The AI Podcast Review and Other Recommendations for AI Enthusiasts in 2024

Walking through the vast expanse of the digital cosmos in 2024, you stumble upon an untapped resource—AI podcasts. These hidden gems, often shrouded in the shadow of popular media, pack the intellectual punch of a thousand TED talks.

Thousands of new AI-based podcasts crop up each month—enough content to dive into a different one daily till the next century, and still have some left! Reducing this vast field to a digestible list of the best AI podcasts for you is nothing short of squaring the circle.

Welcome, AI enthusiasts. Fear not. This ultimate guide handpicks the crème de la crème, thoughtfully unraveling the knotted world of AI Podcasts for your intellectual pleasure. Trust us – by the conclusion of this guide, you’ll be both an AI enthusiast and an AI podcast connoisseur. So, buckle up, and let’s navigate this uncharted territory together, one podcast review at a time.

The AI Podcast: A deep dive

Number of episodes: 217

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Debut: 2016

Average episode length: 30 minutes

NVIDIA’s AI podcast is a favorite. Focusing on the topical discussions of artificial intelligence, it masterfully intertwines conversations around AI’s current trends, cutting-edge research, and its broader impact on society. The unstructured discussions with seemingly one amazing person after another will keep listeners coming back for more.

Listener engagement is one of the key features that define the success of a podcast. Especially in a dense field such as AI, where subject expertise varies from listener to listener, it takes more than just exciting content to keep them tuned in. An analysis of the reviews and ratings for The AI Podcast reveals impressive listener retention and satisfaction. The score on Apple is a very respectable 4.5 stars. his is largely due to their ability to cater to a broad spectrum of audiences, from AI newbies to seasoned practitioners.

NVIDIA's AI podcast reviews


To give you a better idea of some of the AI topics covered in this podcast, the most recent episodes at the time of writing include:

  • Cleanlab’s Curtis Northcutt and Berkeley Research Group’s Steven Gawthorpe on AI for Fighting Crime – This episode begins and ends live at the NVIDIA GTC global AI conference. Host Noah Kravitz spoke to Berkeley Research Group senior data scientist Steven Gawthorpe and co-founder and CEO of Cleanlab Curtis Northcutt. The focus is on Cleanlab’s groundbreaking approach to data curation and how AI tools can help prevent corruption and economic crimes. Check it out here.
  • Dotlumen CEO Cornel Amariei on Assistive Technology for the Visually Impaired – Also recorded live from the same conference, the podcast episode covers the development of Dotlumen glasses in conversation with the company’s founder, Cornel Amariei. The glasses’ AI sensors aim to provide a safe path for the visually impaired through haptic and tactile feedback. Now that’s progress!
The AI Podcast


When describing the show, the guests are described as “from the wildlife biologist tracking endangered rhinos across the savannah here on Earth to astrophysicists analyzing 10 billion-year-old starlight in distant galaxies to the Walmart data scientist grappling with the hundreds of millions of parameters lurking in the retailer’s supply chain.” Hopefully that sums up what to expect with this one!

In 2023, the podcast had its best-ever year. Each episode drew more than 30,000 listens, and in 2023 alone, The AI Podcast had 1.2 million plays.

AI podcast recommendations: What the experts are listening to

Time is precious. We understand you’re busy and want essential information fast. Hence, we’re going to start by:

  • The AI podcasts experts are tuning in to regularly.
  • Detailed yet concise reviews of each recommended podcast.

People who have been immersed in the field of artificial intelligence for years are the ones you want to take podcast recommendations from.

Recommendation #1: AI in Business

If you’re curious about AI development in business but are a little intimidated by all the technology-based jargon, this is the ideal podcast. It’s geared toward non-tech business leaders and the host, Daniel Faggella talks to intriguing guests who expertly provide a breakdown of how AI can impact typical business tasks. You certainly don’t need to be an AI aficionado to extract impactful takeaways from AI in Business. This one comes highly recommended by the experts at Paperspace.

AI in Business listener reviews


Recommendation #2: The AI Today Podcast

The “AI Today Podcast,” hosted by Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer, is highly recommended for its practical and real-world insights into artificial intelligence. It is particularly appreciated for its ability to demystify complex AI topics and make them accessible to a broader audience. The podcast is known for its thoughtful discussions with industry experts, providing valuable perspectives on current AI trends and applications across various sectors.

The podcast has garnered positive reviews for its clear and informative content, making it a favorite among listeners who are either directly involved in AI fields or those interested in understanding the impact of AI on various industries.

AI Today Podcast


User recommendations: AI podcasts loved by listeners

Speculating on the quality of a podcast based on a synopsis isn’t enough. Hence, we’ve got you covered with first-hand recommendations from keen listeners.

Recommendation #1: The TWIML AI Podcast

Our next AI podcast review subject is the TWIML AI Podcast hosted by Sam Charrington. The podcast stands out for its focus on breaking down the intricacies of machine learning (and artificial intelligence in general) into understandable partitions. The accessible language allows listeners to grasp complex topics without feeling overwhelmed.

A podcast is often adjudged by the reviews and ratings it garners. For TWIML, its popularity graph is evidenced by the 4.7-star rating it currently has. Reviews illustrate positive listener experiences, marked by appreciation for the podcast’s lively discussion and lucid explanations. The high ratings bear testimony to its dynamic content and knowledgeable host.

