasts, finding the gems can feel like panning for gold.

Yet, knowing how to find AI-specific podcasts that breathe life into complex concepts, spark riveting debates, and give a voice to the unsung heroes of artificial intelligence is a game-changer.

We’re not talking about generic, monotone discussions you’ve heard a thousand times. We’re highlighting the crème de la crème amongst a sea of mediocrity. Podcasts with a fresh perspective bring you face-to-face with AI’s biggest innovators, thinkers, and pioneers.

So, buckle up.

This ultimate guide is your treasure map to finding the best AI podcasts in 2024 worth your time and headphones.

How to find the best AI podcasts in 2024: A comprehensive guide

  • Quick database queries can yield a goldmine of AI podcasts.
  • Expert-curated lists help you discover the top players in the AI podcast world in 2024.

Step 1: Using AI podcast search tools

AI podcast search tools have dramatically evolved to provide sophisticated filters that target your specific interests. Podcast search tools typically function through database queries, leveraging AI algorithms to provide customized content. By understanding how to conduct these queries effectively, you can unearth a treasure trove of AI podcasts you might not have discovered otherwise.

To master these search tools, you need to get smart with keywords. They are the lynchpin in manipulating search algorithms to your benefit. Avoid generic terms and instead, use specific keywords related to your AI sub-field of interest. This could be anything from AI ethics to machine learning in healthcare. Remember, it’s not just about volume but also about how current the content is.

Construct a list of AI-specific keywords and phrases related to your domain of interest. For example, “AI in agriculture” or “NLP techniques”. This helps narrow down the pool and provides more curated results. Remember, as algorithms get updated, so should your keyword list.

Comparison of the top 5 podcast search tools


Step 2: Exploring top AI podcasts of 2024

The AI podcast sphere has exploded in the last few years, making it a formidable task to zero in on the best ones. Every now and then, it’s essential to explore what top industry experts are listening to in 2024. You can find such expert-curated lists on popular AI podcast platforms, digital magazines, and even industry-specific forums. We also offer some great AI podcast recommendations that you should check out.

These expert picks are usually based on parameters such as relevance, content depth, frequency of updates, and the communicative ability of the host. It allows you to stay updated with AI advancements while getting valuable insights from the experts in the field.

Depending on your preferences, there are AI-based podcasts that cover machine learning, ones that dive into practical AI use cases and real-world scenarios, ones dedicated to data science and AI news, and so much more.

Here are a few of the top AI-focused podcasts you should check out in 2024:


The “This Week in Machine Learning & AI” (TWIML AI) Podcast is a popular AI podcast hosted by Sam Charrington. The show focuses on the latest developments and trends in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science. Each episode features interviews with leading experts, researchers, and practitioners in the field, providing insights into their work, discoveries, and the broader impact of AI technologies.

Topics covered on the podcast range widely, from technical discussions on deep learning, reinforcement learning, and neural networks, to lively discussions on broader issues like AI ethics, policy, and applications in industries such as healthcare, finance, and autonomous driving. The podcast aims to make AI accessible to a broad audience, including both technical professionals and general listeners interested in the impact of AI technologies on society and industry. This is our top recommendation if you’re interested in machine learning podcasts. Although, another good machine learning-focused podcast is Practical AI: Machine Learning, Data Science if you need a little variety.

TWIML AI with Sam Charrington


AI Today Podcast

The “AI Today Podcast” is hosted by Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer. It focuses on real-world applications and implications of artificial intelligence by highlighting insights from industry leaders and subject matter experts. The podcast covers a broad range of topics within the AI field, including AI use cases, implementation challenges, and industry-specific applications. Episodes often delve into how AI is affecting sectors like government, healthcare, finance, and national security. The hosts also explore key AI concepts, trends, and the ethical concerns surrounding AI technologies. The AI Today Podcast aims to provide listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the AI landscape, AI tools, and how the technology is being integrated and utilized across different industries. As a result, this one is relevant for both AI professionals and computer science aficionados and those interested in the potential of AI technology.

If you’re looking for a single podcast that covers a lot of bases, this is a good starting point.

AI Today Podcast hosts


AI in Business

The “AI in Business Podcast” is geared towards business leaders and decision-makers who are interested in how artificial intelligence can be leveraged within their organizations. This artificial intelligence podcast, hosted by Daniel Faggella, CEO of Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research, focuses on AI deployment across various industries through interviews with AI and machine learning experts.

Each podcast episode focuses on practical uses of AI technology, discussing both successes and challenges, to provide listeners with actionable advice on implementing AI features and solutions. The podcast also explores trends and provides foresight into how AI will affect different sectors in the future, making it a valuable resource for executives and managers aiming to integrate AI into their strategic planning. This is a good example of a more focused podcast that’s ideal for tech-savvy business leaders.

