InferKit AI Review 2024: Exploring Details, Pricing, and Use Cases



Are you a novelist who’s stared at a blank page for longer than you’d like to admit? Have you ever been stuck on where to take your story next?

InferKit is an AI text generator that might be the help you’re looking for. It’s designed to analyze text and generate new text based on that data. So, in a nutshell, it’s a tool that can finish your sentences for you.

Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence, there are a host of AI writing tools and AI writing assistants on the market – some intended for website content, others for marketing copy. And more. 

But InferKit sets itself apart in a big way. It’s more inventive and creative, so its AI-generated words can be surprising, thought-provoking, or just plain fun.

So InferKit is a unique and interesting AI tool worth looking at. 

And that’s what we’re going to do right here. We review everything InferKit has to offer below and look at several AI use cases for how InferKit can benefit and empower users.

InferKit homepage in blue and white.


What is InferKit?

InferKit is an AI text generator with a web application and API designed for storywriters and developers.

Using deep learning algorithms and natural language processing, InferKit can analyze and generate text using various parameters. It can also integrate into other software applications as an API.

InferKit was created by Adam Daniel King and was previously called Talk to Transformer.

InferKit review

InferKit is free to use on its website, so you can jump right in now and get a feel of what InferKit has to offer.

There are limitations, though (which shouldn’t come as a surprise), and paid plans for users who want to use InferKit without those limitations.

But since you’re here, why not understand more about InferKit and how it works before you start using it? Let’s take a look at four key areas:

  1. The best features of InferKit

  2. The quality of AI text generation

  3. What the InferKit free demo offers 

  4. InferKit plans and pricing

For all the features, user benefits, pros, and cons, find everything you need to know about InferKit below.

The main features of InferKit

InferKit is an AI text generator that offers a user-friendly interface for writers and an API for developers.


Let’s get straight to it with the best features InferKit has to offer:

  • Short and long AI text generation

  • Inputs of up to 3000 characters 

  • Customizable parameters for AI-generating text

  • Developer prompts for AI-generating text

  • A user-friendly website application

  • An API for integration with other software apps

InferKit is both a website app and an API. So, on one hand, it’s a user-friendly AI text generator for writers looking for writing assistance.

On the other hand, it’s a tool that can be fine-tuned by developers to custom-generate text, with the ability to integrate into other software applications.

Either way, InferKit offers writers and developers a number of parameter settings and prompts to modify the text InferKit generates.

For developers, coding prompts can be simple or complex. But for other users who aren’t familiar with code, the parameters include:

  • Length: How many characters you want to generate 

  • Words to include: Keywords or “guidance” for what you want the AI to generate or include

  • Start at beginning and Pause at end: Whether the AI should start from the beginning and stop at the end of a closing sentence

  • Nucleus sampling top p: How “random” or “relevant” you want the AI-generated text to be

  • Sampling temperature: How “creative” you want the AI-generated text to be

The bulk of these parameters are sliders, so the InferKit web interface is user-friendly and quick to use. 

You can also utilize it in two ways: either type a short description or question and check “Start at beginning” to generate text from scratch, or type an opening sentence and hit “Generate Text” for InferKit to take it from there. Then, you’ll have your text generation done in just a few seconds.

How good is InferKit at generating text?

An example of passable fictional content generated by InferKit after typing in two opening sentences.


We demoed InferKit, and the results it generated made it clear: InferKit is a tool primarily designed for storytelling, with similarities to NovelAI.

So it’s not the best for research or generating factual information.

Instead, InferKit is a collaborative AI story generator that generates ideas and fun descriptions, ideal for novelists, short story writers, scriptwriters, screenwriters, poets, and so on.

And there’s nothing wrong with that; InferKit can essentially be a solution to writer’s block by leading the storytelling process and inspiring workable ideas for things like social media posts.

That said, expect randomness.

InferKit will invent and digress depending on your description or opening sentence, and this can be a good or bad thing – you’ll either find an inspiring idea in the generated text or find yourself trying again.

Despite that, text generated by InferKit is customizable and editable. You can adjust the sidebar parameters to make the output less “random” and “creative”, as well as “guide” the AI by editing and rewriting the generated text or adding/changing the words you want it to include. 

Overall, InferKit is an AI-powered storytelling assistant that can help and benefit creative writers who often experience writer’s block.

