Published on: May 15, 2023  Updated on: January 24, 2024

Top 10 AI Affiliate Marketing Tools: The Essentials for Business

Author: Alex Tyndall

Affiliate marketing is a great way for people to make some money with their blogs, by encouraging readers to buy certain products or services offered by third parties. But it’s not always easy to slip a product promotion into your content naturally or authentically, and sometimes you just may not have enough time to give your affiliate the time they deserve. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help with that. 

By using templates, different marketing campaigns, and various forms of automation, AI can help you make the most of your time as an affiliate marketing business without detracting from your existing content. 

Want to know how? Well, let’s take a look at 9 super AI tools you can use to get the best results with affiliate marketing. 

How does affiliate marketing work?

The process is almost deceptively simple. Here’s how it’s all broken down:

  1. In an affiliate program, Person A (someone with an audience, such as a YouTuber, influencer, or blogger) will be contacted by Person B, who acts as a representative for a business – either their own company, or a larger organization such as Amazon.   
  2. Person A will be asked to lead their audience towards person B’s goods and services, usually incorporating a discount code into the offer, such as “Get 20% off your order with code PersonA”. Alternatively, Person A will be provided with a specialized link that will show how many people were directed to Person B. 
  3. For every person that visits Person B’s website through the link Person A provided, or if they use the discount code at the checkout, Person A will receive a commission. 

The fantastic thing about affiliate marketing campaigns is that anyone can do it. With such a wide range of products available online, it means that, whatever you write about, it will appeal to someone’s business venture. 

For example, if you create content about video games (which makes up a large percentage of content on YouTube), then the game you are talking about could offer discounts for your audience as a thanks for the increased exposure they receive from you. 

In some cases, if you are provided with a special link, then any sale for any product made through your link within a 24 hour period will earn you a commission. 

Content creation

To create an affiliate program, the content creation process is key. This is usually where you focus your marketing efforts. Whether it’s:

  • Video content (YouTube videos, social media video content)
  • Writing (to create blog posts)
  • Email marketing

This is why many of our tools for affiliate marketing help people generate content. This can include AI writing tools, video editing software, or more general AI marketing tools that claim to do it all!

9 amazing affiliate marketing tools

So, now that we know a bit more about what an affiliate program is, let’s have a look at some of the best AI affiliate marketing tools and sites you can use to drive those sales. 

1. Synthesia

Synthesia is a great tool for anyone who may not feel comfortable in front of a camera, or those looking to expand into a new medium. Through the power of AI, you can create fully edited, professional quality videos in no time at all. 

With Synthesia, you can:

  • Translate your content into over 120 languages
  • Choose from over 125 different avatars and models
  • Create your own avatar and clone your voice to use alongside it 
  • Use a variety of templates to suit a variety of needs and purposes 

As an affiliate marketer, you can use Synthesia to make high-quality videos for social media platforms, which can work alongside any existing blog you may have, or as an easy substitute in place of your regular recorded content. Simply import your script into the program, and watch your pieces come to life with their text-to-speech and video software.

Screenshot of a Synthesia avatar next to two columns of video templates


In terms of pricing options, you are given two choices, Personal and Enterprise. The Enterprise option is versatile and customizable, granting you access to everything on offer. However, you can still get all the things you need with the Personal package for just $30 a month. This includes:

  • 10 minutes of video per month
  • Up to 10 scenes per video
  • Access to 90+ stock avatars in all available languages and voices
  • An AI script assistant with auto-generated captions
  • Music and MP4 downloads
  • Live chat support with Synthesia staff 
  • A variety of add-ons which make your package more customizable 

2. Jasper AI

Jasper is a long-standing contender in the content marketing race thanks to their fantastic application of AI technology and helpful writing assistants. If you’re someone who struggles with keeping consistent branding and tone of voice when trying to work your affiliate magic, then Jasper is here to help.

Jasper.AI: Never lose your voice. Tone of voice defines the conversation about your brand. Whether you speak boldly, cheekily, formally, or only in internet speak, Jasper learns from your brand to help you stay consistent, wherever you create


Their AI algorithm learns as you use it, allowing you to never stray too far from your original intention – perfect for maintaining that note of authenticity that’s essential in marketing. 

Jasper has multiple payment plans, but their Creator package, perfect for freelancers, marketers, and entrepreneurs, comes out to $39/month with their yearly plan. For this price, you can get:

  • Everything available in the free trial
  • Unlimited AI word generation
  • Multiple AI models
  • Over 50 templates 
  • 50 “memories”, which is how Jasper keeps track of your products, audiences, and general business information
  • Editing and plagiarism checker
  • AI art generator to help create any thumbnails or illustrations e.g. for Facebook ads 

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is an essential AI writing tool for anyone involved in content creation. It saves a lot of time when it comes to editing your work, which makes sure you can consistently carry on producing professional, flawless pieces of copy.

