Doctrina AI Review: What is it and How Can You Use it?

Are you looking to take your teaching or learning experience to a whole new level? If you are, Doctrina AI might be the perfect tool for you. 

In recent years, the AI industry has seen the introduction of several AI education assistant tools that make learning easier and more accessible for everyone.

Tools like ChatGPT took the world by storm, bringing more awareness to an ever-changing strand of the AI world.

As a result, tools like Doctrina AI are now even more popular. However, despite its popularity, not everyone knows what Doctrina AI is or how to use it. The fact you’ve landed here tells us you’re one of those people.

If you are, you’ve landed in the right place. In today’s guide, you’ll find a detailed review that tells you everything you need to know about this powerful AI tool.

Let’s start with a simple explanation of what Doctrina AI is!

What is Doctrina AI?

Doctrina AI is an innovative and adaptive AI education assistant trained to perform essential educational tasks.

Designed for students and educators, this revolutionary AI-powered learning tool takes the learning experience of students to the next level.

Using Doctrina, students can create well-written essays and notes in a matter of minutes. Teachers can also use Doctrina to improve student engagement and generate exams.

Essentially, Doctrina AI is an all-in-one education platform that makes teaching and learning easier using the power of artificial intelligence.

Doctrina review

The Doctrina AI website. Here, users can access the platform's features, read the Doctrina blog, and learn more about the tool's features.


In this Doctrina review, we’re going to cover all the most important things you need to know about the platform.

By the end, you should be a Doctrina AI expert, with all the knowledge needed to make the most of the platform and its features.

Some of the key things we’ll be looking at in this review are:

  1. What Doctrina can do
  2. How Doctrina works
  3. The main features
  4. Usability
  5. Why you should use the platform
  6. Pricing

We’re going to start by looking at what Doctrina can do!

What can Doctrina do?

Examples of what Doctrina AI can do. This includes writing class notes, creating essays, and generating exams.


Doctrina AI can do a variety of different things but there are three primary things the platform claims to do more than anything else. 

The main things Doctrina can do are:

  • Write-up class notes

  • Create essays

  • Generate exams

There are a handful of other things this platform can do but these are the main things it is used for. As you can imagine, these tools come in very useful for students and teachers. 

Doctrina can help streamline and speed up the learning process by offering these three tools.

Students can quickly write up their notes and write high-quality essays, while teachers can use the tool to generate reliable exams for their students.

Doctrina also can increase student engagement as learning just became a whole lot easier. 

How does Doctrina AI work?

The OpenAI GPT-3 platform. Doctrina is powered using OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model


So, how does Doctrina AI work? Well, Doctrina uses the power of a popular AI language model. That language model is OpenAI’s GPT-3.

Doctrina uses this language model to personalize teacher and student learning experiences. Thanks to OpenAI, Doctrina AI can understand, process, and respond to different forms of learning material.

The platform can analyze data from lectures, syllabi, and textbooks to help students and teachers produce content.

Once Doctrina has analyzed the data, it recommends personalized study plans and generates the content the student or teacher requires.

The main features

The Doctrina Class Notes Dashboard. From this dashboard, students can quickly and easily summarize their notes and write up their classwork.


Doctrina AI has a huge range of features, making it one of the best AI education tools in the industry. 

When we explored Doctrina AI, we found that it has three main features. Those three features are the class notes tool, the essay creation tool, and the generate exams tool.

The class notes tool helps students streamline their learning process by offering an improved way to make notes and summarize classes.

This tool guides users by focusing on key themes and concepts within their course material. 

The create essays feature is a powerful essay generator tool capable of completing writing tasks in a matter of minutes.

This tool kickstarts the writing process, helping students structure their work, write detailed essays, and craft a valid piece of content around a specific topic.

Finally, the essay generator tool offers a personalized approach to exam preparation. This feature can be used by teachers to create exams based on specific topics, authors, subjects, books, and more.

