The Very Best AI Management Tools For Real-World Business Problems

AI technology is no longer confined to the world of robotics and computer science. The use of ai can be seen in nearly every sector, including:  

  • Financial services 
  • Healthcare
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Information technology
  • Banking

Chief stakeholders in companies across the globe see this emerging technology as an important means to revolutionize project management by improving decision-making, increasing productivity, and encouraging better performance. 

With over 70% of corporations experiencing at least one project failure per year, we can understand the demand for this technology. However, only 23% of businesses currently utilize ai in their project management strategies, but a further 38% of companies feel ready for the implementation of this new tech. 

Read this blog to stay ahead of the curve as we take a look at the best providers of AI project management tools that are designed to improve data management, provide decision support, and optimize workflows.

Top 3 artificial management tools

There are countless AI project management software on the market, but we have selected our choice of the three best apps available. Come with us as we take a peek at the must-use AI features of these fantastic tools.

1. Wrike 

Wrike wants to revolutionize project management by streamlining time-consuming business processes with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Wrike homepage that states that the tool is 'introducing a new era' by incorporating ai.


The incredible AI model can prioritize and reorder your workflow in real-time to reflect the current project goals. The machine learning model assesses the importance of a task by analyzing the following criteria: 

  • Due date
  • Task status
  • Prioritization
  • Number of edits and comments
The ai algorithm recommending specific tasks to prioritize for the current project.

Shockingly, 62% of employees spend between 1 to 6 hours a day on work that is unimportant to their role. Wrike’s automated optimization of your workflow removes needless decision making allowing your team to focus on the tasks that truly matte

A bar chart that reveals that 62% of employees spend between 1 to 6 hours on tasks that are not important to their role.

Wrike’s AI technology also acts as a fantastic risk management system which identifies potential risk factors throughout a project’s lifecycle. The software uses a sophisticated AI algorithm that uses deep learning to examine the following data sets:

  • The amount of completed and overdue tasks
  • Number of assigned team members
  • Current task activity 
  • The status of the owner’s former projects
  • Project complexity which is determined by the number of tasks, subtasks, subfolders, and subprojects

Once these factors are analyzed, the AI will categorize the project into either red (high risk), amber (medium risk), or green (low risk). The tool will then offer one to three summaries of key risks for each project, allowing you to take constructive action immediately. 

A project progress bar that shows the risk level of the project with current risk factors.

Wrike streamlines the process of digitizing handwritten or printed documents by introducing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. The sophisticated AI system can scan and convert photos of documents into fully editable text files allowing you to show the rest of your team important information in a few clicks.

Using Wrike's ai to scan and convert images into text.

During meetings, a lot of important information is hastily mentioned and later forgotten about, regardless of the quality of the minutes taken. The average employee will waste 31 hours in unproductive meetings monthly, which equates to a devastating $37 billion loss annually for businesses worldwide.

Wrike wants to make meetings matter by transforming notes into subtasks. Utilizing natural language processing, the software can examine unstructured notes and identify actionable phrases that are then turned into subtasks.  

Incredibly, many of these fantastic applications of AI are also available through a smart mobile phone app available on both IOS and Android. This means that this incredible AI toolset can be available to you anywhere and anywhen. 

The ai features of Wrike being used on a mobile device.

2. Notion AI

Notion AI is an incredible AI solution tool that has multiple use cases designed to automate your business model. 

One of the brilliant features of this AI management system is the ability to transform incomprehensible notes into three different formats: 

  1. Summary: Turn a complex series of notes into a relevant and easily digestible summary.
  2. Takeaways: Skim through the minutes of meetings to extract the key points.
  3. To-do list: Create a list of actionable items from your meeting notes.
Using Notion AI to translate incomprehensible notes into a summary and table.


