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Synthesia Review 2024: What Is It, Review, and AI Use Cases

Author: Lianne Jones

Synthesia: What Is It, Review, and AI Use Cases

How-to videos, sales pitch videos, onboarding and company culture videos, testimonial marketing videos…

Creating these can be time-consuming and expensive for business owners. After all, it can involve casting actors, hiring video equipment, and paying for freelance video editors or new and hard-to-learn video editing software.

But what if artificial intelligence could do all of that for you, saving costs and cutting video production time in the process?

Enter Synthesia: an AI video generator that can create professional business videos using AI avatars, text-to-speech, video templates, royalty-free media, automatic closed captions, and more. It has over 50,000 users currently and more than 600 five-star reviews.

So it’s worth looking at if you’re a business owner or professional who wants to streamline the video production process or create videos that are more engaging. 

Find out if it’s the real deal right here. We review everything Synthesia offers below and look at several use cases for how this AI tool can give users an edge.

What is Synthesia?

Synthesia is an AI video creation platform that generates videos using AI avatars, video templates, text-to-speech technology, and more. It uses advanced artificial intelligence to make creating engaging videos easier and quicker for businesses and professionals.

Synthesia was founded in 2017 and now has over 50,000 users.

Synthesia review

Synthesia calls itself the “#1 rated AI video generation platform”, trusted by companies that include Amazon, Accenture, Ocado, Xerox, Reuters, and more.

So is Synthesia one of the best AI tools for business? Take a closer look in our review of Synthesia, which runs through four key areas:

  1. The main features and tools of Synthesia
  2. User interface and how to use Synthesia
  3. Synthesia free demo
  4. Synthesia plans and pricing

Yep – Synthesia isn’t free. So before you sign up to one of its user subscriptions, find out everything you need to know about Synthesia below, including its advantages and disadvantages.

Synthesia main features and tools

Synthesia offers features that include over 140 AI avatars, text-to-speech in over 120 languages, voice cloning, and more.


At a glance, Synthesia boasts a number of powerful features for AI video generation. These include:

  • Over 140 AI avatars
  • Over 65 customizable video templates
  • Text-to-speech in over 120 languages
  • Custom AI avatars
  • Voice cloning
  • AI avatar gestures

So if you need to create presentation-style videos with actors or voiceovers, Synthesia can already benefit you. The AI avatars are real-looking and can do the talking for you with text-to-speech in virtually any language.

Let’s take a look at some of these features more closely:

  • AI Avatars: The gallery of AI avatars is pretty astounding. You can scroll through pages of realistic people to see which one is a good fit for you. The avatar videos show a brief clip of them talking so you can decide the right vibe for you. You can filter through based on age, attire, and the pricing plan you are signed up for. This means you can create personalized videos, essential for social media, rather than anonymity.
  • Text-to-speech: The ability to create voiceovers in video creation tools is the ability to create high-quality videos. Recording your own voiceover can be time-consuming and expensive. Being able to automate this process in seconds makes the video creation process incredibly efficient. There are hundreds of different voices you can choose from, male and female, so you can continue creating videos that are right for your brand.
  • Multilingual: Creating a global brand used to be incredibly difficult. Employing translators in every country is expensive and translating all of your content is a tiresome and unnecessary video creation workflow. With Synthesia, you can use AI to make your content accessible all around the world in multiple languages. Think how quickly you could scale your business with automated translation.
  • Video templates: The Synthesia videos that you can use means creating videos are easier than ever. Scroll through plenty of templates from different industries like sales, reports, pitch decks, and even creative more personal AI videos.

You can also create your own AI avatars and personalized voiceovers with voice cloning.

On top of that, Synthesia offers other AI tools and integrations:

  • AI script assistant
  • Royalty-free media – images, videos, music, and more
  • Built-in screen recorder
  • Auto-generated closed captions

The AI script assistant can help you write engaging voice overs using AI prompts. And with automated closed captions, your videos will automatically be more accessible to a wider range of audiences.

You’ll also have a full library of royalty-free images, videos, and music to source from to make your videos more engaging and professional-looking. 

User interface and how to use Synthesia

Synthesia offers a simple user interface that makes it easy to access all its main tools and features. 


So Synthesia brings a lot of great features and benefits to the table. But with all these advanced AI tools, is Synthesia easy to use?

You might be glad to know that Synthesia is easy enough to use. It keeps things simple with an attractive interface that puts all its main tools in view.

The left-hand sidebar displays your video clips and the right-hand sidebar is for editing your video layout, background colors, music, sound effects, and more.

As for the upper toolbar, this is where you can select AI avatars, add text or media, and screen record. The lower toolbar is for typing your video script, adding video animations (Markers), and customizing gestures, i.e. your AI avatar’s mannerism and actions.

The video itself is also clickable, allowing you to drag and drop sections, manually type in headers and text, and more. 

