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AI Passive Income: Effortlessly Boost Your Earnings

Author: Christina Muir

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You probably know what passive income is; it’s simply income you make that doesn’t require a lot of constant work to get. It is typically achieved through investments or property, but in the age of AI, things are starting to look quite different. 

There are numerous ways in which money can be made with AI. If you are a student, a single parent, or someone already snowed under with work, then AI passive income is a great option to let you breathe a little easier and explore new passions.

In this article, we will cover how generating passive income is possible, the best AI tools to use, and the potential risks and challenges that come with it. 

How AI can generate passive income

Here are just some examples of how AI can put some pennies in your pocket and create a passive income stream when you’re not even looking. They range in difficulty, but anyone can use them if dedicated enough.

Investment tools

The risk involved puts so many people off of investing; losing lots of money can ruin financial goals and lives if careful planning isn’t done first. A study found that 3 in 4 Americans are worried about making the wrong decisions when investing.  

Well, change is on the horizon with the introduction of AI. As smart as humans are, most of us aren’t as smart as an intensively trained computer with problem-solving and predicting. All aspects of financial data are analyzed with advanced algorithms to spot the optimal places and times to invest your money. 

Algorithmic TradingSentiment AnalysisPortfolio OptimizationRisk ManagementPersonalized Investment Advice


Once you get confident enough, you can leave all of it to the AI by automating the whole process. It sounds scary, but once the AI-powered tool thoroughly understands the market trends, historical data, and other important factors, there is much less room for mistakes. 

Your investment portfolio will come together nicely by making consistent successful moves, and passive income will roll in.   

Generative AI

Generative AI is when new, original content, such as images, videos, and writing, is created by AI algorithms. It uses huge datasets of designs specific to what you want it to make and learns relevant patterns. 

Numerous generative AI tools exist, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Pictory, that will do the hard work for you as long as you provide the creative prompts. With these tools, content creation becomes more accessible for anyone, even if they don’t have the technical skill to make their ideas a reality. 

You can create passive income with generative AI in numerous ways:

  • Blogs: You can write search engine optimized (SEO) blogs to bring in organic traffic from search engines and either implement adverts or promote products with affiliate marketing.  
  • YouTube videos: There is no more need for PremierePro experience when making YouTube videos. AI tools can give you ideas, edit, and promote videos.
  • Graphic design: The graphic design market is a tough one to crack, especially if you are relying on AI too heavily. However, once you strike a balance, you can sell your designs on the side and generate a nice passive income.
  • Social media posts: Creating well designed and optimized social media posts can create a following that you can later monetize.

Personalized advertising

Did you know personalized advertising can increase sales by up to 30%? This is because it targets the unique needs, preferences, and characteristics of each shopper so that each advert they see is catered directly to them. They feel catered to, and since the advert aligns with them, they will be much more likely to buy the product or service. 

91% are more likely to shop with brands that provide personalized offers and recommendations.80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences


Now, this is frankly impossible to do as a singular person or even as a team. Vast amounts of data need to be analyzed to pick out patterns and make predictions – something that AI excels at. 

AI algorithms can look at browsing behavior, demographics, and purchase history to get in-depth knowledge of what adverts would be best. This is then used to generate real-time personalized advertising to ensure that the most relevant adverts are shown at the best times on the best platforms. 

But that’s not all; AI can continuously analyze its results to make constant tweaks here and there if needed to make the ultimate, automated advertising strategy. In areas such as social media and e-Commerce, personalized advertising is a fantastic way to make money for entrepreneurs and startups. 

App development

Finally, another way to make some money on the side is by developing an app. This is not for the faint-hearted, though, as it takes time, money, and basic know-how. Luckily, there are plenty of resources like online courses that will give you a great head start into this path of financial freedom. 

Apps powered by AI typically perform much better than ones that don’t. They can better understand the user and can solve almost any problem thrown its way. This takes a lot of weight off your shoulders. 

Take this as a disclaimer, you cannot expect to make an app and immediately make lots of money. It must solve a real-world issue, be marketed effectively, and be maintained. However, once you’re on the right track, AI can take the reigns and design, code, and test the app for you.