It can take the lead with narrative direction as well as generate eye-opening ideas that writers may never have thought of.

What InferKit offers free users

InferKit’s web app interface. It’s simple to use and allows free users to generate up to 10,000 characters per week.


InferKit is free to use on its website (the AI text generator web application – the API is not free). Freebies are always great, but the free demo doesn’t come without limitations.

And the main limitation here is 10,000 weekly characters.

What’s important to know is the 10,000 weekly character limitation applies to generated text, not inputted text.

So any opening sentences, rewrites, or edits that you type in are not counted in the weekly free characters. What’s counted is anything the AI generates every time you click “Generate Text”.

The length of the generated text is adjustable (from 100 to 1000 characters), and this can be a helpful feature if you want to monitor your free usage.

Checking the “Pause at end” checkbox can also help you reduce the number of characters used when generating text.

As mentioned, though, InferKit generates “random” content that’s intended to be creative and fun.

So you might find yourself regenerating more than once until the AI writes an idea or description you want to use, which can quickly use up the free 10,000 weekly characters.

InferKit plans and pricing

InferKit has two subscription plans: 600,000 characters per month for $20/mo and 2,500,000 characters per month for $60/mo.


Are you enjoying the free demo of InferKit, or do you just want to know how much InferKit costs? InferKit offers two simple user plan subscriptions.

The plans are simple, too, tiered on character usage and not app features, priority, user support, and so on.

  • InferKit Basic: 600,000 characters per month 

  • InferKit Premium: 2,500,000 characters per month

InferKit Basic costs $20 per month and lets you purchase 10,000 extra characters for $0.28.

InferKit Premium costs $60 per month and lets you purchase 10,000 extra characters for $0.12.

So both InferKit plans give you full app access and the option to purchase 10,000 more characters (as many times as you want) if you run out.

Purchasing 10,000 extra characters is cheaper on the Premium plan, however.

Choosing a paid plan ultimately boils down to how many characters you’ll generate each month.

The InferKit free demo is especially useful in this case, as it can help you gauge how many characters you might need before subscribing to a plan.

InferKit AI use cases

Artificial intelligence is already serving a range of useful purposes at home and in the workplace – and the technology is only set to improve as natural language processing tasks become more and more common.

For that reason, looking at AI tools and how their artificial intelligence capabilities can be leveraged is a great way to understand the benefits of artificial intelligence and also prepare for the future of AI.

So if you’re interested in InferKit, here are some of the best use cases for how this AI text generator can be utilized now and in the future to create content.

How InferKit's web interface works for text generation.


Assisting storytellers

Writing fiction isn’t easy. And, in some cases, even short stories can take years.

From deciding character actions to creating compelling plot progressions, writer’s block can strike anytime and more than once – so writers often need all the help they can get. 

But thanks to InferKit’s ability to generate story-driven text, this AI tool can be an immense help for writers who often get stuck on their stories.

InferKit can both lead the writing process and also serve as a source of plot and character inspiration, resulting in high-quality content. 

Integrating AI text generation 

In addition to being a web app, InferKit is an API created for developers. It can be integrated into other software applications, which will enhance the capabilities and functions of those apps in the process.

Developers can also use coding prompts to generate text with InferKit, helping them to fine-tune how InferKit operates and what it generates for them.


InferKit generates fun, random, and sometimes nonsensical text – but this might be all a novelist or script writer needs to beat writer’s block.

The InferKit web interface is quick and easy to use, and it even gives users 10,000 characters of free AI-generated text per week.

Plus, with coding prompts and an API, this text-generation tool can also be a powerful AI generator for developers, offering greater functionality than many other AI writing tools.

All in all, InferKit might not be the best AI tool for website or marketing content. But it’s definitely worth trying if you’re a story writer or AI app developer. Or both.

InferKit has both a user-friendly UI and developer-friendly API.


Frequently asked questions 

What is InferKit used for?

InferKit is an AI text generator and API that can generate large amounts of text and integrate it into other software applications and has a user-friendly interface.

It’s used by novelists who want writing assistance to overcome writer’s block, as well as developers who want more control over AI-powered text generation.

Can you use InferKit for free?

You can use InferKit for free on the InferKit website. Free users can use the InferKit web application to generate up to 10,000 characters per week for content or creative writing purposes.

InferKit also offers monthly subscription plans for users who want to generate more characters.