What Is Copy.ai?

Writing compelling copy isn’t always easy. We all have those days when we can’t seem to find the right words as deadlines draw near. AI writing software has become popular for this reason. And if you’re a copywriter who’s new to Copy.ai, it’s a tool worth looking at. So What Is Copy.ai?

Copy.ai is a writing tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate copy for a range of channels. For copywriters who need quick, high-quality copy, it’s an AI content generator that makes copywriting easier. Like all AI writing tools, it has its pros and cons.

We’ll weigh these up in this guide and provide a full overview of its features, ease of use, and price tiers.

The key features of Copy.ai

Copy.ai generates marketing copy using AI. This is what separates it from other types of AI writing software, as it’s designed to generate content that’s professional, engaging, and persuasive – content that sells. With that comes several key features of Copy.ai:

  • Templates for a range of content types
  • Tones of voice
  • SEO tools
  • Over 25 languages
  • Content sharing for collaboration

Essentially, it’s an AI copywriting assistant that can generate quick, SEO-friendly copy for different copywriting purposes and audiences. It can be used as a tool for both kick-starting the creative process and generating workable, long-form content.

The content Copy.ai can cenerate

Copy that Copy.ai can generate. Includes blog content, digital ad copy, eCommerce copy, sales copy, social media content, and website copy.

Marketing copy is written differently to general web content and Copy.ai is designed to understand this – something copywriters can appreciate. The menu offers a list of copywriting templates to help copywriters get started, so it’s also ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Copy.ai can write for various content types that include:

  • website copy
  • blogs
  • digital ads
  • social media captions
  • sales copy
  • emails

It’s versatile, as a result, fit for copywriters across a range of industries. Copy.ai is powered by GPT-3. It’s the latest OpenAI natural language processing (NLP) model, which uses algorithms to generate high-quality text sourced from a large knowledge database.

Put simply, it can generate useful informational content based on input prompts.

Who can benefit from using Copy.ai?

Among many other AI tools for businesses, Copy AI can benefit copywriters, e-commerce sellers, SEO agencies, social media managers, and affiliate marketers.

Copywriting is effective for selling products, generating brand awareness, improving SEO, and increasing website traffic, so there are several ways it can be utilized by most users with an online platform. Putting content aside, Copy.ai can also streamline the writing process.

Copywriters who want extra help can use it to generate ideas, choose effective writing tones, and create full-content outlines. In short, it can save time, effectively improving workflow.

User-friendliness – is Copy.ai easy to use?

Prompts you can use to generate product copy with Copy.ai and a sample of generated content in the text editor.

Thankfully, one selling point of Copy.ai is its user-friendly interface. It’s styled off of other popular AI writing tools, so if you’ve used one before, you should feel right at home. Still, even for first-time users, the interface is easy enough to navigate.

Getting started with Copy.ai is as simple as creating a new project and typing in a prompt, or selecting one of the content type templates from the left-hand menu. The text editor itself is basic, but this is where content writers can focus on what matters.

The toolbar makes it easy to format and structure content, and the built-in tools Copy.ai offers, such as choosing a tone, can fine-tune copy for any purpose.

Copy.ai pricing – is Copy.ai free?

All three pricing tiers for Copy.ai, including Copy AI Free, Copy AI Pro, and Copy AI Enterprise.

Copy.ai offers three user tiers – and yes, one of them is free. That said, the free version of Copy.ai comes with some limitations, which shouldn’t surprise you. The three user tiers are:

  • Copy.ai Free
  • Copy.ai Pro
  • Copy.ai Enterprise

At a glance, Copy.ai Free offers unlimited projects and access to more than 90 copywriting tools, including the popular Blog Wizard tool. The big limitation here, though, is that free users can only generate 2,000 words per month. Copy.ai Pro does away with this limitation.

It also provides users priority email support, access to new Copy.ai features, and generatable content in over 29 languages. Copy.ai Enterprise pulls out the big guns for businesses and high-demand copywriters.

It gives you your own library and company infobase, essentially streamlining large-scale content creation by automating workflows. Needless to say, it’s the most expensive.

The advantages of using Copy.ai

So let’s take a look at the benefits of Copy.ai summarized. The benefits of Copy.ai:

  1. Copy.ai is geared towards copywriters – unlike general AI writing tools
  2. Copy.ai has copy templates for website content, blogs, social media posts, digital ads, and more
  3. Copy.ai can generate content in various tones of voice tailored for engaging specific audiences
  4. Copy.ai is user-friendly, offering a straightforward welcome menu and text editor
  5. Copy.ai is free to use – sign up only, no credit card is required

The disadvantages of using Copy.ai

No AI writing tool is without its disadvantages – Copy.ai included. So if you’re planning on using Copy.ai, here’s where it can fall short. The drawbacks of Copy.ai:

  1. Copy.ai can generate incorrect content
  2. Copy.ai can generate off-topic content – especially for niche topics
  3. Copy.ai limits free users to 2,000 words per month, which won’t be enough for most copywriters and content creators


All in all, Copy.ai shares a lot with AI writing tools: it can generate well-written information from a pool of topics and outline SEO-ready content for most creative processes.

Where it stands out, though, is how it generates workable copy tailored for copywriters and businesses, bringing unique features to the table that include ready-to-go copy templates and an attractive choice of writing tones.

It’s free to use, finally, so it’s worth trying. But due to the free limitations—namely the 2,000 words monthly limit—copywriters will likely find themselves eyeing up the Pro version.

Frequently asked questions

Is AI copywriting worth it?

AI copywriting can be worth it for copywriters who need extra help writing copy and managing deadlines. It’s a tool that can save time, improve workflow, and help the creative process.

Will Copy.ai replace copywriters?

Copy.ai can generate copywriting content tailored for a range of industries. Despite that, AI can’t replace the authenticity or creativity of human-generated content. It’s simply a tool that can help copywriters.