Quickchat Review: Boost Customer Support With AI

We now live in a world where there seems to be an AI tool for everything, particularly in business. We can choose from a wide range of marketing, product development, and customer support tools that will help streamline our business processes. One AI tool that continues to grow in popularity is the Quickchat AI platform.

Quickchat AI is arguably one of the best tools we can use if we want to use AI technology within our businesses. This fully conversational AI chatbot can be used to automate customer support, online application, and many other tasks. In fact, the opportunities are virtually endless. So much so, we want to tell you what Quickchat has to offer.

To do that, we’ve decided to put together this review. In this review, we’ll tell you what Quickchat is, how it works, what it has to offer, and more. Let’s dive right in!

What is Quickchat?

We’ll start by telling you what Quickchat AI is. Simply put, Quickchat is a conversational AI chatbot that allows users to use AI technology to build AI assistants that talk like humans. This platform enables users to use virtual multilingual assistants that can talk just like people and are built to your needs and requirements. This tool can be integrated into your business via the website or app.

Quickchat was primarily designed as a workplace productivity app that can streamline business processes. Businesses can use this tool to automate customer support, search through internal knowledge bases to enhance their product, and generate more valuable leads.

Quickchat review

The Quickchat AI homepage. This is where new users can try the tool out for the first time.

To give you as much information as possible regarding Quickchat, we’ve put together a detailed review that looks at everything you need to know. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at some of the key factors that make Quickchat a reliable AI tool to use. Some of the things we’ll look at include:

  1. What Quickchat can do

  2. How Quickchat works

  3. Who Quickchat is designed for

  4. The main features

  5. How easy it is to use

  6. Pricing

We’ll show you what Quickchat can do first!

What can Quickchat AI do?

So, what exactly can Quickchat AI do? Well, if we’re being honest, as far as AI assistant tools go, there’s not much Quickchat can’t do. Quickchat AI makes it possible for businesses to build their own multilingual AI assistants complete with all the functionality needed to automate most business processes. Quickchat can add AI conversational power to any website, app, product, smart device, or game.

Thanks to the powerful AI tech, Quickchat can recognize and speak a huge variety of different languages and communicate as any human would. Businesses that use Quickchat AI find it a lot easier to:

  • Learn from their customers

  • Generate more valuable leads

  • Automate customer support

  • Offer 24/7 services

  • Search through their internal knowledge base

  • Enhance a product using voice and audio functionality

How does Quickchat work?

A diagram that details some of the things Quickchat can do and how it works.

If you’re wondering how Quickchat can offer these services, let us quickly explain. Quickchat AI uses a modern and advanced language model that can be added to a website or app. Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3, this gives the Quickchat chatbots the ability to recognize, analyze, and speak native languages.

To date, Quickchat is trained in more than 175 billion parameters, which is why the platform is capable of offering so many services. In other words, Quickchat can recognize what we want, search for the best response, and provide us with the answers. This is exactly how it assists customers in an automated customer support system too.

Who is Quickchat aimed at?

Unlike most AI tools that can be used by almost anyone, Quickchat definitely has a target audience. That target audience is business owners. Quickchat was primarily designed for companies that need to automate their business processes.

While the platform can do a wide range of things, it is primarily designed to automate customer support, and as you can imagine, not everyone needs a tool that offers this kind of service. In terms of company size, any business can use Quickchat to its advantage. It doesn’t matter if you want to automate tasks in your small business or manage a worldwide corporation, Quickchat is there to help.

The main Quickchat features

An example of Quickchat’s customer support messaging capabilities. This shows how Quickchat functions as a chatbot.

Quickchat AI is a feature-rich AI platform that offers users a wide range of tools that make it incredibly easy to create an AI assistant. The main feature the platform has to offer is an AI assistant creation tool. This tool can be used by users to create their virtual assistants with ease. This feature doesn’t come with complex decision trees and users don’t have to think about every possible question.

Instead, this tool gets users to tell Quickchat about use cases and their business knowledge base. From that, Quickchat handles the rest. Other key features Quickchat has that you should look out for include:

  1. No coding – Users don’t need technical skills to use Quickchat. This tool has a generic AI assistant feature that does everything for you. This can save plenty of time and automate a tedious and repetitive job, meaning coders can spend their time on more valuable jobs.

