Tome AI Review: Unveiling the Potential in a Practical Guide

Do you find presentations boring to create? If that’s the case, you can guarantee your audience will be just as bored watching it. We know: if only there was a way to create presentations automatically. Well, you might be glad to know that there is, and it’s an AI-powered app called Tome AI.

Tome AI is an automated presentation creator packed with tools that make designing slides easier and, at the same time, more engaging. But is Tome worth the money? Is the free version of Tome good enough? The only way to find out is to look at what Tome AI has to offer. We do exactly that in this all-you-need-to-know guide, with a review of Tome AI and the use cases for how it can be utilized.

What is Tome AI?

Tome AI is an AI app that uses presentation software to automate presentation creation using a variety of AI-powered tools. The artificial intelligence, which uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 technology, works as a collaborative AI assistant to help users design engaging presentations from scratch.

Tome AI review

Does Tome AI sound interesting? If you don’t like creating presentations, then it’s definitely worth checking out. Here we review and go over what Tome AI has to offer, looking at four key areas:

  1. The main features of Tome AI

  2. How easy Tome AI is to use

  3. What Tome AI free offers

  4. Tome AI plans and pricing

So for everything you need to know about Tome AI, keep reading.

What can Tome AI do?

Put simply, Tome can generate presentations quickly using artificial intelligence. And it does that using themed templates, AI-generated words and images, and other tools that add neat animations, videos, graphs, and more. All of these tools are automated by AI technology, so all you have to do is tell the AI assistant what you want it to do or describe what you’re after. Summarized, the key features of Tome AI are:

  • Ready-made templates and themes

  • AI-generated text (titles, headers, and descriptions)

  • AI image generation

  • AI-generated animations

  • Third-party app integration (Figma, GIPHY, and more)

  • Workspaces for real-time collaboration with colleagues

  • Companion mobile app

So Tome brings a lot of attractive features to the table. It incorporates a variety of AI tools to automate the process of creating presentations, all of which can be utilized by giving the AI textual instructions. AI image generation with DALL-E 2 (currently one of the best tools for AI-generated images) lets you effortlessly create original images for any slide.

And the built-in AI storytelling formats instantly improve the wording of titles, headings, and descriptions to make text more concise and engaging. What’s also great is the flexibility Tome AI gives you. You can start from scratch or choose a template to outline your presentation. These templates have pre-made themes, text prompts, image examples, and more that you can also customize.

So overall, Tome just speeds up the process of designing presentations. And it doesn’t just make creating presentations easier and faster, but more engaging and attractive to look at.

Is Tome AI easy to use?

Tome AI’s sleek, minimally designed interface, including a “What would you like to do…” textbox for typing AI prompts.

We’ve mentioned the various templates Tome AI offers, and these are the easiest way to get started on new presentations. Templates on Tome AI include:

  • Company updates

  • Sales pitches

  • Product design concepts

  • Professional portfolios

  • Moodboards

And more. These templates are pre-designed to look the part and include relevant sections. Then it’s simply a matter of adding or removing slides, typing in descriptions to have the AI write for you, and asking the AI to generate the images you’re after. Even if you’d prefer to start a presentation from scratch, the AI makes it easy with text prompts.

You can type in anything from “start a presentation on X” to “change theme to X” and the AI will do it for you. But it’s not all prompts. Tome AI also lets you select functions from toolbars and menus, drag and drop sections, and manually type descriptions. So even when clicking on AI writing tools such as “Rewrite”, “Shorten” and “Extend”, there’s still an element of hands-on creation.

As for the interface itself, it’s designed to be simple and user-friendly, so one thing you’ll notice quickly is that it’s less cluttered than Microsoft PowerPoint. It places more focus on the slides, with more visual real estate that feels almost as though you’re watching and editing your presentation at the same time.

All in all, Tome combines familiar manual functions with AI tools that new users won’t have trouble finding or getting to grips with. Typing prompts makes processes much faster, and we like the stripped-down interface that’s both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing to navigate.

Is Tome AI free?

