Complete WellSaid Labs Guide: Essential Voice-Over Technology

Your video may have a great script, but when it is limited to text, it can go over a lot of people’s heads. But, hiring voice talent is very expensive and time-consuming, so using artificial intelligence (AI) to bring your words to life with natural-sounding human voices seems like a no-brainer. 

WellSaid Labs is waiting for you to see the potential it will unlock in your content. Keep reading to find out more about this innovative text-to-speech AI technology, how it is used, and our experience with it.

What is WellSaid Labs?

Based in Seattle, WellSaid Labs has quickly become a trusted name in the artificial intelligence industry, particularly in the text-to-speech market. Over the 4 years since being founded by CEO Matt Hocking, WellSaid Labs has captured the attention of content creators, businesses, and curious individuals who want to transform text into natural-sounding speech. 


WellSaid Labs use advanced speech synthesis, synthetic voices, and deep learning technology to make engaging and expressive voiceovers that can be used for many different things, including: 

  • Advertisements
  • Narrations
  • Podcasts 

Common uses of WellSaid Labs

One of the great things about WellSaid Labs is its versatility. Whether you’re a content creator looking to add narration to your videos, a teacher in need of accessible e-learning materials, or a brand aiming to engage customers through audio content, WellSaid Labs can do it all. 

Video production

One of the greatest gifts that WellSaid Labs gives to its users is the efficient and customizable solution for incorporating high-quality voiceovers into videos. 

  • Video voiceovers: This text-to-speech software provides an easy solution for adding professional, high-quality voiceovers to videos of any topic. Whether it’s educational videos, product demos, or promotional content, the overall impact is enhanced with human voices. 
  • Customizable voice avatars: WellSaid Labs allows users to customize voice avatars, providing flexibility and individuality when selecting the right voice for video content. Users can choose from a range of voice options, including different accents, tones, and genders. 




WellSaid Labs and other TTS technology have made big waves and is estimated to be worth $23.5 billion by 2031. E-learning is one of the many areas in which this technology can be used. 

  • Voiceovers: WellSaid Labs allows teachers to add voiceovers to their e-learning courses. Converting text-based content into spoken words creates a more engaging and immersive learning environment. Course narration helps students follow along more effectively, grasp complex subjects, and retain information. 
  • Interactive scenarios: This AI technology can also be used to create interactive scenarios and simulations within e-learning modules. This enhances the realism and interactivity of the learning experience, making courses much more impactful. 
  • Audio feedback: WellSaid Labs enables instructors to provide audio feedback on assignments. Instead of providing written comments that can all blur together into one big mass, teachers can produce personalized audio feedback for clearer communication. It also allows students to go through their work and make corrections in real time as they listen to the feedback comments. 


WellSaid Labs offers valuable features that contribute to making content more accessible to individuals with various needs and disabilities. 

  • Multilingual: Since WellSaid Labs supports multiple languages, it makes for an excellent choice for e-learning platforms that cater to diverse audiences. It enables the creation of multilingual courses, allowing learners from different regions and language backgrounds to access educational content in their preferred language. 
  • Reading difficulties: Individuals with reading difficulties such as dyslexia or visual impairments often struggle with reading. WellSaid Labs offers an alternative by eliminating written content altogether and relying on speech instead. The information is much better understood and saves a lot of time, frustration, and roadblocks. 
  • Assistive technology integration: WellSaid Labs and other TTS software can be integrated with assistive technologies, apps, and screen readers). This ensures compatibility with existing accessibility tools and allows individuals who rely on such technologies to benefit from synthesized speech. 


Narration and audiobooks

WellSaid Labs revolutionizes the process of creating audiobooks. It provides authors, publishers, and content creators with a powerful tool for transforming written words into lifelike speech and audio clips. 

  • Consistent and reliable: Unlike human narrators, the synthesized voices provided by AI voice generators maintain a consistent tone, pacing, and pronunciation. This speech consistency maintains coherence throughout the entire audiobook. It is also more reliable than a human narrator as it doesn’t need vocal rest or rescheduling. 
  • Accurate pronunciation: Once you establish how a certain word should be pronounced, WellSaid Labs will continuously apply it throughout the whole session. This minimizes many mistakes and saves time having to go over and correct mispronunciations. 