Best tools to make AI passive income

When you delve into the seemingly unlimited collection of AI tools, they can all start to blur into one another. So, to make it easier and get the ball rolling, here are three that are easy to use and have great potential to make money.


If you haven’t heard of ChatGPT yet, then your world is about to change. Released in 2022 as GPT-3.5, this AI writing tool has since made huge strides in AI technology as a language model. It uses machine learning to train itself on all subjects available on the internet. It can generate written content of all genres.

For example, you can ask how to fix a computer with a specific problem, and you will get an accurate answer. It can also write fictional stories or simply be an AI chatbot to converse with about day-to-day things. 

To make passive income with this powerful tool, you can use it to help with copywriting blogs or essays, automating emails, and writing Amazon product descriptions for affiliate marketing. These are just examples; the sky is the limit. Why not join the ever-growing network of freelance writers?

Content CreationVirtual AssistantPersonalized RecommendationsOnline CoursesTranslationData Analysis



If you want to sell some incredible, unique AI-generated artwork, then Midjourney is your best bet. Once you generate art with prompts of your liking, you can put them on stock image websites, create logos, or sell them as NFTs.

However, before you are licensed to do this, you must first sign up for a subscription. If you do not, the images you create are for personal use only and must credit Midjourney if shared.

Once you do sign up, the money spent on the subscription will soon be made back once you find the best platform and market to sell your AI art to. Here are some examples of what they can be sold as: 

  • Clothing designs
  • Logos
  • NFTs 
  • Book covers
  • Digital art
  • Stock images
Colorful, realistic clown made with intricate detail.



If you are a small business with a growing customer base, it can become overwhelming quite quickly trying to keep everyone happy. Zendesk will definitely take the edge off by managing customer interactions with live chat support and predictive analytics to improve the customer experience altogether.

You can make passive income using Zendesk because it helps to grow your client base and expand your voice, ultimately bringing in more traffic. 

Zendesk supportZendesk chatZendesk exploreZendesk guideZendesk talkZendesk connect


Risks and challenges of AI passive income

You know what they say, the things worth having in life don’t come easily, and passive income falls into this. Even if you use AI to make things easier, going down this route is not without its risks and challenges. Here are the main ones you should keep in mind.

Getting too dependent 

Sure, you’re new plan is going great so far, but don’t get too comfortable. If you begin to rely too much on AI to get things done, you can quickly lose the elements that make you stand out from the crowd. For example, your creativity and problem-solving can take a nosedive if you no longer have to use them since AI does for you. 

As well as this, AI is no stranger to technical issues, which can be extremely detrimental to your process if you heavily rely on it. Also, they are not perfect at what they do. Mistakes can be made, and unless you have a human safety net ready to pick up the pieces, it can get messy fast. 

Ethical issues

There is a lot of ongoing concern about the ethical considerations of AI. There is also a risk of privacy regulations and user information being violated accidentally as AI goes through changes and growing pains. 

When adopting AI into your income stream, you must do it responsibly. Do not claim to have drawn the art by hand or written the article from scratch if you didn’t, because this only portrays you as dishonest and willing to compete with artists who didn’t use AI. 

Using AI to screen job applicants that results in disproportionate selection of candidates.Using AI for surveillance at the workplace without employee consentUsing an AI system that is not able to explain how it arrived at a decisionCollecting and processing healthcare personal data without consentDiscriminatory pricing or availability of products/services


Maintenance and upkeep

Be prepared to continuously monitor and update the AI models being used. Technological advancements mean that new developments are constantly being implemented. If you do not keep up with them, it doesn’t take long for the whole system to lag and be incompatible with the ones around it.

The future of AI passive income

As the power of artificial intelligence makes high-quality content creation more accessible for us, it opens up opportunities to take the leap and start a side hustle without needing dedicate hours of mind-numbing work. 

In the future, we will see a growing number of people see the potential behind artificial intelligence tools to make passive income, so before there’s too much competition, we suggest you start now.

Whether you want to use ChatGPT to write children’s books for Amazon or Zendesk to optimize your customer interactions, as long as you do it ethically with a healthy dose of human creativity, passive income will start flowing in no time.

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