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Hypefury Review: The Ultimate Twitter Tool To Automate Your Twitter Growth

Author: Daniel Coombes

The Hypefury logo is bold black text with a blue bird on the left.

It is undeniable that social media has become a quintessential part of the business landscape. In fact, it is estimated that an unbelievable 30.57 million businesses use social media to promote their brand and interact with their target audience. 

While social media is inarguably an incredible means of marketing, it is also a time-consuming process. Unbelievably 86% of small business owners spend six hours or more managing their social media platforms instead of running their businesses. 

Thankfully, Hupefury, an up-and-coming SAAS startup (software as a service), is designed to ease the burden of social media with an endless array of sophisticated AI functions that will streamline your workflow. Come with us as we take a look at the numerous features this incredible technology offers in this handy step-by-step guide. 

How to use Hypefury with your social media account 

To start using this remarkable tool to reinvigorate your social media presence, simply log into your Twitter account through the website and fill out the form. 

The intitial form that users are required to fill out when registering with Hypefury.

You are then asked to create your first tweet using the app by choosing from a pre-generated selection of content celebrating your registration to Hypefury. 

Select your first tweet celebrating your registration to Hypefury.

Once registration is complete, you will be greeted with the tweet composer, which has a combination of basic and more unique features, including: 

  • Set a tweet as an evergreen post 
  • Manage the categories associated with posts
  • Add a thread finisher to your tweet
  • Post the tweet on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • Automatically retweet this post after a certain amount of time
  • Create delay between tweets
  • Generate a random inspiring quote 
  • Insert a poll for your audience
  • Search Tenor for that perfect GIF
  • Upload media including: video, images, and audio
  • Insert an emoji from an extensive library
The basic tweet composer that has numerous tools to create the perfect post.

The Tweet Booster is a brilliant feature that is designed to increase audience engagement as it automatically retweets your content. You are able to control this retweet function by adjusting the following settings:

  • Delay: Determine how long after the original tweet Hypefury will post the retweet. 
  • Likes or retweets: Have a certain amount of likes or retweets on the original post before the Tweet Booster is activated.
The booster settings that allow you to configure when the app retweets your post.

Another remarkable tool in the Hypefury arsenal is the Auto-Retweet which allows users to clean their account daily by deleting retweets. To activate this function, simply toggle it on and let the virtual cleaning crew do the rest. 

The auto-unretwetter screen that lets you toggle on and off this function.

Auto Plugs are a surefire means to improve your marketing efforts and engagement on Twitter. Users can set a follow-up tweet to be activated when a particular post reaches certain criteria. These tweets can come in a multitude of forms but commonly will feature a call to action that will encourage your audience to take a specific action. 

There are many different settings that can be altered to customize the auto plug, including:

  • Autoblog text: In this text box, users can enter the body of the tweet that will be activated once the designated threshold is met. 
  • % of tweets to auto plug: This is the percentage of tweets that the auto plug will be applied to.
  • Only post after: Determine the number of likes or retweets that activate the auto plug. 
A GIF that showcases how easy it is to add plugs to your tweets.

The inspiration panel acts as an incredible muse that is sure to spark your creativity when the dreaded writer’s block hits. It offers a vast array of examples of high-performing tweets from the very best content creators. These tweets cover a diverse range of categories, including:

  • My best tweets
  • Templates
  • Marketing 
  • Unpopular opinions
  • Fitness
  • Family 
  • Writing 
  • Entrepreneurship 
The inspiration panel showcasing numerous high-performing tweets.

Hypefury also offers countless post-scheduling tools that allow you to plan your social media content plan effectively. The ‘Queue’ section also enables individuals to view and edit their entire schedule. Individuals can schedule tweets with ease by simply clicking on an available slot and composing a post.

The Queue displaying a detail schedule of your content plan.

The ‘Recurrent posts’ section provides a calendar where users can schedule a post in a particular category to repeat weekly. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure that your different categories have enough tweets within them. 
  2. Select the desired category for your recurring tweet.
  3. Choose a day and time for tweets from these categories to be posted.
The recurrent post section lets you pick a category of tweets that will be posted weekly.

The engagement builder is an absolutely incredible tool that allows you to boost engagement with the most influential users seamlessly. Hypefury builds a custom feed consisting of tweets from your ‘watched users’ and ‘search terms’. 

The engagement screen lets users easily respond to influencers and high-performing tweets.

To create a custom feed, users must head to the ‘engagement builder settings’ to either add Twitter usernames, existing Twitter lists, or relevant search terms. 

Once these settings are defined, users can efficiently respond to tweets from influencers using the keyboard shortcuts, as seen in the screenshot below. 

A screenshot showing the numeroius keyboard shortcuts that make responding to tweets so efficent.

