StarByFace review: Exploring features, pricing, and surprising benefits

Ever wanted to find out which celebrity you look like? Or have you ever been told you look like a certain celebrity and wanted to know if it was true? StarByFace is an AI-powered app that can give you those answers. It’s also free to use online and through its official mobile app. But is Star by Face accurate? That’s what we’re going to answer.

Below we explain how StarByFace works, review what it offers, and talk about use cases for how this AI app can be utilized for more than just personal entertainment.

What is StarByFace?

StarByFace is a website app that lets you find out your celebrity lookalikes. It determines your closest celebrity doppelgangers using artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology to compare your face to thousands of celebrities.

The website and app have hundreds of thousands of users, and overall it is one of the best celebrity lookalike apps. It’s free to use both online and on its mobile app, which can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

StarByFace review

The software might be free, but it’s worth knowing whether it’s accurate, safe, and more before you jump on it and start uploading your photos. So in our review, we’ll answer:

  1. What can it do, and what are its key components?

  2. Is it accurate?

  3. How do you use it?

  4. Is it worth downloading the app?

  5. Is it safe to use?

What can StarByFace do?

Star by Face celebrity lookalike results generated using a photo of Angelina Jolie, including Emmanuel Beart and Eva Green.


StarByFace uses advanced facial recognition technology powered by AI to study your face and determine the celebrities you look like the most. It gives you 12 results each time, complete with a photo of each celebrity and a percentage (out of 100) of how much your face matches. Another feature is that the AI facial recognition automatically detects your gender to give you 12 matches for celebrities of the opposite sex.

So if you also want to find out which celebrities of the opposite gender you look like, you have the option to view these in a separate tab. So essentially, it generates 24 matches for every photo you upload. It also offers a best pair feature to find your celebrity love match.

The artificial intelligence compares your facial pattern and facial features to portraits of celebrity faces on the web, sourcing thousands of celebrities, from music artists and actors to famous politicians and public figures. Now you can finally find out your celebrity match!

StarByFace’s technology is able to recognize your specific facial features by focusing on the eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth in the image you provide. It then runs this information against its extensive database to get the final lookalike results.

Is StarByFace accurate?

On the whole, StarByFace generally provides accurate celebrity lookalike results. Despite that, you can still expect to receive a few celebrity matches that are not that accurate. You’ll see more of these towards the bottom, as the most accurate results—the celebrities with the highest match percentage—are displayed first at the top.

Most of the top results generated for the photos we used were generally accurate. However, the accuracy depends on the photo used, including the face angle and facial expression. For that reason, it’s worth trying several photos of yourself from different angles and with different facial expressions to see which celebrity results appear consistently.

The AI is smart, however, and will generate a few accurate celebrity lookalikes no matter what your facial expression is in the photo. So overall, the program can generate accurate celebrity lookalikes when the right photos are uploaded, but you can also expect some not-so-accurate results.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that results are the same for each uploaded photo – so you won’t get different results by trying to re-upload the same photo a second time. The facial point detection is spot-on!

How do you use StarByFace?

Generating celebrity lookalike results on Star by Face involves uploading a photo, taking a photo, or entering a photo URL.


StarByFace has a user-friendly interface. It’s also quick, generating celebrity matches within seconds after you upload a photo of your face. You can do this in three ways:

  1. Taking a new photo

  2. Uploading an existing photo

  3. Entering a photo URL

For the most accurate results, you should use a clear, portrait-style photo without anything (such as accessories or hair) covering your face. The photo should also be of a single person. Then it’s simply a matter of waiting a few seconds for the facial recognition technology to generate the celebrity faces you most resemble. Once generated, you can screenshot your results or share them directly to social media from the website or app.

Is the StarByFace app worth downloading?

It’s free for users to access on its website, but it also has an official mobile app that’s free to download on iOS and Android. The app doesn’t offer any extra features that the website doesn’t have. But a big perk is that it can offer greater convenience – simply because a lot of people store and take most of their photos on their phones.

This can also be the better option if you plan on taking new photos (instead of using existing photos) to upload, as most phone cameras offer better image quality than laptops and webcam cameras.

All in all, the mobile app just offers more convenience – especially if you plan on using it repeatedly. Still, it’s worth using the website first to see whether you think the results are accurate.

Is StarByFace safe?

Star by Face’s privacy policy: Star by Face deletes photos after uploading and does not collect personal user data.


Needless to say, uploading your personal photos to apps can come with privacy and safety concerns. But if you plan on using StarByFace, you might be glad to know that the app does not store uploaded photos, and all photos that are uploaded get deleted after it generates celebrity lookalike results. In addition, you don’t need to register or create an account to use it.

So there’s no requirement for you to provide your name, email address, or other personal information. The only data the platform collects is usage data, which includes your IP address and browser type.

One thing to note that can be viewed as a “cost” for finding out your celebrity doppelganger is that the website and app have quite a few ads that pop up. But these companies help the site stay active, so they’re relatively easy to overlook.

AI use cases

StarByFace is a fun app and one of many AI websites that can help cure your boredom. Users can use the app to find out which celebrity resemblance is the strongest, including their celebrity lookalikes of the opposite gender, for personal entertainment purposes as well as sharing to social media.

But is that all? It’s powered by advanced artificial intelligence – so how else can this AI technology be used? Here are a few use cases for how the program can be utilized more as an AI tool and less as an entertainment app.


Users can easily find their celebrity lookalikes and then take styling inspiration from celebrities who share the same facial structure as them. This can help them choose the best hairstyles, facial hair styles, eyeglasses, and makeup looks that suit their face and skin tone.

Photo inspiration

Users can also use StarByFace to improve the way they pose in photos, such as ID photos. By finding their celebrity lookalike, users can essentially copy how that celebrity poses for professional photos, helping them to find angles and ways to pose or smile that are similarly flattering.

Earning money as a celebrity lookalike

It’s possible to earn money as a celebrity lookalike – especially if the person really can fool people as a certain celebrity. Celebrity lookalike jobs include celebrity impersonators, music artist tribute acts, and celebrity stunt doubles. So this AI tool may help you find a whole new career just by doing a comparison with celebrity faces.

StarByFace's best pair feature



StarByFace is a fun, free, and simple-to-use app that makes it easy for anyone to find their closest celebrity lookalikes. Not all results generated are accurate, but it does often provide a handful of close matches, especially when clear, portrait-style photos are used.

It’s also safe to use (uploaded photos are deleted from the system after results are generated), with a free iOS and Android mobile app that offers the same features and user experience as the website. StarByFace is great for entertaining yourself and people you know, but it can also be used as a useful way to take styling inspiration from celebrities with similar facial features and facial structures.

Frequently asked questions

How does StarByFace work?

StarByFace is an online celebrity lookalike finder that works using facial recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The app can compare faces to thousands of celebrity photos on the web, helping users find their celebrity doppelgangers.

Is StarByFace safe?

StarByFace deletes uploaded photos after it generates celebrity lookalike results. It also doesn’t collect or share user data and is free to use without having to create an account or register personal details.