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AI Celebrity Voice Generator: What Is It, Review, And AI Use Cases

Author: Lianne Jones

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Text-to-speech voice generator technology (TTS) serves a range of important purposes in today’s world, from voice-over video narration to assisting people with visual impairment or learning difficulties.

It can be used for entertainment, too, as there are text-to-speech celebrity voice generators that convert text into celebrity audio with believable, sometimes mind-blowing results. Celebrity Voice Changer is one of these AI celebrity voice generator apps. It uses text-to-speech, celebrity voices, and artificial intelligence (AI) to generate spoken audio in a host of celebrity voices. If you’re new to artificial intelligence, this can sound too good to be true. So is it?

Does Celebrity Voice Changer (CVC) really generate celebrity voices that are realistic using text? That’s what we’re going to answer. We review everything the app has to offer below and look at several use cases for how this AI app and other celebrity voice generators can be utilized for more than just personal entertainment.

What is Celebrity Voice Changer AI?

This celebrity voice changer app is technically a text-to-speech mobile app that uses AI technology to convert text into celebrity voices. It was created by Nguyen Kim Tuyen and is available for download on iOS.

Celebrity Voice Changer review

App that lets you “speak what you want” using “celebrity-like voices” by recording your voice or entering text.


AI text-to-speech technology has advanced over the years thanks to continuous developments in natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. For more info on this intriguing technology, click here.

But while converting text to speech is one thing, imitating celebrity speech with artificial intelligence is another – which is why it’s worth looking at what the program offers as an AI voice generator and whether it’s worth using for voice cloning. So in our review, we’ll look at four key areas:

  1. The main features
  2. How to use the app
  3. Plans and pricing
  4. Is Celebrity Voice Changer good?

If you’re hunting for the best text-to-speech AI celebrity voice generator or you’re just interested in what this text-to-speech app has to offer, you’ll find everything you need to know in our Celebrity Voice Changer AI review.

What can Celebrity Voice Changer do?

Celebrity Voice Changer is “powered by the latest AI technology” to “recreate precise celebrity voices”.


Celebrity Voice Changer serves one main purpose: to generate celebrity voice sound clips from text or voice recordings. And there’s nothing wrong with that – it simply streamlines this popular technology to make it easy and accessible for a wider audience.

With that, CVC provides users with a handful of famous voices to choose from. Which of these will be your chosen celebrity’s voice?

  • Joe Biden
  • Elon Musk
  • Billie Eilish
  • Tom Hanks
  • Donald Trump
  • Adam Sandler
  • Barack Obama
  • Emma Watson
  • David Beckham
  • Bill Gates
  • Chris Evans
  • Jim Carrey
  • John Cena
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Johnny Depp

So the celebrity AI voice generator app offers plenty of famous names, including celebrities known for their distinct voices. Each celebrity on Celebrity Voice Changer is displayed with their own AI-generated image, so the app is also visually attractive and user-friendly. Generating celebrity voices has never been easier!

Overall, Celebrity Voice Changer is designed to make using an AI celebrity voice generator quick and easy for mobile users – users who are most likely not interested in extra features and just want to use a text-to-speech celebrity voice app that’s simple and fun.

Is Celebrity Voice Changer easy to use?

Celebrity Voice Changer is a mobile app for iOS, so it’s a stripped-down AI voice generator for celebrity voices that’s quick and easy to use. The process for generating celebrity voice clips and voice cloning involves three simple steps:

  1. Record your voice or type in the text you want to generate (text-to-speech)
  2. Choose a celebrity from the scrollable thumbnail list
  3. Play the generated audio file

That’s it. You can generate speech from up to 300 characters of text, and the speech-generation process is generally quick. After that, you can export or share the clip to friends or social media. You can also keep a library collection of your generated audio clips, which will be displayed in a message-style list with the celebrity and text used to generate the audio.

It’s easy to use and fast, and most users won’t have any problems navigating CVC’s simple, user-friendly app interface.

Is Celebrity Voice Changer free?

Get celebrity AI voices as a free to download on iOS but the Premium plan is $3.99 weekly or $39.99 yearly.