These aren’t the only features Doctrina has to offer. The platform also offers the following features, all of which come in handy for students and teachers:

  1. QuizForge – Generates fun and engaging quizzes from simple text inputs.

  2. EssayGenius – Teaches students how to structure essays so they can produce better content.

  3. StudyBuddy – Generates custom exam questions that are tailored to the ability of individual students.

  4. TextTuner –  This neat tool marks student essays, providing students with tips to improve their work before they submit it. 

  5. BookTalker – BookTalker creates engaging scripts and book guides.

    How easy is Doctrina AI to use?

    The Doctrina AI registration page. To sign up, users need a username, email address, and password.


    Doctrina AI is one of the best AI education tools we can currently find online. Therefore, we can expect great things when it comes to usability.

    We’re pleased to report that Doctrina AI is an easy tool to use.

    Thanks to Doctrina’s simple interface and straightforward tools, students and teachers of all ages can use the platform to create essays, write up their notes, and produce exam questions.

    To make things easier for users, Doctrina AI has put all its features into the three primary tools. This makes it a lot easier for us to find the tools and use them. 

    All we have to do to access each tool is create an account, which is also very easy. To create an account, all you need is a username, email address, and password. 

    When it comes to using each tool, Doctrina makes things simple. Each tool has a few simple boxes we need to fill out. Once those are filled out, Doctrina gets to work producing our content.

    One additional useability feature we love is the platform’s blog. Within this blog, users can find tutorials that will help them learn how to use the platform to its full potential.

    Why should you use Doctrina AI?

    If you haven’t already realized, there are many reasons why you should use Doctrina AI.

    We’ve listed some of the main reasons why you should use this platform below!

    • Personalized learning – Doctrina uses machine learning to offer a personalized learning experience to every student. This makes it easy for students to develop their critical thinking skills and encourages active learning.

    • Engaging content – The content Doctrina produces is highly engaging and reliable, making education more engaging and accessible for students.

    • Comprehensive curriculum – This platform can cover a huge range of different subjects, including science, history, math, and languages.

    • Free to use – Some of the Doctrina features are free to use.

    Doctrina pricing

    Doctrina costs $4.99 for lifetime access. Users can pay for Doctrina on the official website.


    You might be pleased to hear that some of the Doctrina AI features are free to access. This includes the platform’s blog and class notes tool.

    If you want to access the other features Doctrina has to offer, you will have to pay a fee. At the time of writing this review, Doctrina AI only charges users $4.99 for lifetime access to the platform.

    This will give you full access to all the tools Doctrina has to offer, which is quite amazing. To be given access to all these features for so little is impressive.

    Doctrina AI use cases

    Let’s end this review by looking at some use cases. Doctrina is the perfect tool for the following groups of people:


    Doctrina is primarily aimed at students, especially those seeking efficient and engaging learning tools.

    Students can use Doctrina to streamline their learning process and produce content while improving their active learning and critical thinking. Exam preparation, taking class notes, and staying engaged at school can be made easier, aiding students’ overall educational experience.


    Educators can use this platform and other similar AI tools to increase student engagement, generate exams, and streamline their teaching.

    It can make teaching key concepts and themes simpler and easier, allowing teachers to focus on individuals who need more help and support.


    This platform can also be used by parents who want to aid their child’s learning. Parents can help their children mark their work and generate exam questions for them to answer.

    This kind of support at home will encourage the students to excel at school and provide an opportunity to consolidate their learning.

    Final thoughts

    That concludes our Doctrina AI review. In this review, we’ve looked at what Doctrina is, what it can do, and how it works. But it’s down to you to try the app and see if it’s for you.

    Educational institutions can benefit massively from this kind of artificial intelligence. From helping students with exam preparation to improving the general learning experience.

    Now you have everything you need to know about this tool at your fingertips, we recommend signing up to Doctrina so you can see what it’s all about.

    Frequently asked questions 

    Is Doctrina easy to access?

    Yes, Doctrina is easy to access. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access the Doctrina platform from any search engine.

    Is using AI to write essays plagiarism?

    Typically, yes, writing an essay using AI is considered plagiarism. However, this can change depending on the education board and the course you study.