Notion AI also allows users to generate numerous countless types of content with the assistance of artificial intelligence, including: 

  • Press release
  • To-do list 
  • Blog post
  • Social media post
  • Outline

To do this, simply hit the spacebar and select the type of content in the ‘draft with AI’ drop-down menu that you wish to produce. Once you have made your choice enter a prompt, and the software will start writing high-quality prose. The software will then provide you with further options that include: 

  • Continue writing: Add extra paragraphs about the chosen topic.
  • Make longer: Expand the current text by adding more detail.
  • Try again: Ask the AI to rewrite the generated content.
Using Notion AI to draft a press release for an upcoming product launch.

Now that you have created your content, it is time to take a look at the incredible wealth of editing tools available to Notion AI users. Some of the highlights include: 

  • Spelling and grammar checker: Norton AI comes equipped with an extensive correction tool to rectify spelling and grammar mistakes within your text. This means that you can spend less time scouring your content for errors and instead place your effort towards more important tasks. 
  • Tone: Transform paragraphs or entire blogs with different writing tones, including: professional, straightforward, casual, confident, and friendly. This allows you to generate content that is accessible to everyone and suitable for any situation. 
  • Translate: Working remotely with colleagues from across the globe comes with obvious language barriers. However, with this AI system you can generate accurate translations with ease. 
Using Notion AI to change the tone of a piece of content.

3. Proofhub                              

Proofhub is an incredible AI system that uses a combination of big data and chatbots to improve almost every aspect of the project management process.

This innovative AI allows users to continuously monitor important metrics such as workload distribution. Analyzing this metric allows you to decide where to assign different team members effectively and proficiently.

To view your current workload report, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on the Reports section of the navigation bar and then select Reports.
  2. Select the team member that you wish to view from the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose the duration of time you wish this report to include.
  4. Decide whether you wish to include tasks with no set start or due date.

The AI will then gather all the relevant information and produce a report that will feature the following data:

  • Total number of projects managed
  • Progress of these projects
  • Start and end dates of projects
  • Amount of time logged 
  • Number of tasks assigned
  • Due dates of assigned tasks
  • Time spent on each task
  • Overdue tasks
A report that shows a lot of different data including, logged time, progress of projects, due dates of assigned tasks, and number of projects.

With this detailed report, business owners can then assess: 

  • If any individual is being overworked or underworked and how this can be rectified.
  • Who should be assigned new tasks to allow equal distribution of workload.
  • Overall capabilities of team’s work capacity.

You can also utilize Proofhub’s incredible automation feature to make the recurring task of collecting data for reports more efficient and streamlined. The artificial intelligence system can provide the following reports on the entire team or specific individuals:

  • A detailed timeline of both complete and incomplete milestones in any project.
  • A comparison of the amount of work added to the amount of work completed in a burn-up report.
  • An overview of tasks overdue and by how many days.
  • A chart that shows how many tasks are in each stage.
  • A time report that highlights how much time individuals have spent logged into billable tasks.
  • A custom report that is defined by the parameters you set.
A graph that shows the amount of work added vs the work completed.


This incredible wealth of information supports managers in making the best decisions possible throughout the project lifecycle to improve workflows, meet deadlines, and increase success rates.  

Start managing your projects with AI now

Will your next project be led by an artificial intelligence manager bot? The current application of ai in project management makes this seem rather unlikely. 

Currently, AI is being used for planning and completing mundane tasks rather than managing the entire project. The current top three reasons for using AI technology in project management are productivity (53%), decision-making (52%), and performance (51%).

A graph showing the top three reasons to adopt ai tech in project management which are productivity, decision-making, and performance.


However, the future of AI management is incredibly bright, with numerous future potential applications, including:

  • Create the best budget plan guaranteed to save money.
  • Use predictive analysis to forecast possible outcomes, risks, and events.
  • Assign tasks to the best possible team member.
  • Analyzing datasets to accurately estimate project completion times.
  • Drastically reduce the number of human errors. 

It seems that now is the time to start investing in AI management tools, as they are on the cusp of revolutionizing project management forever. 

Check out the incredible selection of AI management tools in our library today for the perfect app to streamline your next project.