Published on: June 5, 2023  Updated on: January 29, 2024

Best AI websites for fun in 2024: 15 tools and apps to cure your boredom

Author: Daniel Coombes

OpenAI’s open-source GPT-3 and GPT-4 have unleashed the floodgates to innovation and creativity within the artificial intelligence (AI) sector. A lot of focus has been rightfully placed on the impact of this remarkable technology in a corporate environment. The benefits are indeed endless, including: 

However, here at Topapps, we believe that there is a benefit of artificial intelligence that is often neglected; these apps are incredibly fun time killers. Come with us as we examine 15 of the best AI websites and apps guaranteed to cure your boredom in 2023.

The top 15 fun AI websites to waste some time

Most individuals would cite ChatGPT as the ultimate artificial intelligence time waster, as users can spend hours experimenting with this remarkably intelligent chatbot. However, we want to offer 15 fun alternatives that are sure to stimulate even the most bored of brains. 

1.  Shadow Art

In our youth, we have all tried creating shadow animals with our body parts. However, did you know that shadow puppetry, also known as shadow play, was actually an ancient Chinese storytelling method? 

​Through simplistic tutorials, the AI tool Shadow Art, created by Kyle Huang Junyuan, transforms players from shadow puppetry beginners to experts in minutes. 

This user-friendly AI technology enables individuals to practice creating twelve different zodiac animals by providing an outline that the user must try to match on their device’s camera. This application uses a sophisticated machine learning (ML) algorithm to translate hand movements into real-time shadow art. 

Shadow Art is amonf the best AI websites for 2024.


However, this process is gamified by including a strict 20-second time limit, with the ultimate goal being to complete the lunar cycle the quickest. The designer of the game boasts about his personal best of 2.23 minutes. Do you think you can beat him?

2. Thing Translator

Have you ever been in a foreign country and couldn’t think of the right word for an object? Of course, you have; after all, 48% of holidaymakers do not even attempt to learn a country’s language before visiting it. 

Thing Translator helps address the language barrier when you travel.


Have no fear; the Thing Translator can solve any language barrier. Users are able to select from nine different languages, including:

  1. Spanish
  2. French
  3. German
  4. Italian
  5. Japanese
  6. Chinese
  7. Korean
  8. Hindi 
  9. Dutch

Once an individual takes a picture using the device’s camera, the artificial intelligence app will identify the objects within the shot using deep learning and image recognition software. It displays these results as percentages along the bottom of the screen, offering a narrated translation of the most prominent object. 

Take a picture with your phone to get a narrated translation.


Check out what this app, rather insultingly, identified in an image of myself. 

Results from AI website Thing Translator.


3. Dog Scanner

It is an undeniable fact that 74% of the world’s population loves dogs. It was only a matter of time before our adoration for our canine companions would merge with artificial intelligence. The result is the unbelievably cute Dog Scanner app.

Dog Sacnner logo.


Have you ever seen a dog on your travels and thought, ‘I have to know what breed of pooch that is’? No problem; simply take a picture or upload an image of any dog, and the impressive algorithm will identify the breed in seconds. Incredibly, this cutting-edge artificial intelligence can even recognize mixed breeds too. 

Example of how Dog Scannr identifies dogs.


Have you ever wanted to know if your friend looks more like a German Shepherd or a Dalmatian? This multi-functional tool has another unique use case that allows individuals to take a photo of a person, which the algorithm will then scan to find the closest resemblance to a dog breed. According to the app, I apparently look 17.4% like a Shih Tzu.

Dog Scanner will tell which dog breed you most ressemble.


4. Akinator

Incredibly, 43% of the population believes that psychic powers exist in the world. If you are a part of the 57% of skeptics, however, Akinator could be the application that converts you into a believer. 

Akinator, the mind-reading genie.


Using both machine learning and diverse data sets, the algorithm will predict what fictional character or celebrity the user is thinking about.

The ‘genie’ will ask the player multiple-choice questions in an attempt to figure out the answer. In this game, we were thinking about the popular video game character Mario, and the algorithm quickly narrowed down the search criteria. 

Example of using Akinator.


Within 15 questions, the software had correctly read our minds and guessed the iconic Italian plumber. Think you can outsmart the ‘genie’? Check out the Akinator app now. 

Akinator correctly guessed our fictional character in 15 questrions.


5. Framer

While this next AI website may not be for everyone, Framer is a great tool for playing around with your website. This AI website builder is super easy to use, and you’re bound to be impressed with the design-centric output it produces. Getting started is free, so you can use the free version to see if it’s something you’re interested in paying for. Sound too much like work? Keep reading for some other different ways to have fun with AI tools.

Framer homepage.


6. VoxBox

Have you ever wanted to hear Donald Duck, Darth Vader, or Garfield sing Happy Birthday to a loved one? Well, now you can with the text-to-speech app, VoxBox

VoxBox is a fun AI tool to experiemtn with.