Do you want to keep track of how successful your Twitter marketing campaign is? Hypefury provides a sophisticated ‘Analytics’ tab that provides numerous crucial metrics in an easy-to-understand format, including:

  • Engagement per tweet
  • Engagement rate
  • Impressions
  • Tweets Volume
  • Tweets Breakdown 
  • Followers Volume
  • Followers Daily Growth
The analytic section that allows users to see many different metrics about their Twitter account.

Hypefury lets individuals craft a curated list of evergreen content that can be retweeted during quiet periods or to gain more exposure.


 There are three methods to set a post as evergreen: 

  1. When composing a new tweet, click the star icon in the bottom panel. 
  2. Hit the ‘pick some evergreen tweets’ to search your tweet history.
  3. Head to the ‘history’ section of the app and click the star icon. 
The evergreen section that allows individuals to select evergreen content that will be used to fill in empty slots.

The final feature of note is the Auto DM which is a Premium pricing plan exclusive function. It allows users to automatically respond to engagement via a predefined direct message.

To set an Auto DM, head to the ‘advanced settings’ tab when composing a new tweet and toggle it on. 

This will reveal the Auto DM settings, which include:

  • Choosing whether a DM is sent after a reply or retweet is received.
  • If the ‘reply’ option is selected a keyword can also be used to trigger the DM.
  • Write the content of the direct message in the text box. 
The Auto DM section allows users to instantly respond to engagement.

The team at Hypefury also recommend the following tips and information: 

  • This function is only active for one week after the content is published. 
  • DMs are sent in batches every 20 minutes, meaning that no direct messages will be sent during the first 20 minutes. 
  • Twitter has a DM limit of 500 per day, which will apply to this function. 


Hypefury connects to a few crucial platforms that further expand the capabilities of this wonderful app. Check out the table below to see a selection of the key integrations currently available. 

FacebookInstantly share or schedule content to your Facebook page.
Instagram Enables individuals to create an Insta-shot of their tweets.Auto share content to your Instagram profile.Create an Instagram Carousel 
OnlyFansAllows users to post their content from Onlyfans to Twitter automatically
LinkedInShare your most popular tweets to your LinkedIn profile.Post LinkedIn exclusive posts.
Gumroad SaleCreate sales posts on Twitter.Check your monthly sales. 
The Gumroad sale integration being used to create a sale.

Hypefury pricing 

There are countless tools that are available within the free plan to boost your social media marketing efforts. However, Hypefury also offers two distinct paid plans that offer many exclusive features to grow and maintain your Twitter audience.

Payment plan Features
Free plan1 connected Twitter account1 total connected accountViral tweets from 14 niches Viral thread hooksTweet templates1000+ example questions Schedule unlimited tweets and threadsLive chat support
Standard planEverything from Free plan3 connected Twitter accounts12 Total Connected AccountsSchedule RepliesSchedule your own retweetsAutomatic reposting of your best tweetsAutomatically posts Tweets to InstagramAuto plugs No Auto DM’sPremium email support
Premium planEverything from Standard plan6 connected Twitter accounts30 total connected accountsAuto DM’s Automatically post Tweets to LinkedInAutomatic thread to LinkedIn carouselsSchedule retweets of other people’s accountsRun Gumroad sales on auto-pilotPremium growth communityWeekend customer support

Test out this remarkable tool now by signing up for the 14-day free trial of either plan by simply connecting your Twitter account. During this time, explore the countless features and innovations to decide whether or not this automation tool is the ideal solution for your company. 

It is important to note that after this trial period is over, you will be downgraded back down to the Free plan and still have access to all the features at this level. 

Alternatives to Hypefury 

While we fully believe that Hypefury is the ultimate social media management tool, we would be amiss not to mention some worthy alternatives to streamline your workflow. 

  1. TweetHunter
  2. FeedHive
  3. Typefully 
  4. Zlappo
  5. Buffer
  6. Hootsuite
  7. TweetDeck
  8. Publer
  9. Loomly 
  10. Zoho Social
The Buffer website that claims to 'grow your audience on social and beyond'.

Hypefury conveniently has produced a handy table that compares the different automation tools, which can be seen in the screenshot below. 

A long table that compares Hypefury to its main competitors.

Hypefury: a one-trick pony?

Whether you are a small business or a mega-corporation, we firmly believe that Hypefury offers an incredible array of tools to manage your social media presence on Twitter. 

However, the major drawback to this tool is its undeniable Twitter centricity. With many news sources claiming the ‘fall of Twitter’ is upon us, will there be a need for a management solution tool for a dying platform? 

It does seem that businesses are now using other platforms to reach their audience, and this app simply does not cater to these channels. We believe that for Hypefury to continue to grow, it must become an all-in-one social media management tool that looks toward automating Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

For more information about how artificial intelligence tools are redefining the social media space, keep an eye on the Top Apps blog

A bar graph that shows that Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms for businesses.

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