The 9 Top AI Marketing Companies to Kickstart Your Campaigns

AI (artificial intelligence) marketing has made huge progress in the last few years. In 2022, it was reported that the market value of AI in marketing across the world was around $20.82 billion – a number expected to more than triple by 2026.

The benefits of using AI technology in your marketing campaigns are numerous, and definitely something you’ll want to get on board with if you’re looking for a future in digital marketing. 

Today, we’ve compiled a list of 9 awesome AI marketing companies to give you insight into who does AI marketing best and who offers the greatest services to help you do the same. 

Ready? Let’s jump into it.

1. Albert AI

If you’re looking for a smart, intuitive way to boost your marketing prowess, Albert AI is here to help. The team, operating out of Israel and New York, offers an “unprecedented self-learning solution” that takes on data-driven tasks to help you work faster and produce better results. Let’s take a look at what they can offer.

  • Holistic analysis: Albert’s AI system is trained to make the best use of human-robot interaction possible. Not only does it act on areas where AI would be most effectively implemented, like pattern identification or keyword research, but it also knows when human intervention would work better, such as for creative or conceptual performances. 
  • Campaign construction: Albert can build entire marketing campaigns, including allocating budget, identifying audiences, and scheduling content. 
  • Optimization: Marketing is a constantly evolving process. There will always be times when you must change a few elements or completely reassess your approach. Albert can mitigate this process by optimizing your keywords and schedules and continuously testing the structure of your website. 
3 blue rectangles overlapping with writing in themHuman only activityHuman + machineMachine only


Albert only operates using tailored plans, making it versatile for any type of business. If you’d like to get in touch to find out how they can help you, contact them here

2. GumGum

If you want to get in contact with an AI marketing agency with prestige, then GumGum is the one for you. It only takes a quick look at their selection of case studies to see the type of people they work with. 

A list of 9 of gumgum's clients, includiing Mini, KFC, Jeep, Garmin, and Vodafone


But that’s not to say that smaller businesses can’t work with them – quite the opposite. 

GumGum works best at implementing ads – super for getting your name out there and playing in the big leagues. They use a contextual intelligence platform called Leverage Verity, forgoing the use of personal data to target ads, instead focusing on what works best in terms of: 

  • Capturing attention on a screen
  • The use of colors and text
  • Relevancy to the page the ad is on
2 images, one showing a news article with AI looking for keywords only. The other shows far more data being extracted with Verity content-level analysis


They’re leaders in advertising and definitely someone you want to have on your side! So, if you’re looking to boost your content marketing strategy through professional, sleek advertising, get in touch with them here

3. Quantcast

AI marketing company Quantcast’s tool, Ara, is at the heart of what they do. It focuses on three key areas:

  • Advanced audience analytics: Custom-built data analytics helps develop interactive, granular insights that provide way more data on customer information and metrics to do with your campaigns. 
  • Real-time predictive modeling: Machine learning algorithms take customers’ real-time data to better predict their intent. This also helps when presenting relevant advertisements. 
  • Autonomous campaign execution: Ara’s closed-loop system runs thousands of variables to ensure you’re performing at your best and that every ad impression is optimized. This gives you a much greater return on investment (ROI) and beats your campaign goals, on average, by 120%.
A star-shaped blue and white blob with text next to it.- Advanced audience analytics- Real-time predictive modeling- Autonomous campaign execution


With offices located worldwide, their teams are available to get back to you ASAP. Just click here to find out more!

4. IBM Watson

IBM (The International Business Machines Corporation) has recently announced the introduction of their latest AI creation, Watsonx, a deep-learning AI aimed to be ready by October 2023. 

A weird geometric, circular shape in light lilac colour


Watsonx breaks into three key components:

Each area aims to increase the use of AI across your business by keeping everything collected in one smart interface. You can build your own AI models, scale workloads, and manage your organization’s AI activities in your own way.’s no-code system means that it’s easy for people to input commands without having to be experts in IT. Once you set the parameters, Watson will operate within them to do as you ask. 