This celebrity AI voice generator isn’t free, unfortunately. It’s free to download on iOS (it’s not available on Android), and it may let you enjoy a limited sample of the app, but after a while, you’ll be prompted to subscribe to one of the Premium plans as in-app purchases. These are:

  • Premium Weekly ($3.99)
  • Premium Yearly ($39.99)

These are billed to your Apple account and, like other iOS app subscriptions, can be canceled in the App Store to prevent auto-renewal. So if you’re not 100% sure about whether it’s worth paying for an AI celebrity voice generator, you’re better off subscribing to Premium Weekly before locking yourself in for one year with Premium Yearly. This will allow you to cancel within the subscription period if you’re not fully satisfied with the app.

Is Celebrity Voice Changer worth it?

Now for the big question: Is CVC worth it? Is it a good AI voice generator app? It’s clear: this app was designed as a text-to-speech entertainment app. It’s quick and easy to use, intended for users who just want to have fun and generate voices and are not concerned about adjusting different parameters or generating professional audio clips.

With that said, Celebrity Voice Changer is not the most powerful celebrity AI voice generator available. Its AI voices can sound robotic and, in some cases, similar to one another, with a few AI voice soundboards that have noticeable white noise on the audio.

So if you’re not “serious” about needing an AI celebrity voice generator, Celebrity Voice Changer is a user-friendly mobile app that’s fun to play around with where you can utilize celebrity voices indefinitely. But if you want believable, realistic results, there is likely a more powerful celebrity voice generator out there for you that uses more advanced speech synthesis technology.

Celebrity Voice Changer AI use cases

The app can be used to generate social media content or prank friends and family using AI voice filters.


This is one of many fun and interactive AI apps that can be used for personal enjoyment as well as entertaining friends and family with celebrity greetings, prank messages, and more. But is that it? Does Celebrity Voice Changer hold more potential as an AI-powered app?

It may have some limitations as an AI text-to-speech celebrity voice generator, but Celebrity Voice Changer can still be used for more than personal entertainment. How, you ask? Here are a few AI use cases for this AI-powered celebrity voice generator that are well worth looking at if you’re interested in AI and how it can offer more benefits.

Assisting people with visual impairments or learning difficulties

People with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other learning difficulties can benefit from text converted to spoken audio. Although the platform is intended for entertainment, its text-to-speech capabilities can simply offer a more enjoyable way of listening and learning. It’s also a mobile app, making it ideal for on-the-go use.

Improving online content

Spoof introductions and celebrity voice-overs are just two ways this voice generator can help improve videos for online content creators. This can make video content funnier and more engaging for viewers, increasing the potential for content creators to boost their online followings using a celebrity’s voice, whether that’s for monetization or marketing purposes.

Creating deep fake videos

Celebrity deep fake videos need to be realistic or convincing with natural-sounding voices to be successful, no matter whether the videos are created for personal use or online viewership. Deep fake video authenticity can be increased using AI-generated celebrity voices, which is something creators have the potential to achieve using CVC.

Creating deep fake video voices as a use case for this text-to-speech app.



All in all, Celebrity Voice Changer isn’t the most powerful AI celebrity voice generator out there. Some of the AI celebrity voices this app generates can sound robotic and, as a result, similar to one another, which doesn’t make it the best option if you’re a content creator who’s after realistic, high-quality results.

Despite that, if you’re looking for a fun, easy-to-use iOS mobile app that can generate celebrity voice clips quickly using text-to-speech technology, this celebrity AI voice generator is definitely worth trying. It’s simple and user-friendly, with a diverse library of AI celebrity voices (although female voices are a little lacking) that include actors, musicians, politicians, and celebrities known for their distinct voices. Give this text-to-speech voice generator a try today!


How do you change your voice to a celebrity?

AI voice generators can change your voice into a celebrity’s generated voice using text-to-speech technology and artificial intelligence. You can record your voice or type in text, and the AI text-to-speech app will generate spoken audio in your chosen celebrity voice.

What is the best AI voice generator for celebrities?

Many powerful celebrity AI voice generator apps can generate male and female voices using celebrity audio. Some of these apps include Uberduck, Speechify, Murf, Speechelo, FakeYou, and Celebrity Voice Changer.

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