It is compatible with nearly every writing software you can think of, making it perfect for integrations with email marketing, social media posts, and long-form writing. 

Use Grammarly with emails, messages, documents, and more


What’s more, it provides edit suggestions in real-time and can detect when your sentences are getting too long. Grammarly’s natural language processing (NLP):

  • Analyzes the sentiment of your writing
  • Allows you to rephrase sections for clarity
  • Makes sure you don’t sound too artificial and keeps your readers engaged

Best of all? There is a completely free plan that you can use forever. But if you are looking to invest a little into this tool, then here’s what you can expect. 

Premium – $12/moBusiness – $15/moPlagiarism detection Additional team features on top of everything Premium has to offerTone suggestions Brand tones Word and sentence varietyAnalytics dashboardAdvice on fluency Account roles and permissions; helps with assigning roles within a larger marketing team

4. Copy.AI

This AI powered copywriting tool promises great things for anyone looking to boost their conversion rates or reach a wider audience online – a helping hand for any affiliate marketer, big or small. 

The hardest part of blog writing can be getting started. Not to worry: Copy.AI has you covered. You can whip up a first draft almost instantly using your post’s title and keyword. That certainly lives up to their promise that the tool will help you write 10x faster. 

When the bulk of the writing is taken care of, all you have to do is edit and polish. This will allow you to generate high-quality content that is in tune with your branding in no time at all.

Additionally, Copy.AI offers a fantastic affiliate program where you can earn a commission rate of 45% for the first year of a user’s subscription. 

You can sign up for free, or go pro for $36/mo. 

Free: 2000 words per monthPro - $36/mo - unlimited words


5. Surfer SEO 

Surfer is another iconic digital marketing tool for content creators, and one that will prove invaluable if you want to get ahead in terms of search engine optimization. This is essential for building organic traffic and developing a wider outreach. 

Navigating the world of SEO can be a tricky task for beginners, but Surfer acts as an AI writing assistant, makes it easy. 

  • Keyword research: planning is an essential part of the writing process. You need to know that what you write will reach your target audience, so having a thorough view of all the keywords available for you to write about and include will be a huge asset.
  • Connect and integrate: with Surfer, you can connect your SEO research to WordPress, Jasper, Google Docs, or SEMrush.
  • Audit your work: Surfer’s auditing system lets you see how well your posts are doing in terms of keyword usage, content structure, and meta-data. This all helps build a more successful affiliate marketing campaign, by optimizing your content for search engines so you can be sure that you’re maximizing your capabilities. 

But a great selection of highly recommended services comes with a relatively steep price tag. Nonetheless, it’s well worth the investment, affiliate marketers will see a quick return as you realize just how much you’ve been missing out on within your content.  


6. ManyChat

There’s more to affiliate marketing efforts than advertising an item on your blog or in your video. You need to be open to reception, and there needs to be a way for you to make those brand connections in the first place.

If you want to see click-through-rates (CTR) 130% higher than the industry average, then listen up. ManyChat is an AI chatbot that can help you do just that.

For affiliate marketers who may be frequently involved in giveaways on social media posts, it can be a hassle trying to reply to everyone. ManyChat automates this process and provides you with a way to keep your target audience engaged and happy. 

You can map out interactions with flow charts to help direct the conversation without the need to code anything. This makes the process for influencers and audiences alike simple and easy to navigate. Any FAQs can be answered immediately, which is a huge benefit when you’re dealing with not only a large audience, but also a global one, as no one feels left out or ignored.

A conversation flowchart to help get the most out of your affiliate experience

This AI software is compatible with Meta products such as Instagram direct messages and Facebook Messenger. The pricing options vary depending on the expected outreach you have. For example:

  • Engaging with 100 contacts = Free, or $15/month with the pro package
  • 1000 = Free, or $25/mo pro
  • 10,000 = $65/mo pro
  • 100,000 = $435/mo pro
  • 1,000,000 = $4035/mo pro

So the pricing definitely has the option to get quite expensive, but you can be assured of exceptional service and the promise of many recurring commissions as a result. 

7. Frase

Frase is another useful tool to help you stay SEO optimized within your content creation process, and they also offer their own affiliate program where you can make up to 40% commission when you refer 40 people. Seems like a win-win situation. They offer:

  • Quick content brief generation. No one likes spending hours planning what to write. Luckily, Frase is there to generate a list of promising SEO topics and keywords that you can act on and write about. 
  • AI content writing. With the “Write for me” command, you can autocomplete sentences – perfect for if you’ve got writer’s block!
  • Competitive text editor. You can see what your main competitors are doing and how they rank compared to your work. 
  • Keyword identification and forecasting. Keep on top of up-and-coming trends with keyword clusters and identification so you never feel left behind. 

You can get started with them on a 5-day trial for just $1, before upgrading to a more comprehensive package. 