AI in Business podcast episode examples.


Practical AI

The “Practical AI” podcast is designed to make artificial intelligence approachable and actionable for those who want to implement AI solutions in real-world scenarios. Hosted by Chris Benson and Daniel Whitenack, the podcast provides a mix of discussions that range from interviews with AI and machine learning practitioners to in-depth explorations of specific technologies and the best AI tool for the job. The content is focused on practical advice, sharing the latest AI techniques and methodologies that listeners can use in their own projects or businesses. It appeals particularly to AI practitioners, software developers, and individuals with an interest in tech who are looking to enhance their understanding and application of AI technology.

Practical AI podcast hosted by Chris Benson and Daniel Whitenack


Subscribing to newsletters

A regularly updated source of top AI podcasts can be newsletters. Subscriptions to AI-focused newsletters offer you a consolidated list of the best AI podcasts, saving you the time and effort of manual search. These could range from weekly updates to curated lists of top AI experts’ favorites or ones categorized based on your preferred sub-domains in AI. Be sure to select newsletters that resonate with your goals.

By efficiently utilizing your AI podcast search tools and consistently exploring the top AI podcasts in 2024, you’re sure to stay updated with uniquely engaging and high-quality AI content.

For newsletter recommendations, check out, Talking Machines, TheSequence on Substack, and The Intelligence Age.

Comparison of AI newsletters

Enhancing your AI podcast search: Recommendations and reviews

  • Leverage podcast recommendations to discover tailored content.
  • Understand the value of reviews for informed AI podcast selection.

Leveraging AI podcast recommendations

AI podcast recommendations have emerged as a powerful tool to guide your search amidst a saturated podcast marketplace. These recommendations are essentially sophisticated algorithms keenly crafting a personalized list of shows for you based on:

  • Your listening history
  • Themes or topics you’ve shown interest in
  • Popular episodes within the AI sphere

This means you no longer need to sift through endless lists and reviews.

Harnessing artificial intelligence podcast recommendations leads you to exciting, relevant content that you may have overlooked otherwise. Imagine sitting amongst AI experts discussing the latest machine learning or AI technology advances without lifting a finger to arrive there – the beauty of AI-crafted podcast recommendations.

Understanding the role of reviews in AI podcast search

While AI recommendations bring novelty and convenience, reviews offer an element of trustworthiness from communal experience. They offer big-picture insights into:

  • The quality of content
  • Episode structure
  • Relevance to specific AI sectors

Reviews help categorize content quality with audience feedback being an important benchmark.

For instance, one podcast might be exceptional for AI ethics discussions, while another excels in AI applications in e-commerce. Reviews offer a peep into these specifics, aiding you in choosing the most suitable podcast.

Nothing beats personal experience; however, reviews offer a level of discernment before committing your time to a podcast. Remember, reviews are the collective wisdom of the podcast-listening community. They help you foresee and evaluate the podcast’s potential value to you.

With these recommendation and review tools at your disposal, your AI podcast search becomes a more insightful, informed, and rewarding experience. Reap the benefits of both AI suggestion algorithms and audience reviews while charting your AI learning journey.

Ready to explore the wider landscape of AI podcasts?

Review examples for the This Week in Machine Learning podcast


Supplementary information: Understanding the AI podcast landscape

  • Gain knowledge on what AI podcasts include.
  • Learn the development of AI podcasts over time.
  • Understand how AI plays a part in podcast discovery and utilization of AI podcast search engines.
  • Peek into the prospective future of AI podcasts.

What is an AI podcast?

Podcasts revolving around artificial intelligence provide a rich source of knowledge for anyone interested in the fusion of technology and intelligence. Defined for the uninitiated, AI podcasts are audio programs that take on the subject matter of AI both comprehensively and accessibly. They delve into aspects like AI advancements, impact, use cases, and implications for the future. Listeners find them valuable as they offer exposure to experts, cutting-edge technologies, and the latest findings in the field.

The beauty of AI podcasts lies in their diversity. They cover a wide spectrum of AI-related topics such as machine learning and deep learning, AI ethics, data science, and predictions about the future of AI. Moreover, they cater to a varied audience, whether you might be an AI expert, technologist, business professional, or merely a curious observer of technology evolution.

Here are a few examples of the most popular AI-related podcasts and their target audiences:

Target audiences for AI-based podcasts


The evolution of AI podcasts

Throwback to a few years ago, AI-based topics barely made up a fraction of mainstream podcast programming. Flash forward to today, we find a ton of shows dedicated solely to AI, painting a picture of the exciting evolution and growth of AI podcasts. These podcasts have come a long way, addressing not only the tech-savvy but also engaging the non-tech listener base in the conversation about AI.