TWIML AI reviews


Here are a few of the most recent TWIML AI episodes:

  • Localizing and Editing Knowledge in LLMs with Peter Hase – Speaking with Peter Hase, a doctoral candidate at UNC’s NLP lab, the discussion revolves around “scalable oversight” and delving into the decision-making processes of large neural networks.
  • Coercing LLMs to Do and Reveal (Almost) Anything with Jonas Geiping – In this episode, Sam is joined by Jonas Geiping, who leads a research team at the ELLIS Institute. They discuss his paper on the potential manipulations of large language models (LLMs). Jonas sheds light on the vulnerabilities of neural networks, especially the dangers they pose when interacting in real-world applications.
  • V-JEPA, AI Reasoning from a Non-Generative Architecture with Mido Assran – This podcast explores V-JEPA, a novel model promoted as a significant advancement in Yann LeCun’s blueprint for actual artificial reasoning. V-JEPA, which stands for Video Joint Embedding Predictive Architecture, is designed to enhance how AI models understand abstract concepts through efficient, predictive learning methods, differing from traditional generative models. This model employs an innovative self-supervised training method to analyze unlabeled video content without the distractions of minor visual details.
TWIML AI podcast


Recommendation #2: Eye on AI

The Eye on AI podcast is hosted by Craig S. Smith, a seasoned journalist with extensive experience in international reporting. Smith’s background includes over three decades of journalism with major publications such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, where he reported from more than 40 countries on significant global events. This rich experience informs his insightful approach to discussing artificial intelligence on his podcast.

Listeners appreciate Eye on AI for its well-researched content and the depth of its interviews. The podcast is praised for Smith’s ability to maintain a calm and level-headed discussion style, which helps in presenting complex AI topics in an accessible manner.

Eye on AI reviews


AI podcast analysis: Understanding the appeal

  • Exploring what makes an AI podcast worth listening to.
  • The role and impact of AI podcasts in the AI community.

What makes a good AI podcast?

A desirable AI podcast isn’t just about intricate algorithms and bleeding-edge AI tech. It’s about delivering that information in an easily digestible and engaging manner.

AI enthusiasts flock to podcasts that delve into fascinating topics, introduce industry pioneers, and ignite intellectual curiosity. The hosts play a pivotal role in this. Their charisma, combined with their ability to perform a complete AI breakdown of complex ideas, can spell the difference between a hit podcast and a miss.

Furthermore, a noteworthy AI-based podcast should wend its way around current trends, futurology, and captivating real-world applications of AI. It’s not enough to just discuss the present moment, the scope should also include putting future advancements into perspective.

Listener reviews of AI podcasts: The good, the bad, and the ugly

  • A holistic perspective on what listeners appreciate.
  • Discover where even the most popular AI podcasts falter.
  • Unearth the elements blending positivity and critique in neutral reviews.

Positive reviews: What listeners love

AI podcasts have blossomed into helpful resources for enthusiasts, professionals, and laypeople. If you’re trying to navigate this booming landscape, understanding user reviews can be beneficial.

The glowing praises for certain AI podcasts orbit some common themes. Regularly mentioned positives include cutting-edge content, actionable insights, and simplified explanations of complex AI narratives. Guest interviews are another hit, sparking enthusiasm among devotees when industry leaders spill insider secrets.

Positive podcast reviews


Negative reviews: Areas for improvement

Critiques of top AI podcasts can offer insight too – they showcase where the industry can do better, and where listeners’ expectations aren’t met.

Recurrent issues highlighted include over-complication of simple subjects, slow content updates, or lack of variety in the subject matter. In other instances, listeners pointed out podcasts leaning too heavily on advertising, interrupting the content flow.

Neutral reviews: The mixed bag

Neutral reviews often dance between appreciation and disappointment. Essentially, these listeners identify potential in the podcast but believe certain aspects could be polished to improve the overall experience.

Common themes emerging from neutral reviews often revolve around a balance between technical depth and accessibility, variety and focus, and frequency of episodes versus the depth of content.

Here are a few review quotes:

Good but not great

I enjoy this podcast but it sometimes comes off a bit amateurish.

About the AI Today Podcast – 4 stars

Decent content, editing is terrible

The content itself is okay enough, but the editing of the podcast is quite bad. Random jumps, cut off words, clicks, and moments of silence make it unlistenable and hard to follow. Ironically, they’re likely using an AI tool to handle all of the editing without any human oversight. I wish they could take the care to edit the show well so that the conversations flowed well.

About the Eye on AI – 2 stars

Plugging into the AI podcast universe

It’s clear: AI podcast reviews are a goldmine for insights, learning, and staying atop of emerging trends. From understanding nuances of machine learning to learning about the latest AI startups – it’s all there, ready to hit your headphones.

Don’t forget the invaluable peer recommendations that save you the time of trawling through countless podcasts. And who could ignore the potential social benefits of engaging in conversations that would otherwise be over-sophisticated and technical?

Now it’s your turn to dive deep. Choose a reviewed podcast, listen, engage, and grow your AI know-how. And remember, these podcasts are a catalyst to explore further, meet new peers, and broaden your horizons.

So, which podcast piqued your curiosity the most? How will it infuse and elevate your current understanding of AI?

Plugging in is more than just clicking play. It’s leaning into the future.