  2. Integrations & API – You can easily embed the Quickchat Web Widget onto your website or app. It can also be integrated into messaging apps and live chat software. This makes multichannel customer support much easier to achieve. The more points of contact a customer can make, the more satisfied they will be.

  3. Multilingual – Arguably one of the most important features, Quickchat AI is multilingual. This means it can recognize and speak in almost any language. This makes scaling your customer support super easy, improving your business communication globally.

  4. Automated human handoff – Quickchat can automatically hand over your conversation to one of your human agents. This means, that despite automating your support, your customer satisfaction won’t be negatively impacted.

  5. AI personality – Quickchat can lead conversations with a style, vocabulary, and flow that matches your brand. By inputting your brand guidelines, the AI assistant can communicate in a way that represents your business.

The Quickchat AI assistant creation tool. Using this tool, users can create their virtual AI assistant that will help automate their business.

If we’re being honest with you, at first glance, Quickchat looks like quite a tough platform to use, especially if you’re new to AI. However, when you take a closer look, you’ll find that it’s pretty straightforward. Quickchat’s developers have ensured anyone without AI and web development experience can use the platform.

They’ve done this by creating a straightforward interface that comes with step-by-step guides. They’ve also eliminated the need for any coding which is much appreciated. As a result, all users have to do to use the platform and create their first AI assistant is follow the on-screen prompts. We also love how everything we need can be found on one dashboard.

This makes it much easier for us to navigate the different tools and features. The preview feature is great too as this lets us see how our assistant looks before we integrate it into our businesses.


Quickchat currently has two different pricing plans to choose from. Those are Lite and Enterprise.

Quickchat currently offers its users two pricing plans. Those plans are Lite and Enterprise. The most affordable plan Quickchat offers is the Lite plan which costs $99 a month. As for the Enterprise plan, the final price will depend on what you want and need because this is a tailor-made plan designed with bigger businesses in mind. With the Lite plan, you receive the following:

  • 1,000 free AI-generated messages a month

  • $0.035 per AI-generated message after you reach 1,000

  • Multiple chatbot languages

  • Text and voice interface

  • Unlimited edits

  • Unlimited retraining

  • Access to the Quickchat no-code web builder

What you receive from an enterprise plan will depend on what you require.

Quickchat AI use cases

We’re going to end our Quickchat review by looking at some AI use cases. The following AI use cases demonstrate how Quickchat is currently being used by users.

Business customer support

The main use of Quickchat AI is as a business customer support tool. Most businesses that use this AI platform use it to create a virtual assistant that will communicate with their customers. This gives businesses more time to focus on other things and the capability to offer 24/7 support.

With the recent advances in artificial intelligence, often we won’t even realize we’re talking to a chatbot. This means your customer satisfaction will improve as they are able to get answers to their queries quickly and easily.

Website developers

Quickchat is also a helpful tool for developers that want to build AI assistants for their clients. Developers can use this tool to streamline their services, get more work done, and create better-quality customer service tools.

The ability to automate live chat conversations will be a valuable tool for many businesses, and without Quickchat AI, it could take developers a lot of coding to deliver. However, it’s important to remember that artificial intelligence isn’t here to replace jobs. It can improve efficiency and offer easier solutions, but we’ll always need the human touch!

Chatbot developers

Individuals with chat developer jobs can increase their workload and productivity by using Quickchat’s features. This won’t only make their job easier, but will also help them make more money.

This improved efficiency can free up their time to take more clients on and help more businesses implement these automated customer support processes.

Final thoughts

That concludes our Quickchat review. Now you’ve made your way through this review, you should know exactly what to expect from this AI virtual assistant tool.

We’ve shown you what it can do, how it works, what the main features have to offer, how much it costs, and so much more. All you have to do now is decide if you want to use Quickchat or not.

If you’re worried that talking to a robot will do the opposite of improving customer satisfaction, don’t worry. These chatbots are great for providing quick and easy answers, but they are trained to pass over to a human agent as soon as they can’t find the answer. This means your customers will never be left frustrated!

Frequently asked questions

Who developed Quickchat?

Quickchat was developed by Dominik Posmyk. Posmyk co-founded Quickchat with Piotr Grudzien.

When was Quickchat founded?

Quickchat was founded in 2020. To date, the company responsible for Quickchat is still based in San Francisco, California.