In terms of content progression, episodes initially centered on machine learning basics and AI theory. However, as AI advanced and permeated different industries, so did the topics discussed. AI podcasts now spotlight specific uses in healthcare, finance, entertainment, and more. They also delve deep into ethical considerations and data privacy, reflecting the comprehensive nature of AI discussions.

The role of AI in discovering podcasts

AI is changing the podcast landscape, not only in terms of content but also discovery. AI-powered data analytics now create robust recommendation systems that are being adopted by leading podcast platforms to curate a more personalized user experience. These algorithms analyze listener behavior, preferences, and interests to suggest podcasts that would most resonate with them.

These AI-driven systems are opening new doors for podcast discovery, making it easier for users to stumble upon content that aligns with their aesthetic. It’s a win-win situation, listeners discover new podcasts they otherwise wouldn’t have, and creators gain wider reach.

Here’s a paired-down explanation of how AI recommendations work:

  1. Data collection: The system gathers data on user behaviors, preferences, and interactions. This can include browsing history, purchase history, ratings, and more.
  2. Data processing: This data is then cleaned and processed to form a usable dataset. This might involve handling missing data, normalizing data, or selecting relevant features.
  3. User and item profiling: The system creates profiles for each user and item. User profiles might be based on demographic information or interaction history. Item profiles could be based on item characteristics like genre, brand, etc.
  4. Model training: The system uses the processed data to train a machine learning model. This could be a collaborative filtering model, a content-based filtering model, or a hybrid model combining multiple techniques.
  5. Prediction and ranking: The trained model predicts user preferences for unseen items and ranks items according to these predicted preferences.
  6. Recommendation generation: The system selects the top-ranked items to recommend to the user.
  7. Feedback: The system collects feedback from the user on the recommendations (e.g., through ratings or further interactions), which is used to refine and improve future recommendations.
How AI recommendations work


Understanding AI podcast search engines

AI podcast search engines are the next big thing in podcast discovery. They employ advanced AI technologies like natural language processing to index podcast transcripts. This allows for a more detailed search in podcast content, facilitating users to find episodes based on specific topics, keywords, or even phrases mentioned in an episode.

Major podcast platforms are leveraging AI search capabilities to enhance user experience. These advanced search functions mean users can now pinpoint the exact content they want to listen to, a vast improvement from generic genre-based searches.

The future of AI podcasts

The future looks bright for AI podcasts. With AI transforming virtually every industry and aspect of life, there’s a growing appetite for nuanced discussions about its implications. AI podcasts will continue to flourish as they feed this desire for knowledge.

In addition, as deep learning methodologies refine and AI continues to evolve, newer areas of exploration will surface, leading to more diverse podcast fodder. Combine this with the increasing use of AI in user-focused curation and discovery, and we have a future where the realm of AI podcasting is poised for explosive growth.

AI-powered content creation and voice synthesis will become more prevalent. AI can generate podcast scripts, simulate the voices of personalities, and even create fully AI-generated podcasts, according to Podcastle’s top 2024 podcast trends. This allows for more efficient and scalable content production.

Riverside’s future of podcasting post also confirms that AI will continue supporting transcription and searchability, enhancing podcast discovery and accessibility. Accurate AI transcripts enable better search engine optimization and make audio content more discoverable.

AI personalization will improve listener experience and ad targeting. AI algorithms will continue to provide tailored content recommendations and dynamic ad insertion based on user preferences and behavior.

Overall, AI is predicted to revolutionize podcast creation, distribution, discovery, and monetization in the coming years, making the medium more intelligent, personalized, and accessible. And if you want to stay ahead of AI trends, check out our guide to AI podcasts that help you stay updated on industry trends.

The future of podcasting and AI


Heading into the AI soundscape: A final note

From dishing out the fundamentals of artificial intelligence to groundbreaking use cases to generative AI and machine learning podcasts, we’ve traversed through the digital airwaves of AI podcasts. The information absorbed here is your aux cord to keep pace with AI- a field shaping our world.

The power of these podcasts is their ability to translate complex topics into digestible dialogues. This priceless commodity serves as a platform to stay in tandem with the torrents of AI evolution.

Ready for the AI revolution? Strap on your headphones and tune into the podcasts we’ve discussed. Submerge in the profound depth of each episode and emerge with an enriched understanding. But remember, learning is a continuous journey – even for topics like AI, that seem to be leaping light-years ahead.

Curious, would you approach AI differently after absorbing the insights these podcasts offer?

As you tackle your busy schedule, let the AI podcasts we’ve discussed fuel your intellectual curiosity. Keep learning, keep evolving. Will your name echo in the AI soundscape sometime soon? Only time will tell…