To start creating a video with Synthesia, it largely involves five main steps:

  1. Choose a video template
  2. Choose an AI avatar
  3. Choose a voice/narration style and type in your script
  4. Edit the video – change colors, add media, and type in headers and text
  5. Generate the video for sharing, downloading, or embedding to your website

That’s essentially it. Overall, Synthesia is enough to use for most users, with an interface that makes it easy to navigate its various features and tools.

What the Synthesia free demo offers

Synthesia’s free demo lets you generate a free AI video using video templates and a personalized video script.


Synthesia offers a free AI video demo on its website. 

First, choose a video template from five options:

  • Synthesia Demo
  • Sales Pitch
  • Learning & Development
  • Compliment
  • How-To Video

After, type in a video script using up to 200 characters. This can be anything you want the AI avatar to say, as long as it’s not political, sexual, or discriminatory content (which won’t get approved).

You then have to provide your name and email—no credit card required—to get the generated video sent to your inbox.

That’s it. Not much of a free trial, as a result, but worth checking out if you want a quick taste of what Synthesia can do before you sign up to one of its paid plans.

Synthesia plans and pricing

Synthesia offers two subscription plans: Personal and Enterprise. Personal is for individual users and is billed monthly or annually.


Synthesia offers two priced plans: Personal and Enterprise. Here’s a rundown of what the two plans offer.

Synthesia Personal Synthesia Enterprise

1 seat

10 video credits per month

10 scenes per video

Over 90 AI avatars

Over 120 languages and voices

Over 65 video templates

Limited media library

Custom number of seats

Unlimited video credits

Up to 50 scenes per video

Over 140 AI avatars

Over 120 languages and voices

Over 65 templates

Media library with over 10 million images, videos, and more

Upload custom fonts

Workspaces and collaboration

Dedicated customer support

Synthesia’s “video credits” are worth zooming in on. One video credit is equal to about one minute of generated video. So, essentially, the Personal plan gives you around 10 minutes of generated video per month.

It’s also worth mentioning that AI avatars and voice cloning are paid add-ons for both plans.

Personal can be billed monthly or annually. Enterprise, on the other hand, has custom pricing since the plan can be tailored for specific business needs.

Overall, Synthesia Personal is affordable and offers enough features for individual users. There’s no denying it’s limited, however, offering fewer AI avatars, fewer scenes per video, and around 10 minutes of AI video generation per month.

The only feature it shares with the Enterprise plan is the 65+ video templates.

Synthesia AI use cases

Synthesia is packed with advanced AI-powered tools and user features. So how can this artificial intelligence technology be utilized in today’s world?

Let’s take a look at a few of the best AI use cases for Synthesia and how it can benefit different users both now and in the future.

Video production for businesses and professionals

Video production is expensive and time-consuming for businesses, especially if actors and voice overs are needed.

This is where Synthesia can effectively save time and money for businesses, as it offers an all-in-one solution for creating professional videos with “AI actors”, text-to-speech scripts, royalty-free media, attractive templates, and more.  

What’s especially advantageous for businesses here is that videos created using Synthesia can be revisited and updated with new information, brand logos, statistics, and so on. Without these tools, it would involve producing the video all over again.

Personal AI avatar creation

In addition to its 140+ diverse AI avatars, Synthesia offers users the ability to create their own custom AI avatars, complete with voice cloning. In other words, users can create a digital version of themselves to act and talk in their video content, using their face and voice.

What are the benefits of this? For one, it can provide a unique, professional, and more personalized touch to video presentations – impressing different audiences.

Secondly, the custom AI avatar can be used in all future videos, becoming more realistic and life-like as the user uploads more face footage and voice clips.


All in all, there’s no doubt that Synthesia is a powerful AI video generation tool. It can save businesses time and money thanks to its realistic AI avatar “actors” and AI-generated voices, so there’s no wonder why it’s become popular across various industries.

Great takeaways include text-to-speech in over 120 languages and the auto-generated closed captions, which can make videos accessible to a wide range of audiences.

The video templates and royalty-free media library are also huge benefits, helping users create videos that are more professional and engaging.

The downsides, however, revolve mainly around the Professional plan, which offers limited monthly video generation (using credits), fewer AI avatars, and a smaller royalty-free media library.

Despite that, it’s well worth trialing if you’re a business owner or professional who needs a faster and easier way to create high-quality presentation-style videos without having to hire actors and video production companies.

Frequently asked questions 

Is Synthesia AI free?

Synthesia AI lets free users create a free AI video using templates and text-to-speech video scripts. Users who want full access to Synthesia and its AI tools can sign up to one of its paid subscriptions: Personal and Enterprise.

Is Synthesia worth it?

Synthesia is a powerful AI tool that can create impressive videos using realistic AI avatars and AI voices. It can be worth the price for businesses and professionals, as Synthesia can replace the need to hire actors and voice actors, saving time and money.

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