Vidiq Review 2024: What is it, How it Works, and Best Use Cases

Growing a social media following has always been a challenge, particularly on the most popular platforms. Take YouTube for example. YouTube has almost 2 billion users. 

This makes it incredibly difficult to grow a following and rank highly in search results. This is only made harder by the fact users upload 500 hours of content every minute. However, what if we told you that AI can help you achieve all your YouTube goals?

If you’re new to the world of AI, you’d probably call us crazy, but thanks to new AI SEO tools like VidIQ, ranking higher on YouTube has never been easier. 

In today’s post, we’re going to review VidIQ so you know what the platform has to offer before you use it. If you want to learn how to get into AI, or how to rank your content better, keep reading!

What is VidIQ?

We’ll kick things off with a quick explanation of what VidIQ is. VidIQ is a YouTube-certified video marketing and analytics tool designed to help creators on the YouTube platform. 

Powered by artificial intelligence, VidIQ is an innovative SEO SaaS product that aims to empower creators by assisting them when it comes to discovering new YouTube video topics, keyword research for their YouTube videos, and understanding what does and doesn’t work on their channel.

Using this tool, content creators can improve the overall quality of their channel and improve their SEO strategy. In turn, the creator should experience a growth in engagement and of course, views.

To put it simply, this remarkable AI tool is a game-changer for YouTube creators that wants to optimize video content for YouTube.

VidIQ review

Now you know what VidIQ is, we can move on to the main bulk of our review. You already know that VidIQ is a powerful AI tool content creators can use to increase their YouTube presence, but you don’t know how it works, what it can do, how easy it is to use, and so on.

These are all things we’re going to tell you in our review. The key aspects we’ll look at include:

  1. How VidIQ works
  2. What VidIQ can do
  3. The main features
  4. Who VidIQ is for
  5. How easy it is to use
  6. How much it costs to use

Let’s start our review with a look at how VidIQ works!

How does VidIQ work?

The VidIQ platform, where content creators can sign up, learn more about how the tool works, or jump straight into all the features the platform has to offer.


VidIQ uses advanced AI capabilities to create personalized video prompts, insightful predictive analytics, and accurate view prediction counts to help users unleash their SEO potential.

Via an online platform and Google Chrome Extension, VidIQ provides content creators with all the tools they need to analyze their YouTube analytics data and build a winning YouTube strategy from them. From the analytics data the tool collects, it can provide users with detailed insights and provide actionable ideas that will help them improve their content.

The primary aim of VidIQ is to increase YouTube engagement by helping user content rank higher. Of course, this will increase the creator’s views and potentially increase revenue.

What can VidIQ do?

When it comes down to what VidIQ can do, users are spoilt for choice. We’ve reviewed a lot of the best artificial intelligence SEO tools before, and VidIQ has to be one of the best in terms of how much it can do.

This AI tool can essentially do anything you need it to do in relation to YouTube SEO maximization. It can analyze your channel, help you create a channel, generate content for you, give you access to a database of the best keywords, identify your competitors, and so much more.

Most importantly though, VidIQ can help your channel grow through high-quality and reliable guidance and personalized recommendations. 

Optimizing your YouTube videos has never been so easy so make sure you check VidIQ out.

The main features

The VidIQ website has a features page detailing everything the platform has to offer users. This includes daily ideas, thumbnail generation, and trend alerts.


VidIQ is also one of the most feature-rich AI SEO tools we’ve ever used. This probably isn’t a surprise given how much it can do. 

This video marketing tool has 12 primary features. These are:

  1. Scorecard
  2. Keyword research tools
  3. Competitors
  4. Daily ideas
  5. Trends alerts
  6. Most viewed
  7. Compare views
  8. Thumbnail generator
  9. Video descriptions generator
  10. Channel audit
  11. Real-time stats bar
  12. Productivity tools

In our opinion, the most valuable tools VidIQ has to offer are the YouTube keyword research tool and the channel audit tools.

These two tools are crucial to everything VidIQ does. Without these two tools, YouTube creators can’t evaluate their channels, identify areas for improvement, and make positive changes.

Without these two tools, VidIQ’s advanced AI won’t know how to improve the user’s channel either.

The channel audit tool can be used to fully evaluate a channel and identify areas for improvement, while the keyword tool can help the user unleash a reliable SEO strategy. 

Other tools like the thumbnail generator, trends alerts, and daily ideas are useful for any YouTube creator when it comes to making the necessary changes to push a channel higher up YouTube rankings.