There’s a lot of potential in these tools, meaning you won’t have to go through marketing agencies to implement AI into your strategy. You can try out the Watson studio here for free and see how it can help your company progress. 

5. Salesforce

Salesforce is the number one customer relationship management (CRM) platform that leverages AI in market research to create the best experience possible for both your customers and your business.

Einstein GPT is the world’s first generative AI for CRM and is designed to deliver high-quality personalization, offer valuable customer insights, and build custom predictions. It’s applicable across all areas of a business: 

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Marketing
  • Commerce
  • Data
  • Automation
A list of everywhere Einstein is applicable in Salesforce


Their AI Cloud is highly secure, which safeguards all of your company’s data, as well as any information you may gather on clients and customers.

There’s so much of Salesforce to explore. They’re a long-standing competitor in the marketing game, first founded in 1999. Major companies frequently cite their research papers, so you can be sure you’re dealing with the best of the best. For more information on how Salesforce can help you, click here

6. Invoca

Phone sales can often seem like an outdated practice, but it’s still a very useful tool to use when it comes to e-commerce. It’s especially important when you need one-on-one connections with partners and brands you wish to connect with. 

Invoca taps into this niche and integrates with your website, collecting data on user sessions such as intent and click-stream. Unique phone numbers are presented to each visitor on your website. Invoca combines the digital data collected from the website with the conversational data taken over the phone if and when they call. This gives you a clear picture of your buyer’s journey and your campaign’s performance. 

A profile list showing everything that Invoca gathers data on


AI can take this information and assess what a caller wishes to discuss before your agents pick up the phone. This helps you get straight to the point to solve their problem or answer any questions in record time. 

In terms of pricing, there are three packages available – Pro, Enterprise, and Elite – but you need to contact their sales department to find out more about the costs. You can go here to find out more about what each package entails before you make that call!


Operating out of San Francisco,’s revenue intelligence solution aims to simplify and improve your sales pipeline with fantastic results. Already used by companies such as Zoom and Zendesk, is a go-to source for anyone looking to reimagine their GTM (go-to-market) motion.

Their emphasis is on genuine connections – that’s how you get sales. People don’t want to be confronted by emotionless robots, so even as you use AI, you have to make sure it’s personalized and persuasive. From the moment you enter their website, that thought sticks in your mind. It’s clear that they’re determined to give you the best user experience possible.

We'll share a personalized look at how can help you.- Sales-Marketing- RevOps- Customer Success

Their AI insights show when a deal may be going south, allowing you to take action before it’s too late. Everything is displayed in easy-to-navigate formats, meaning anyone can understand it, regardless of their level of knowledge. 

What’s more, they operate with dozens of partners and integrations, so whatever system you’re using, they’ll be able to tag along and adapt to it. Whether that’s Google, Adobe, Salesforce, Amazon, or Hubspot, they’ve got you covered.'s logo in the middle of a light blue screen with lots of social media applications linked around it


To find out more, contact them here for a demo. 

8. Appier

Appier has you covered from start to finish with a range of AI platforms to help you perfect your marketing strategy, whether you’re a startup or a well-established brand. 

  • CrossX: Predicts which users will have the longest lifetime with your brand and keeps them engaged.
  • AIXPERT: Runs your ads automatically and helps optimize your campaign operation.
  • AiDeal: Predicts consumer behavior and thought processes to encourage hesitant shoppers and drive more conversions.
  • AIQUA: Personalizes your content to keep consumers interested and interacts with them one-on-one.
  • BotBonnie: A messaging system with multichannel chats that helps answer any customer complaints quickly and efficiently, no matter the time.
  • AIXON: Optimizes your performance with pre-trained AI-predicted keywords and customer data for better SEO ranking and user engagement.
  • Woopra: Presents buyer personas and 1st party data of customers to help segment your audience and target them accordingly, which predicts outcomes better.
Smoother operations. Elevated customer experience. Better performance. [Pictures of people smiling at their phones on bright background to the right]


Their collection of AI content is definitely impressive and offers support to your customers no matter what stage of the sales pipeline they’re at. To find out more, you can schedule a free consultation here.