Utilizing advancements in natural language processing and ML, the software can translate textual inputs into realistic voiceovers. Type in your script of up to 2,000 characters, and the algorithm will take care of the rest.

In truth, there are a bunch of celebrity voice AI websites out there, so if you don’t like this one, try Celebrity Voice Changer or

There are currently a whole host of both celebrity and character voices to choose from, including:

  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Bart Simpson
  • Batman 
  • Spiderman
  • Obama
  • Donald Trump
  • Eminem 
  • Jack Black
  • Mark Zuckerberg 
Using Voxbox.


7. Democreator AI Avatar

Whether it be for social media, gaming websites, or the metaverse, avatars are making a huge impact on the digital landscape. This sector of the industry is expected to grow to $527.58 billion in 2030

The Democreator AI Avatar app allows users to create fun and versatile digital representations of themselves for presentations, lessons, and meetings. The machine learning algorithm will accurately track your body movements and lip sync to your speech during your presentation. This goes far beyond your basic AI image generation.

To create your avatar, follow these simple steps:

  1. Install the Wondershare DemoCreator from their website.
  2. Launch the software and select the Video Presentation mode.
  3. Select a preset avatar or upload your own model.
  4. Align your face and body within the boundaries of the camera.
  5. Click the ‘Demo/Record’ button to start the recording.
Using Democreator AI Avatar.


8. Fotor

Currently, the industry leaders in image generation tools are Midjourney, Bing Image Creator, Dream, NightCafe, OpenAI’s DALLE-2, and Craiyon. According to OpenAI, their software creates over an estimated 2 million user-generated images a day

Fotor is a new competitor in this generative AI industry and is rapidly gaining traction as a must-use alternative to the aforementioned tools for AI image creation.

Fotor homepage.


This AI tool uses artificial intelligence technology to create AI images based on inputted text prompts. 

For instance, we entered the following prompt:

Robert Pattison portrait, dystopia core, hyperrealistic, apocalyptic, highly detailed exoskeleton armor, dramatic, sharp focus, hero, gape, epic, perfectly symmetrical face, perfect eyes, intricate.

The incredible results can be seen below. With Fotor, your imagination is truly the limit; what will you create next?

Example of the output from Fotor.


9. ShopTrue

It is safe to say that we as a nation love to shop. In fact, 34% of Americans admit to participating in retail therapy frequently. At the same time, the average shopper spends an incredible 14.1 hours a month online shopping. 

Graph showing how many monthly minutes each type of shopper spends shopping.


ShopTrue is an innovative e-commerce app that wants to capitalize on our love for shopping by creating the ultimate personalized experience. 

Shoptrue homepage.


Users must fill out a ‘style quiz’ that asks the following questions:

  • Male or female fashion?
  • How do you dress in a typical month?
  • What brands do you usually wear?
  • What is your style personality? 
  • What colors do you wear?
  • What patterns do you like to wear?
  • What are your clothing sizes?

This information will allow the algorithm to generate a ‘personal shop’ full of products specifically tailored to your tastes. This AI tool brings personal shoppers to the masses.

Example of 4 shopping recommendations.


10. Quincy

Did you know that the average parent hears the words ‘I’m bored’ at least six times a day from their children? 

The neverending quest to entertain a child with something educational can sometimes feel rather fruitless. That’s why these AI websites are here to help you out. Check out Quincy, a robot that will turn any YouTube-addicted kid into an aspiring artist. 

Robot drawing a picture of a strawberry.


This ingenious, pint-sized robot teaches children how to draw and spell numerous objects. An in-built eye will scan QR codes which will trigger a response in the robot; it will soon generate AI art by drawing the object with a narrated step-by-step tutorial that children can easily copy.

Once the drawing is done, children are asked to spell the object using the letter cards. Quincy is able to identify the letter and tell the child if they are correct or not. 

Quinct robot drawing an apple.


 Another one of Quincy’s key features is its ability to draw and narrate an entire story while also asking children narrative-based math questions. For instance, in the below example, the robot states, ‘Let’s count how many flowers there are.’ 

Quincy robot drawing flowers.


This educational robot companion provides the perfect user experience to keep children entertained throughout the day via image creation and learning they’ll enjoy. And that should free you up to have some fun on any of the other AI websites on this list.

11. Even Stranger Things

Stranger Things is an undeniable pop culture phenomenon, with season 4 of the hit show reaching 1.35 billion viewed hours in the first 28 days from its release. Now you can star in your own Upside Down-themed scene using the power of artificial intelligence

Homepage for Even Stranger Things.


Even Stranger Things is an incredibly basic but effective image-generation tool. Simply upload an image, and the deep learning algorithm will identify the object and distort the input. For instance, an image of a cat will be transformed into an AI image of ‘stranger cat’, as seen below.

Transforming an image of a cat into a strager cat using an AI website.