Pros and cons of using WellSaid Labs

As with all technology platforms, there are pros and cons that you should be aware of before you commit to paying or fully integrating it into your workflow. Here are the pros and cons we found when trying this platform out for ourselves. 


  • High-quality voice synthesis: When we experimented with WellSaid Labs, the first thing we noticed was how realistic the voices sounded. This is because the software uses deep learning models such as neural networks to analyze and understand patterns in human speech. These models are trained on vast amounts of human voice recordings in order to capture the nuances of natural speech. The recordings that the synthetic media is based on are diverse and cover different accents, rhythms, and tones. 
  • Customizable voice avatars: We had a great time testing out all the different voice avatars and were surprised to see how they can be customized to give voiceovers for videos or narrations a unique sound. Tones, genders, and accents are all able to be changed to help reach target audiences and stand out from the crowd. This can help save money on expensive voice actors.


  • Cost and time efficiency: We understand thatcontent creation is a much faster process when you use WellSaid Labs instead of real human voice actors. However, even though it is leagues cheaper than hiring a voice actor, there are still many features that are hidden behind paywalls. But, when you pay for this service, it only takes minutes, and there is no need to spend money on recording equipment.
  • Easy to use – We found WellSaid Labs to be very easy to use. You don’t need any prior digital experience in text-to-speech software in order to use it, and navigating around the interface only takes a few minutes to learn. All you have to do is type or copy and paste a script into the text box, and it will convert it into speech right then and there. 


  • Limited emotional range: Even though this AI voice technology excels at generating natural-sounding human speech, we felt that it could not achieve the same amount of emotional range as the real thing. Having limited emotional range in voice synthesis can limit creative control and flexibility in storytelling. The voices sound very happy or neutral.
  • Constantly evolving technology: As with any machine learning and AI-driven technology nowadays, it evolves extremely quickly in just a few months. Because of this, it is important to stay updated with the latest advancements from WellSaid Labs to take full advantage of the capabilities and compatibility of the software.
  • Ethical concerns: Another common drawback of using AI is ethical concerns. Text-to-speech AI can potentially be misused to generate face audio content that appears to be real to those who hear it. This raised our concerns about voice impersonation and misinformation and how it can be used for identity theft, fraud, and deception. Another ethical concern is the fact that since AI is cheaper and more efficient than real people, it has a very real risk of job displacement. 


What’s the cost of WellSaid Labs?

WellSaid Labs offers several different pricing plans with various features. As an example of some of the paywalls in WellSaid Labs, we signed up for the free trial and were able to transform text into speech but could not download any of the results. To do so, the platform prompted us to upgrade. 


If you are unsure about fully committing to paying for WellSaid Labs, you can try out their free trial beforehand. See below for a full layout of the current pricing plans shown on

WellSaid Labs alternatives

If, for whatever reason WellSaid Labs doesn’t look like a good fit for your transcription needs, there are other advanced AI technologies available on the market that you can choose from instead. Here are two of the most popular alternatives. 


Lovo is a great alternative to WellSaid Labs. It has various tools to convert text into synthesized speech, such as Lovo Studio, Lovo API, and Voice Lab. This software also offers a unique voice cloning feature that allows you to choose from over 200 voices with access to over 30 different emotions. 

In terms of pricing, you can expect to pay a lot less for the most popular monthly plan compared to WellSaid Labs. However, they offer different features, so knowing whether you get the same value for your money or not is down to you. is known for its impressive accuracy in converting scripts into speech. By using advanced AI algorithms, it can deliver precise, reliable results in minutes which saves users lots of time and effort. It is great for beginners as it has a user-friendly interface and options that are easily customizable to truly make the voices sound exactly as desired. 

There are 4 different pricing plans you can choose from with, which are at a lower price point than WellSaid Labs.

Final thoughts

WellSaid Labs empowers businesses, startups, and individuals to transcend the boundaries of written words and ignite creativity. 

From the perspective of a user, this platform offers reliable, high-quality voices that enhance accessibility, reach new audiences, and save time and money. If you want your voice heard in the future of AI technology, unlock the potential of WellSaid Labs and sign up today. 

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