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How to Use an AI Script Generator: The Complete Guide

Author: Christina Muir

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Coming up with unique, engaging content is key to making your voice stand out, but creativity can become a real task when you’re up against deadlines and harsh competition.  

But what if there was a way to generate a script all with the click of a button? Not just any cookie-cutter script, though, one that feels like it came straight from your own wonderful, creative brain. 

Come with us as we look into artificial intelligence script generators, including how they work, their applications in the real world, and some of our favorites you should check out. 

How do AI script generators work?

An AI script generator, also called an AI script writer, uses advanced computer algorithms to generate writing. This technique comes under natural language generation (NLG), a subset of natural language processing (NLP).

How does NLG work?


These algorithms are trained on many existing scripts and other text sources to understand the structures and patterns typically found in various written content.

When you provide an AI script generator with a prompt, it uses what it has learned through datasets of knowledge to generate new content within your parameters, such as length, keywords, and tone of voice.

The power of this technology lies in its ability to learn and improve over time. As it is exposed to more scripts and data, it enhances its understanding of different writing styles and genres. 

How to use an AI script generator

Scripts aren’t just for movies; we use scripts almost everywhere in the digital age; YouTube videos, emails, and podcasts are just some areas where scripts are needed, and fast!

Here is where AI script generators are making themselves most useful. 

Customer service

Business owners are all too familiar with the feeling of being flooded with emails and messages from customers, shareholders, and other sources. AI is already taking over sales, so why not customer service, too?

Going through this correspondence takes a lot of time, and with this repetitiveness, it’s easy for important conversations to go unnoticed. Implementing an AI-generated script or several helps cover all that’s needed while maintaining a personalized touch and brand tone of voice. It’s so much easier when you don’t have to write scripts yourself or pay an expert a hefty consulting fee to do it for you.

The level of integration will differ, with some sitting in a communication app waiting to spring into action, whereas others need to be copied over. Either way, the process is much easier than manually replying and lets busy people get on with the important stuff. AI script generators can save your staff countless hours that can be repurposed to something less repetitive.

YouTube videos

Being a YouTuber is no longer something to scoff at; you can create video content you are passionate about and make millions. However, it’s easy for the followers’ demand to build up; before you know it, you promised three videos every week. 

Sounds impossible, right? 

Well, not when you use an AI script generator tool. By having your own scriptwriter, you no longer have to battle writer’s block or tight deadlines. Creating compelling video scripts has truly never been easier.

Using the popular video script generator called Veed.


AI video script generators will ensure your YouTube video content is unique, true to your style, and engaging. All you have to do is supply the prompts and topics you want it to touch on, and the rest is in the hands of AI technology. You’ll end up with a YouTube video script automatically (well, in seconds), saving you time and giving your brain a little break from creating content yourself.


If TikTok is your social media of choice, but you can’t seem to say everything you want in just a minute, AI-generated video scripts will help you. 

The creators behind TikTok announced on LinkedIn their own script generator that generates a ‘hook, body, and call-to-action in mere seconds.’ 

TikTok gif showing how to use the script generator.


You just have to input information about your brand, like what you’re selling, item descriptions, and relevant keywords, and voila, numerous high-quality scripts are ready. 

Even though it is incredibly useful for those stuck in the brainstorming phase, TikTok has said they don’t recommend users rely solely on their video script generators. So, while the technology can help you with script details, it shouldn’t replace your own input and voice.


It may sound ambitious, but an AI script writer can also be used for podcasts, especially those that cover subjects like murder mysteries, historical events, or news updates. You should stick to conventional story writing for podcasts that focus on more personal areas and are composed of personal anecdotes. An AI script writer is not yet able to match the human voice and experience to that extent.

However, using AI-generated content can give you a huge head start in organizing your layout and tone of voice. It’s always a good idea to get stuck in and twist the script templates so your podcast can stand out and tick every box.

The best AI script generators

You’ve probably heard of AI writing tools like ChatGPT but put that aside because these tools really know how to tell a story while paying close attention to your prompts. Whether you want an AI video script generator or the perfect speeches for your marketing campaigns, there’ll be an app for you.

Here are some of the best to help you with your content creation, whatever it may be.


Copywriting has never been so easy! With a few prompts, delivers tailored and engaging scripts for videos, marketing copy, and social media posts instantly.  

Whether you need a professional and polished tone for a business presentation or a fun and lively vibe for a social media campaign, knows exactly how to get it done. Head over to our blog post to hear our point of view on this tool in more detail.

It’s very user-friendly and only requires a few steps to get started. 

  • Project: Start by saying what your writing is for, e.g., email, blog, etc. 
  • Context: Then, provide context depending on your project in just a few sentences of yourself, your brand, or your products. 
  • Results: Finally, you can sort through the AI content generated for you and pick the one you like best. From there, you can tweak it as much or as little as you want.

You can try it out for free without needing a credit card to see if you like it. If you fall in love with your new AI tool, you can upgrade to a plan with more words and features. Here are their current pricing plans: pricing plans


2. Writecream

Writecream made our list because it’s kind enough to offer free AI tools, including a product description, podcast script, and short story generator. Best of all, you can experiment with these tools all through their website; you just have to sign up for an account. 

You can even use Writecream to generate a bio for your dating profile! 

Regarding pricing plans, Writecream has a free option that provides access to 10 free credits per month, which is great to get started but is also quite limited for those who frequently need story ideas or generate scripts. If you want to upgrade, there are other options for you, as seen below:

Writecream pricing


3. Jasper

Jasper is all about the tone of voice. They take your input seriously and will do whatever possible to maintain your brand’s unique style and make it even better. 

From sonnets to emails to social media captions, Jasper is used by over 100,000 companies to beat writer’s block and speed up workflow for everything from personal essays to video scripts to creative writing. 

One of Jasper’s major strengths is its ability to integrate into almost any application you want when it comes to content creation, including Shopify, WordPress, and Amazon.

To see how and Jasper compare, check out our in-depth comparison.

You can try Jasper for free, but we think it won’t take long for you to fall in love. Here are the pricing plans and the features they include:

Jasper pricing plans


Fade to black…

It’s common to run out of things to say or feel when what you manage to get down is not conveying what it should.

Your message is important, whether for an Instagram post of your dog or a product description for ground-breaking technology; let AI script generators take the wheel as you navigate the terrain of the digital landscape.

They are affordable, user-friendly, and can slip into almost any application you can think of. If you don’t gel with the video script generator, writers, or other AI tools mentioned here, many others might suit you better. 

The best AI script writer is the one that works best for you!

Did you know that AI could be so creative? To find out other ways that AI could make your content creation process easier, check out the best technology on Top Apps.

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