Top 3 Best AI Tattoo Generators: Your Personal Tattoo Designer

A lot of people go through their life wishing they had tattoos but never find the design that pushed them to take the leap.

If you relate to this, you have come to the right place; forget scrolling for hours on Pinterest because artificial intelligence (AI) is the key to your next tattoo idea.

Here are our favorite AI tattoo generators that will use your prompts to produce unique, eye-catching designs that you will love for years to come.

Top 3 tattoo generators

Before you begin planning your next tattoo design, try an AI tattoo generator first. From powerful symbols and captivating animals to unique designs that perfectly match your style, an AI tattoo generator is a fantastic alternative to a personal tattoo artist.

1. TattoosAI

If you are stumped on what Tattoo you want next, then TattoosAI can definitely help you out. On their user-friendly website, they have separate pages dedicated to flash tattoo ideas, styles, and other designs shared by the TattoosAI community.

Screenshot from the website showing collections of tattoo designs from the community.

These resources are great for getting the creative juices flowing and offer inspiration from niche words like ‘hat’ and ‘middle’. So, whatever vague idea you have or none at all, TattoosAI will quickly create a tattoo and a fully-fledged design.

TattoosAI became so popular that they had to cancel their free trial feature for now but still provide the first 8 tattoos for free. If you love what they do and are eager to design your own tattoo or book another tattoo appointment, there are various pricing plans you can sign up for, as seen below.

Trial: Free7-Day Pass: $9.9930-Day Pass: $24.99

2. Tattoo Jenny

Created by TattooJenny Labs, this generative artificial intelligence is aimed at tattoo artists instead of clients. It promises to be the solution to scrapping ‘boring’ ideas and giving people creative inspiration. 

On the homepage, there is a list of what the AI model can do and what it can’t, as it is still in development and has limitations.

It says it can:

  • Generate ideas.
  • Produce customized tattoo designs
  • Focus on one or two keywords.
  • Recognize articles such as “a” or “the”. 

However, what it can’t do is this:

  • Generate tattoos with writing.
  • Sex-related designs.
  • Characters from pop culture.

As far as website usability goes, Tattoo Jenny isn’t as sleek as TattoosAI, and when we requested a custom tattoo, the ideas were all quite similar. 

Our prompt was ‘Big ship on a rough sea. The sails are on fire.’ The tattoo style was to be in black and white. Here is what Tattoo Jenny whipped up for us.

6 images of a ship on rough waters, the sails are on fire. Every design is in black and white and have an american traditional style.

To get more varied, unique ideas, the ‘advanced’ mode could likely produce better results but costs two credits each time it is used. This is the form of currency used by Tattoo Jenny, and to get more, you must pay $8.33 for 60, which is a pretty good deal. 

You can also upgrade your account if you plan on using the service long-term. The developers state that they use cloud GPUs for Tattoo Jenny to generate ideas quickly, which costs upwards of $100 a day to run. This is why they introduced their pricing plans below.

Light Tier:60 credits per month1 credit per 6 tattoos$8.33Premium Tier:200 credits per month1 credit per 6 tattoos$24.99Professional Tier:2,500 credits per month1 credit per 6 tattoos$249.99

3. BlackInk AI

BlackInk AI promises that your tattoo will be 100% unique and will be kept completely private (for pro subscribers) unless you state otherwise.

On the website, you have access to over 100,000 unique flash tattoos to browse, which are all created by the BlackInk AI community. You can filter through these designs by style, and for specific results, enter words into the search bar.

From watercolor dogs to black and white skulls, whatever you’re thinking, BlackInk AI is there to make it happen. 

It’s quick and easy to sign up and try the generator for free. Similar to the other websites on this list, credits are used to exchange for tattoos. You are given 5 when you first sign up for free, which gets you 20 tattoos. 

We gave BlackInk AI a try and found it only took a couple of clicks for tattoos to appear. Our idea was for a black and white dragon, and this is what was provided.

4 Dragons tattoo designs are shown as per the prompt.

Ok, pretty cool, but we were curious to try out the ‘remix’ feature to expand on our favorite design. We chose the bottom right one for this experiment, and this is what happened.

4 Dragons tattoo designs are shown as per the prompt. They are all very similar due to the remix but with slight changes.

As you can see, it maintained the overall movement and style of the tattoo but tweaked small elements. This is useful for those who are struggling to make their design unique.

Having the ability to try out the service for free is great for understanding what you are getting into before spending any money. If you like what you see, here is what BlackInk AI charges.

Free:5 creditsaccess to the style and tattoo ideas directoryOne-Time credits:$5 for 100 creditspay as you go creditsaccess to the style and tattoo ideas directoryPro unlimited Subscription$15 per monthCreate unlimited tattoo designsCustomer support Keep designs foreverSVG export for minimalist style

Are you inspired?

An AI tattoo generator can help people in lots of ways. You get first-hand access to communities that share what they have created, as well as collections of different styles and themes to kickstart your vision.

You may have to pay for a subscription or to get a batch of credits, but if it puts that creativity block to an end and you acquire a custom tattoo, then we say it’s definitely worth it, especially if you enjoy the results for the rest of your life.

So, why not explore all the different tattoo styles that an AI tattoo generator can design and then get booking!

Have you been inspired for your next tattoo? To discover more of what AI can do, tune into our Top Apps blog to stay updated with new technologies.