You can use Tome AI for free. And it isn’t just a free trial, but a free plan that gives you unlimited Tome (presentation) creation. Needless to say, there are limitations. These are:

  • Limited creation for 2+ users collaborating on the

  • 500 AI credits

This might not sound like a lot, but it is when the “AI credits” are used for AI narrative generation, AI image generation, and AI text editing. So once you use those 500 credits, you will no longer be able to access those features. With Tome AI free, you also miss out on being able to export presentations to PDF, create custom logos, receive priority support, and render presentations without the Tome branding.

So while the free user plan for Tome AI lets you create unlimited presentations, the 500 AI credits are essentially a free trial of the AI tools. The Tome branding on presentations made on the free plan can also be off-putting if you want your presentations to look professional.

How much does Tome AI cost?

Tome AI offers three user plans: Tome Free, Tome Pro, and Tome Enterprise.

Tome offers two paid plans: Pro and Enterprise. Pro is designed for creators and teams while Enterprise is designed for organizations and large businesses. Tome Enterprise is a custom plan tailored for large-scale use and specific needs – so it doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all price. Tome Pro, on the other hand, is $10 monthly or $8 monthly when billed yearly (you’ll pay a year upfront).

So what does Tome Pro offer? It’s essentially the full package offering everything a single user or team needs. This includes unlimited AI credits/unlimited access to Tome AI tools, PDF exports, custom logos, priority support, and no Tome branding on projects. We must admit that Tome AI Pro is not that expensive either, especially when compared to the cost of some other AI tools.

Tome AI use cases

You know now that Tome AI automates presentation creation. And thanks to the many AI tools it has under the hood, there’s a handful of incredible uses for Tome AI. But exactly what kind of presentations can creators make using Tome AI? And how does Tome make it easier? Here are a few of the best use cases for Tome AI that are worth talking about.

All-hands meetings

A Tome template for a company all-hands meeting, which has generated a presentation agenda with corresponding slides.

First off, Tome AI can be a great AI tool for businesses that host regular meetings – virtual or not. Tome AI can cut down on the time it takes to create presentations through templates and AI automation. It can also help to make company presentations more attractive and engaging, which will benefit both employers and employees.

We all know that interactive presentations that are interesting and offer something a little different are far easier to digest. So if you want your colleagues, employees, or even managers to be impressed, then Tome can be a great option for business presentations.

Product design reviews and pitches

Presentations that pitch product concepts and review product designs need to be compelling and informative. And this is where Tome AI can help out, as tools such as AI-generated text, AI image generation, and AI-generated animations will automate product descriptions and improve the visual appeal of slides with little to no effort.

Design portfolios

A Tome template for a design portfolio, which has automatically generated an image, title, description, and contact information box.

Freelancers often use website platforms to advertise themselves and showcase their work. But Tome AI can be a more effective way to do this, putting everything clients and customers need to see in a sleek, professional presentation. Tome offers templates for portfolios, as well as links and mobile responsiveness for easy presentation sharing to any device.


Tome AI just makes creating presentations quicker and easier. The artificial intelligence can outline full presentations for various purposes, as well as generate text, images, animations, and more to further streamline the process.

On top of that, Tome also makes presentations more attractive and engaging thanks to built-in storytelling formats, professionally designed templates and themes, and various third-party app integrations. So all in all, it’s worth checking out if you want to create presentations faster, make presentations that are more engaging, or both.

Tome’s interface is sleek and minimalistic. And with simple AI prompts that can kick-start any process, it’s also easy for new users to jump right in.

So, is Tome AI the tool for your next set of professional presentations? Find out by setting up your account now.

Frequently asked questions

What is Tome AI used for?

Tome AI creates engaging presentations using artificial intelligence. Users can automate the process using textual prompts and various AI tools, including AI-generated text with ChatGPT, AI image generation with DALL-E 2, and more.

Who created Tome AI?

Tome AI was created by co-founders Keith Peiris and Henri Liriani. The popular AI tool, which helps users create full presentations using artificial intelligence and automation, uses powerful AI models developed by OpenAI, including ChatGPT and DALL-E 2.