Who is VidIQ for?

Examples of YouTubers that currently use VidIQ. Examples include The Spiffing Brit, Marina Mogilko, and Jade Darmawangsa.


One of the greatest things about this video marketing tool is that it can be used by anyone who uploads videos to YouTube channels. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional YouTuber with millions of subscribers or someone who’s about to make their first YouTube clip, VidIQ can help.

Millions of creators have benefited from the tools VidIQ has to offer. This includes creators with a small following and creators with large followings.

Some examples of YouTubers with a large following that use this tool include:

  • Marina Mogilko
  • Jade Darmawangsa
  • The Spiffing Brit
  • Sean Cannell
  • Chad Wild Clay

How easy is VidIQ to use?

To start using VidIQ’s main features, users must first link their YouTube channel. This can be done via the signup page.


You don’t have to be an artificial intelligence expert to use VidIQ. We’d argue that you don’t need to know anything about AI at all. VidIQ makes it incredibly easy for its users to access all the tools they need to improve their YouTube channel.

When it comes to actually using the tools this platform has to offer, everything is pretty straightforward. All the main features can be found on one simple interface and every feature users go to use comes with an in-depth explanation and tutorials.

One thing we love about using VidIQ is how the AI tech handles everything for us. Once we’ve signed up, connected a YouTube channel, and completed a channel audit, which is very easy to do, VidIQ’s AI tools will give us everything we need.

We don’t have to go searching or work out how to use certain tools. Instead, everything runs on its own.

VidIQ pricing

The VidIQ pricing page. VidIQ has four pricing plans. Those pricing plans are Basic, Pro, Boost, and Max.


As far as VidIQ pricing plans are concerned, content creators have four different plans to choose from. Those plans are:

  • Basic
  • Pro 
  • Boost
  • Max

While anyone can use any pricing plan, some plans suit some users more than others. For example, the Basic plan, or the free version, is better suited to new YouTube users. On the other hand, the Boost plan is ideal for users looking to increase their views on a larger scale.

The Max plan is an interesting offer. This plan is designed with group coaching in mind. This plan might suit businesses that have a social media team better.

The main difference between each tool is the number of features you are given access to and the volume of services you can use a day. For example, the Basic plan offers 3 daily ideas, while the Pro plan offers 10.

Which plan you choose comes down to what you need and want.

VidIQ AI use cases

A great way to learn more about how different AI tools are used is to take a look at AI use cases.

To end our review, we’re going to look at some AI use cases in relation to VidIQ. 

Social media production

Probably the main use of VidIQ is as a social media production tool. Thanks to the wealth of features and tools VidIQ has to offer, users can create professional videos created with SEO in mind. 

Social media managers and YouTubers can use VidIQ to optimize content, use the best keywords, create professional thumbnails, and much more.

With the recent boom in the popularity of video content, it’s essential for businesses to jump on the trend. However, it’s not always easy. No one is born a YouTube creator and it can take time, resources, and effort to learn the ropes and gain a following. For this reason, VidIQ makes it super easy to grow your YouTube channel and social media following.

Community engagement

VidIQ also allows users and content creators to engage and communicate with other creators. This way you can learn from the community’s experiences and collaborate on different projects.

This can help your own development and learning when it comes to what brings in YouTube views, followers, and engagement.

Real-time performance tracking

VidIQ allows creators and social media managers to stay ahead of the curve by offering real-time performance tracking and valuable insights. The tool can track the performance of the user’s channel and their competitors, providing them with the edge they need to compete.

This is essential for video SEO. By continually analyzing your efforts, you can keep optimizing video content which boosts YouTube ranking. You’ll be able to see what’s working for you and what’s not to inform your next strategy.

Final thoughts

That’s the end of our VidIQ review that tells you everything you need to know about VidIQ. VidIQ is by far one of the best SEO optimization tools when it comes to YouTube. 

Content creators can use this AI platform to take their YouTube channels and their next YouTube Video to new levels and maximize engagement. 

Why don’t you try VidIQ for yourself and see what you think?

Frequently asked questions

How do you access VidIQ?

VidIQ can be accessed in two different ways. Users can access the tool via the VidIQ website or a Google Chrome Extension.

Is VidIQ free to use? 

Yes, content creators can use VidIQ for free. To use VidIQ for free, sign up for the platform’s Basic plan.