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BLOOM AI Review: A Guide to Large Language Models

Author: Lianne Jones

BLOOM: What Is It, Review, And AI Use Cases

The dramatic growth of the AI industry in recent months has led to more and more people taking up an interest in what AI technology has to offer.

However, as brilliant as AI technology is, it can be hard to make sense of if you’ve never used it before.

If you want to learn how to get into Artificial Intelligence and unlock your full potential using it, you’ve come to the right place!

Top Apps specializes in AI technology and today we’re going to be reviewing one of the most talked about AI systems the industry currently has to offer. That system is BLOOM.

BLOOM AI is a revolutionary AI that can help with a huge range of different tasks while making you smarter in the process. In this post, you’ll find an in-depth review of BLOOM that tells you everything you need to know.

Let’s dive straight in!

What is BLOOM?

It only makes sense to start with a description of what BLOOM is.

BLOOM is the largest open multilingual language model in the world.

BLOOM was created in 2021 by more than 1,000 volunteer AI researchers in a wider project called BigScience.

BLOOM stands for BigScience Large Open-science Multilingual Language.

The primary aim of the team behind BLOOM, which was headed up by Hugging Face, was to create a free large language model that everyone can use, unlike other models that are paid for.

To date, BLOOM is trained on approximately 366 billion tokens and features more than 176 billion parameters.

BLOOM review

Now you know what BLOOM is, it’s time for us to take a closer look at what it can do, and why it has such a large impact on the AI industry.

To review BLOOM, we’re going to look at several key areas.

The key areas we’ll look at in this review are:

1. What BLOOM can do
2. Why it’s so important
3. The main features
4. Ease of use
5. How to access BLOOM
6. BLOOM pricing

What can BLOOM do?

The BLOOM dashboard on From here, users can access BLOOM for free.


If we’re being totally honest, BLOOM can be a lot for AI beginners to get their heads around. However, we’re going to explain the AI as simply as we can.

As we mentioned above, BLOOM is the world’s largest open-source multilingual language model, using deep learning algorithms and machine learning. With its 176 billion parameters, BLOOM is capable of generating text in 46 natural languages and 13 different programming languages.

In other words, large language models like BLOOM can be used to generate code, translate languages, and write essays.

We can use BLOOM to complete daily tasks, solve problems, answer questions, and learn more about AI technology. It is generally seen as competition for the likes of Open AI GPT-3.

Why is BLOOM important?

BLOOM has been deemed one of the most important AI models in the history of Artificial Intelligence.

While some AI tools are designed to solve simple tasks, BLOOM is solving real-world problems with AI.

One of the main reasons why BLOOM is so important is that it features groundbreaking technology that will revolutionize Natural Language Processing. This AI’s openness is also making a deep impact on the AI industry.

Instead of paying to use similar AI tools, everyone can access BLOOM for free on multiple devices.

On top of that, BLOOM is also very important because it is the result of the largest collaboration of researchers ever.

BLOOM also has the potential for massive growth because researchers continue to play around and develop the model further.

The main features

The BLOOM text generation feature. This feature allows users to generate content, ask questions, and solve problems.


In terms of features, BLOOM has a lot to offer its users. For starters, it is a great tool to use if you want to experiment with AI. In fact, while it may have a lot of professional uses, you can use it as a fun AI app too.

For example, you could use BLOOM to generate jokes or write comedy.

While BLOOM has many different features, the best would have to be the Text Generation feature. You can see this feature in the image above.

This feature is the main feature you will use if you decide to use BLOOM. Using text prompts, you can effortlessly generate content, ask BLOOM questions, and solve any problems you might have. But this is only a fraction of its capabilities.

Other popular BLOOM features include:

  • Casting tasks

  • Write-ups

  • Translation

  • Semantic search

  • Training metrics

  • Community discussion board

  • Free download

Together, these features have made this language model a force to be reckoned with. Users can complete most daily tasks using BLOOM without breaking a sweat or spending any money.

How easy is BLOOM to use?

An example of how the BLOOM Text Generation feature works. Users can ask questions, write content, and complete daily tasks using this feature.


If you want to use the most basic features BLOOM has to offer, you’ll have no problems. Creating an account that lets you access the Text Generation tool is incredibly easy, and you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.

Admittedly, beginners will probably struggle to make the most of the more advanced tools but they shouldn’t have a problem producing content or asking questions.

The interface is fairly easy to use and there are plenty of useful tools to help.

For example, the community discussion board and training guides make it a lot easier for us to learn how to use the platform.

In the image above, you can see a quick example of how to use the Text Generation feature.

All we did was ask BLOOM when the dinosaurs became extinct. Within a matter of seconds of hitting Compute, BLOOM came back to us with a reliable answer because of its vast training data.

As far as training and downloading BLOOM goes, we would only recommend more experienced AI enthusiasts doing so. Things start to get complicated with coding etc, so you might prefer to stick to the basic features for now.

How do you access BLOOM?

The Hugging Face website. Here, users can find and use BLOOM. All they have to do is create an account first.


If you’ve searched for BLOOM, you’ll find that it isn’t available on one single platform. Instead, it is available on a couple of platforms and as a free download.

The best and quickest way to access BLOOM in our opinion is to access it via the Hugging Face website. On Hugging Face, BLOOM is being hosted as a data model.

Via Hugging Face, users can access everything they need to use BLOOM, as well as the community and training guides.

If you are more experienced with AI technology, you could download, run, and study BLOOM on your own. Running it locally allows you to investigate the behavior and performance of the AI.

BLOOM pricing

Arguably the best thing about BLOOM is its pricing, or should we say lack of it. Unlike similar AI platforms, BLOOM is completely free to use by any individual or organization that agrees to the system’s Responsible AI License.

This has helped make BLOOM even more popular as it makes it:

  • Affordable

  • Accessible to everyone

  • Free to experiment with

  • A great entry into the world of AI

  • A better option than paid platforms.

The only time you have to pay anything to use BLOOM is if you want to use it on a cloud provider. In this instance, BLOOM costs less than $40/hr.

BLOOM AI use cases

BLOOM is an excellent tool that can be used to generate text, translate information, write content, and answer questions.

To finish this review, we’re going to show you some AI use cases concerning the different ways people in the industry are using BLOOM.

The AI uses cases we’ve got for you are:

1. Online content creation
2. Experimentation
3. Q&As


Online content creation

One of the most obvious uses for BLOOM is as an online content creation tool. Users can use the Text Generation feature to write content that can be used on a blog, advertise a business, review a product, and so on.


Because it’s free to use, BLOOM is a great tool beginners can use to learn the ropes and try AI tech for the first time.

Users can freely use the different tools to come to terms with how AI works and what it can do. Educators can also use BLOOM to educate students about the power of AI.


Finally, BLOOM can also be used to answer any questions people might have.

We can ask BLOOM to answer any questions we have, solve our problems, and even write up potential answers to questions we’re struggling to explain to others.

Final thoughts

That concludes our review of BLOOM. Now that you’ve made your way through this review, you should have a good understanding of what BLOOM is, what it can do, how easy it is to use, and so on.

Now you know what to expect, you should visit Hugging Face and test BLOOM out for yourself. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed with what you find.

Frequently asked questions

Can BLOOM be used commercially?

Yes, BLOOM can be used commercially via an ML app. However, you will have to comply with the license.

When was BLOOM released?

BLOOM was finally released in the spring of 2021. It was released after approximately a year of testing and years of research and development.

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