9. Conversica

Conversica manages customer interactions without a sales representative, making it ideal for smaller businesses that may be unable to hire more staff. They promise 100% engagement with customers thanks to their Revenue Digital Assistants and fantastic application of natural language processing (NLP), including GPT.  

Conversica uses generative AI to deliver authentic web exchanges, collecting insights to continue offline. A scripted experience that forces visitors down a path turning them off and shutting down any continued conversations [is bad. There is a brown X next to this]34% of contacts can't find answers to simple questions to they turn to a chat bot. But 87% of users are dissatisfied with the scripted chatbots


Their slogan is ‘Powerfully Human’, meaning you’ll never feel like AI is taking over when it comes to customer interactions. Rather, it’s there to make your life easier. Using digital assistants in customer service means that you can be available 24/7, not hindered by time zones or conventional working hours. 

As well as a wealth of industry knowledge through their blogs, books, and webinars, they also offer:

  • Marketing assistants
  • Sales assistants
  • Customer success assistants

You can request a personal demo here to see if it’s the right tool for you.

What are the benefits of AI marketing companies?

So, in case it wasn’t totally apparent, let’s have a quick overview of the benefits you can hope to receive by using an AI marketing company’s services. 

Predictive analytics:

Whether you’ve had a customer following for a long time or just getting started, predictive analytics can help you at any stage in your business’s life. 

Based on historical data, AI services can predict customer behavior and present potential outcomes. This way, you can stay on top of anticipating your customers’ needs, identify any potential trends, and have valuable insight into demand forecasts. This can help you to:

  • Optimize your marketing efforts
  • Allocate resources efficiently
  • Make data-driven decisions 

Enhanced data analysis: 

It’s borderline impossible to analyze large datasets with just a team of humans. There’s just too much information to sift through. 

By using advanced machine learning algorithms, it’s far easier to streamline this process and work your way through big data sets quickly and efficiently. AI can take this data from multiple sources, including:

  • Customer demographics
  • Customer behavior
  • Product preferences and successes
  • Target audience’s interaction with marketing campaigns

This analysis helps identify valuable insights and patterns that can inform your overall marketing strategies and improve your targeted customer engagement.

Personalized marketing campaigns: 

Another benefit that AI grants is the ability to automate personalized marketing campaigns. While this may sound a bit contradictory, all it means is that AI algorithms can analyze buyer profiles to make the best decisions when it comes to advertising products to them. 

Rather than working your way through hundreds or thousands of customers, trying to analyze each of their interests personally, AI marketing companies can use their systems to deliver relevant marketing messages to individuals. These can be operated via your website or through email marketing, which is an immensely useful component in your digital marketing strategy. 

Research has found personalization increased conversion rates and sales by up to 20% – definitely something to consider. 

Improved customer experience: 

By using chatbots you can improve your customer experience by always having someone to answer questions. This is huge for increasing satisfaction rates and reducing the response times from only having a human support team. What’s more, translation bots can help you connect with people all over the world. 

Then, you can use virtual assistants who can guide customers through your sales funnel. This means providing personalized assistance and recommendations, which makes your customer feel valued and special. 

Efficient marketing automation: 

One of the most frustrating parts about online marketing – or any marketing in general – is the repetitive, boring tasks that always seem to take forever to complete. Fortunately, AI is here to help with that, too. You can use AI models to help take care of your:

  • Data analysis
  • The initial aspects of content creation, such as brainstorming ideas
  • Email campaigns
  • Sentiment analysis on social media

This leaves you with much more time to focus on the things that matter most, like your strategic initiatives, the fundamentals of your creativity and product design, and building meaningful customer relations. 

Final thoughts

The world of marketing is a tough one. Never has there been more competition, either online or in person. So you need all the help you can get. 

Leveraging AI can satisfy your customers, boost your search engine rankings, make your marketing efforts successdul, and dramatically improve your workflow. What’s not to love? No matter the size of your business, consider checking out some of these companies to see if their AI products can help you reach greater heights than ever before!

Want to know more about how AI can help your business? Stay in touch and check out our list of AI applications at Top Apps!