At the bottom of the page, the algorithm will also detail what it can see within the inputted image, providing a fascinating insight into computer vision. 

12. BlackInk AI

26% of the American population have a tattoo, which translates to about 86.2 million people nationally. What’s more, it seems like getting inked is rather addictive, with 70% of individuals having more than one, while 20% have over five. However, the one question that often plagues a tattoo enthusiast is, ‘What tattoo should I get next?’

Let BlackInk AI be your inspiration; this unique image-generation tool will find your next must-have tattoo design in seconds. 

BlackInk homepage.


Simply insert a prompt into the text box and select a style from the list which includes:

  • Dotwork
  • Realism
  • Tribal
  • Geometric
  • Blackwork
  • Sketch
  • Minimalist 
Using AI tools for image generation like BlackInk for tattoo ideas.


We entered the prompt ‘a wolf howling at the moon in a realistic style.’ Check out our results below. 

4 images generated for the prompt of a howling wolf.


Struggling to even come up with a text prompt? Head to the ‘Explore’ section to browse the extensive library of recently generated user designs. 

Gallery of recently generated tattoos from BlackInk.


13. The Infinite Conversation

This AI website is rather unusual but undeniably fascinating and somewhat troublesome. Have you ever heard of New German Cinema director Werner Herzog? What about Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek? These individuals are currently having a heated debate that could last till the end of time, and you have a front-row seat.

The Infinite Conversation homepage.


Giacomo Miceli created the intriguing artificial intelligence experiment called The Infinite Conversation that acts as a warning about deep fakes and disinformation. 

When a user heads to the landing page, they will be thrust into a narrated conversation between Žižek and Herzog. This generated discussion has been running since the app launched in October 2022 and will likely never end.

Sometimes the conversation will be unfactual or even nonsensical, further highlighting the issues surrounding deepfakes. When we joined the conversation, the two were conversing about collaborating on an ambitious theater performance that could revolutionize the arts.

Example of how the Infinite Conversation works.



According to a recent study, 55% of 13 to 35-year-olds send memes at least once a week, while 30% send them every single day. However, sometimes it is simply impossible to find the perfect meme for the situation. 

Example of a meme about sending my 100th meme.

Source is the solution to this recurring issue allowing you to create the memes of your dreams. The website provides two main options when designing a meme:

  1. Text-to-meme: Simply enter a text prompt, and the AI algorithm will generate a relevant meme.
  2. Themed memes: Type in the desired subject for a meme and then search for a relevant image to generate a meme.
Supermeme user interface.


Check out some of our hilarious results with the prompt ‘fun artificial intelligence apps’ below.

Meme about discovering fun AI websites.


Example of a meme created with S

15. The Infinite Drum Machine

Here is our list of the top five drummers in the world:

  1. Travis Barker
  2. Phil Collins
  3. Dave Grohl
  4. Ringo Starr
  5. You
Ringo star playing the drums.


Yes, with The Infinite Drum Machine, you can become the ultimate drummer. This AI website allows you to use everyday sounds, from birds chirping to a casino slot machine, to create a catchy drum solo. 

The Infinite Drum Machine homepage.


The intuitive interface allows users to drag four ‘selectors’ across hundreds of thousands of dots that represent different sounds. Once selected, the algorithm will arrange the noises into a pre-determined drum mix. 

If you have a specific noise in mind, use the text box to search the extensive library of sound recordings. We guarantee that if you can think of a sound, it can most definitely be found within this application.

Examples of sounds you can use in the Infinite Drum Machine.


This drum composition can be edited by toggling the different colored beat modules in the bottom toolbar, allowing you to fully customize your rhythm. This is an AI experiment in collaboration with Google, so it could be shut down at any point. Try out this AI website sooner rather than later!

How to playback your track.


Are you still bored? 

If by some miracle you are still scratching your head in utter boredom, then thankfully, there are hundreds of more fun AI tools and apps to be found across the internet. 

Take a look at the ‘fun tool’ section in our extensive app library to find more of the best AI websites to cure boredom. Some highlights include:

  • Text.TheaterThis fun app allows users to create non-canon scenes in television shows based on prompts. 
  • BanterAIThis software enables users to make simulated mobile phone calls to fake artificial intelligence celebrity avatars. 
  • DreamoreThis incredible tool allows you to both interpret and generate artwork about your dreams. 
  • JediGPTThis unique chatbot provides users advice in the style of a Jedi master.
  • Kanye Tweet GeneratorThis unusual app allows users to generate amusing tweets in the style of rapper Kanye West. 
Text.Theater homepage.


Final thoughts

It’s time to leverage AI technologies in your downtime as well as professionally. These 15 of the best AI websites offer a chance to unplug, have some fun, and let the AI technology do most of the work. AI websites aren’t just for maximum efficiency anymore. Instead, these AI tools can help you in just about every facet of your life – even pure entertainment.

What’s your favorite AI website?

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