Beautiful AI Review 2024: Can AI Create Stunning Presentations?

We have all been at the mercy of an employee or lecturer presenting tediously boring slides to an unengaged audience. But why are we constantly faced with these dull and drab presentations? 

It would seem there is an overreliance on outdated presentation software, with more than 89% of the population still turning towards Microsoft Powerpoint as their go-to presentation tool. Unfortunately, a study has shown that this results in 4 out of 5 business professionals tuning out the speaker. 

Thankfully,, an incredible presentation maker that combines artificial intelligence with great design and functionality, is set to grab the attention of employees everywhere. Come with us as we take a look at how this wonderful tool is an absolute game changer guaranteed to create great presentations every single time for your startup. 

Beautiful AI features

So, what can an AI presentation tool offer? Well, Beautiful AI boasts many features that make it an intuitive tool and a bit of an all-rounder, so we’re going to take a closer look at a few particular features that we think make it great.

A template for everything

Unlike other presentation software, you are not limited by the number of templates with Beautiful AI. They offer hundreds and hundreds of slide templates and visual documents so you can build an entire presentation.

All of these are conveniently located within a library. Here, you can search using keywords or ideas so you can find the perfect slide deck for your team.

This is a fantastic feature for productivity. Rather than staring at a blank page trying to think about how to populate it or make it suit your branding, you can be inspired by the endless options and fantastic templates.


How frustrating is it when you have a stunning presentation ready to go but then after adding an image or a bit more text, the formatting crumbles? At worst, it can set you back a few hours, and at best it can make you frustrated and angry.

This is why Brilliant AI has created an autoformatting feature that adapts the content you add to the design in real time. This intuitive design means that nothing will stop your flow. Instead, even after adding photos, tables, text, and any other element you can think of, you’ll still have a great presentation with amazing slides.

On brand designs

The presentation templates are just the start of Beautiful AI’s designs. You can personalize them as much as you want. However, if you think one template is just right for you and your business, then every element you can add will be on brand.

This means you can create professional-looking presentations every time. Once you sign up, you will have access to thousands of images and icons that you can use to create beautiful presentations that reflect your brand.

How to use presentation software

Once registered, you will be greeted with a form that asks a few questions for the tool to get to know you and create a more personalized experience.

A survey that Beautiful AI generates to get to know new users.

You will then be prompted to go on a two-minute tour of the many features of this wonderful application. We highly recommend taking this whirlwind tour as it explains the many differences between this tool and more standardized alternatives. 

A pop up that asks users if they want a two-minute tour of the different features of

When creating presentations, users are offered four distinct options: 

  1. Blank presentation
  2. Starter templates
  3. Import PPT
  4. Designer Bot AI 

When clicking ‘blank presentation,’ users are provided with a selection of different preset themes or can alternatively create their own customized alternative. 

A screenshot of the screen that allows users to create a customized themes.

Once this section is complete, individuals are then greeted with the basic presentation editor. It allows you to use the following tools: 

  • Add images from an extensive library of stock photos 
  • Change the background color of each slide
  • Control the layout and formatting of every slide
  • Insert text boxes into the presentation using multiple customizable fonts
  • Add animations to your elements
  • Import both video and audio files into your presentation
  • Control when the next slide will be activated
  • View the presentation from the current slide or from the start
A screenshot of the basic presentation editor featuring numerous tools.

One of the key features of this remarkable tool is that the design AI can perform automatic resizing and formatting to streamline your workflow. 

A GIF that showcases how the design AI can auto-format and resize content.

Another method of creating a new presentation is to select a Smart Slide template from the extensive library. You can choose from the following categories: 

  • Startups
  • Presentation makeovers 
  • Marketing 
  • Business
  • Sales
  • Creative
  • HR
  • Training 
A small selection of the different smart templates avaliable to users.

From our time with the app, we found a template for almost every conceivable use case; however, it is important to remember that these pre-made presentations are entirely customizable using the provided editing tools.

The most ambitious feature of this website is inarguably the generative AI, named Designer Bot, that can create presentations using prompts. To use this remarkable tool, simply describe your presentation in detail in the designated text box. 

The DesignerBot screen asking users to write a prompt for a presentation.

Once you click ‘generate presentation’, you will be asked to select a pre-existing theme or design your own. Your presentation will then be generated for you in real-time; check out our results for the above prompt here

The opening slide of the generated presentation.

Unfortunately, the generated presentation in this instance was severely lacking. Despite the prompt asking to generate a pitch for a ‘mobile app that sells train tickets called ‘Ticket To Ride’’ the first few slides described the incredibly popular board game of the same name. 

A slide of the presentation that talks about the popular board game 'Ticket to Ride' instead of the mobile app.

The presentation does eventually start to address the prompt; however, it often generates completely fabricated statistics and information. While these can be customized to reflect true data, it does show the limitations of the software in fact-checking information. 

A graph that shows fabricated statistics about a fictional business.

We also noticed examples of repeated imagery and random filler slides, which really took us out of the immersion of the presentation. 

A filler slide that has numerous random words, such as: reviews, opinions, comments, star rating, and testimonials.

The concluding slide really does speak volumes about the quality of this generated presentation and the limitations of the technology. While does admit that the artificial intelligence is still ‘learning and evolving’ and will ‘generate odd, incorrect, or incomplete results’ our findings have found this feature almost unusable. 

The concluding slide that again starts to refer to the board game 'Ticket to Ride'.

The final method to create a new presentation is to use the ‘import PPT’ function, which allows users to import, edit and enhance existing Powerpoint presentations using this wonderful tool. Simply select the file, and will upload your document retaining the themes, fonts, and formatting. 

The 'import PTT' function that allows users to import Powerpoint presentations.


This remarkable technology can easily be integrated with other tools in your arsenal; check out the table below to see what these incredible integrations provide. 



This tool is also fantastic value for money, offering four distinct pricing plans that can be viewed in the table below. 


It is also important to note that this tool allows users to pay a one-off fee of $45 to have all the available features of Pro for a single month. 

The monthly pricing plan that allows users to spend $45 to access the Pro features for a single month.

Other alternatives

While we truly believe that is a fantastic alternative to traditional presentation creators, there are countless other tools available that could appeal more to your needs. Here is a list of eight additional presentation tools that are sure to bring your slides to life.

  1. Prezi 
  2. Canva Magic Presentation
  3. Presentations AI
  4. Sendsteps AI
  5. Tome AI
  6. Google Slides AI
  7. Decktopus AI
  8. DeckRobot
The Decktopus webpage that asks you who is your audience for this presentation.

Present your best self 

After using the tool extensively, we see as a flawed masterpiece that offers countless benefits to users yet needs further refinement to flourish truly. If you want to create impactful stunning presentations, it’ll need a fair bit of human editing!

If you are on the fence about whether could help you produce stunning presentations, then try out the 14-day free trial now to test out the many different features. To access this trial, you must register both an email address and a debit or credit card, allowing you to use all the benefits of a Pro account. Remember to cancel your membership before the end of the period to avoid further charges. 

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