Solo - $14.99Basic - $49.99Team - $114.99


8. Referral-AI

Another often overlooked part of affiliate marketing is the networking aspect. After all, the world of e-commerce is built on making connections, both with other businesses and with your customers. 

Referral-AI does the legwork for you and generates referrals directed towards like-minded people in your industry. This is an excellent marketing strategy for anyone looking to become an affiliate marketer, since you’ll need to grab the attention of brands you wish to work with. You can’t always assume that they will come looking for you. Outreach is a two-way street, and you increase your chances of bagging that deal if you use AI to make the first move. 

Referral-AI’s machine learning algorithms can develop the most effective pipeline to get you where you want to be, opening up a world of better connections that you can use to grow your brand. 


9. embodies everything a writer wants to be. It’s time to work smarter, not harder, and one way to do that is through effective use of AI content creation. 

Emails have built somewhat of a reputation as being one of two things: boring, or too much. You don’t want to send or receive something that falls into either of those categories, but striking a balance can be difficult, especially if you’re sending out hundreds of emails every day. specializes in cold emails, which is an unsolicited email sent in the hopes of attracting potential customers or business partners. Sometimes it’s necessary, especially if you’re struggling to bring in organic traffic through SEO and keywords. 

But this super tool goes the extra mile by always doing its research before anything leaves your drafts folder. Here’s how it works:

  1. Once you’ve got a prospect in mind, Smartwriter will analyze their website, social media content, or LinkedIn page to find any relevant information it can use to generate a personalized email
  2. In just a few clicks, it’ll create a punch subject line you can use to snatch the attention of your recipient
  3. Using the information from earlier, the AI will help you develop a personalized, catchy email that will pitch your product and ideas succinctly, without coming across as creepy or pushy
Smartwriter demonstration for an email value proposition


There are three payment plans available, but for affiliate marketers who may be working by themselves, the simplest plan works perfectly well to get the job done. For $49/mo, it includes:

  • Up to 15 personalized lines per lead
  • Full access to all AI tools, including the AI email generator
  • 400 Leads 
  • Unlimited projects
  • A plethora of personalizations, including Instagram comments, cold emails, LinkedIn outreaches, and Google reviews

10. Voluum

Voluum is a fantastic tool for affiliate marketing business. Its use of AI means its traffic distribution feature can eliminate the risk of your affiliate program.

This app analyzes your landing page performance in real time, so you can stop constantly checking the results of your A/B testing and readjusting your strategy.

Voluum will identify where the majority of your conversions are coming from and redirect visitors to that page, increasing your overall conversion rate automatically, with absolutely no intervention. You can simply switch this automation on and off next to any of your campaigns.

Voluum also offers plenty of other features that can help your affiliate program become a success:

  • Track: This tool makes tracking just about every aspect of your campaign simple and easy. From tracking your ad metrics and impressions to tracking the different types of conversions on your customer journey. You can also track where your visitors are coming from, so you can update your campaign based on successful leads. To top it off, the mobile app lets you monitor all of this 24/7 from wherever you may be!
  • Optimize: The key to a successful affiliate program is continuous optimization. However, this is time consuming and expensive. Voluum makes this process more efficient with real-time reporting, data grouping for actionable insights, A/B split testing, and an error log so you can keep tabs on your site and be proactive in resolving issues.
  • Automate: Ad campaigns and affiliate marketing take constant analyzing to be successful, but you don’t have to do it all! Voluum aims to automate almost everything you need. From bot filtering to API acces, you can be fully integrated.


So, how much will all of this cost you? Let’s just say it’s not a drop in the ocean. Investing in Voluum is a big decision, and will depend on the type of business you are. It can be a great choice for mid-sized startups and established businesses, but smaller organizations may struggle to fork out the high monthly cost.

It has seven different pricing plans which are the following:

  • Profit: $199/month
  • Scale: $349/month
  • Start-up: $599/month
  • Agency: $999/month
  • Enterprise: $1999/month
  • Corporate: $4999/month
  • Executive: $9999/month

Below, you can see a full breakdown of each pricing plan.


Summing up

So is AI transforming affiliate marketing? We think so. Getting into affiliate marketing can seem like a pretty intense or daunting process if you don’t know what you’re doing. Fortunately, AI is always here to help. And there are still so many other useful tools and services that are available, such as ChatGPT from OpenAI, which you can use to generate chunks of text if you’re ever stuck on what to write.

With a selection of free plans available, it’s easy to mix and match services until you’ve found an efficient system that works best for you. Whether you’re more comfortable in front of a camera or behind a blog screen, you never need to worry about coming up with a successful affiliate marketing strategy ever again. Just sit back, relax, and let AI do the heavy lifting. 

Are you interested in affiliate marketing? Has AI ever helped your online campaigns before? If you’re waiting for that golden opportunity, check out our blog for all the latest resources and information in the vast field of AI tech!

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