Complete Smodin Review: The Ultimate AI Tool for Writing

Need help writing? Whatever it is, Smodin might be the AI writing assistant you never knew you needed.

That’s right, it’s a writing tool powered by artificial intelligence. And the AI technology can do everything from research to plagiarism detection.

Smodin is chiefly targeted at students. It offers a handful of writing tools for completing essays and assignments, and there’s no doubt these can help speed up the process – especially if you’re a student who often struggles to get words on the page.

And it can also help businesses. The AI-generated words can be tailored for brand content, marketing copy, product descriptions, and more, so it’s an all-in-one AI writer that can provide writing assistance for a range of purposes.

Still, Smodin isn’t the only AI writing tool out there. So if you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck, it’s worth taking a closer look at what it has to offer.

That’s what we’re going to do right here. We review Smodin below and provide several use cases for how this AI writing assistant can offer real-world benefits to students, businesses, and more.

What is Smodin?

Smodin is an AI writing assistant that can help users write essays, articles, brand content, help with academic writing, and more. It uses natural language processing technology and machine learning algorithms to process data and generate text for a range of writing purposes.

Smodin was created by Kevin Danikowski in 2017. The AI writing tool targets students with tools designed for researching and writing essays, as well as plagiarism checking and grading. Smodin can also generate online content for businesses.

Smodin review

Over 3 million writers use Smodin. But is Smodin really that good? And are the paid user plans worth it?

Find out in our review of Smodin, where we’ll look at four key areas:

  1. The main features

  2. Who’s it for?

  3. Plans and pricing

  4. Is Smodin worth it?

So keep reading to find out if Smodin is the AI answer to your writing problems, whether that’s research, finding the right words, or creating a strong content outline – or all the above.

What Smodin offers – the key features

Smodin offers various benefits to writers, including faster research, structured text, plagiarism detection, and reputable sources.


As an all-in-one AI writing tool, Smodin brings a lot of features to the table. But the key features worth zooming in on are:

  • AI writing

  • AI rewriting

  • AI-powered research

  • Citation machine

  • AI feedback

  • Plagiarism checker

  • Grading

  • Multi-language

  • translator

So right away, Smodin offers an arsenal of useful tools that can be applied to essays, homework, school assignments, online articles, and blogs. It can both write and rewrite written content, as well as take care of research.

What really sets Smodin apart from different content writing tools, however, is its citation machine, plagiarism checker, and grader. These are great AI tools for students to take advantage of, in particular, which can help them write high-quality essays, research papers, and plagiarism free content faster and with ease.

Smodin’s citation machine automatically generates citations in MLA and APA formats. The plagiarism ensures written content is plagiarism-free, and the AI grader can instantly grade any written piece, complete with details for why the grade was given.

Overall, Smodin delivers on what it says it is: an all-in-one AI writer that can aid the writing process at each step. These are powerful tools, it has to be said, and it’s no wonder why students, universities, and businesses are using Smodin to write better, improve efficiency, and increase content output.

Who is Smodin for?

Smodin is tailored for AI-assisted essay writing, offering tools that include AI chat, AI research, AI feedback, and in-text citations.


Looking at the tools that Smodin offers, it’s clear that Smodin is primarily created for students. It’s a complete AI writing assistant designed to help with the essay writing process from start to finish, from research to grading, and everything in between. But it’s important to note that it’s not designed to replace human writers.

Despite that, Smodin is also used by businesses. With tools such as AI research, AI writing assistance, plagiarism detection, and multi-language translation, Smodin can be utilized for online content creation, including informational articles, marketing copy, and company blogs.

This is especially true if the content needs to be accurate or well-researched. Smodin’s citation machine can ensure content is factual and reputably sourced, and the AI feedback tool can provide real-time pointers for how the content can be improved.

That said, Smodin offers a host of great tools for writers in general. Any writer who needs writing assistance or extra help meeting work deadlines can benefit from Smodin, including bloggers, content writers, and copywriters.

Smodin plans and pricing

Smodin offers three user plans: Smodin Limited, Smodin Essentials, and Smodin Productive. Smodin Limited is free.


Smodin can be used for free, but it should go without saying that the free version is limited. Smodin uses “credits” each time you access the AI writer, and the free version gives you 3 credits to use per day.

There are three Smodin user plans:

  1. Smodin Limited

  2. Smodin Essentials

  3. Smodin Productive

Smodin Limited is the free version. In addition to three daily writing credits, you get 5 daily entries for the rewriter, plagiarism checker, and multi-language translator, as well as a maximum of 1000 characters for rewrites and plagiarism checks.

If that doesn’t end up being enough, that’s where the paid user plans come in: Smodin Essentials and Smodin Productive.

Smodin Essentials is the most popular plan, offering:

  • 100 writing credits per month

  • Unlimited rewrites and plagiarism checks

  • 1000 max characters for rewrites and plagiarism checks

Smodin Productive, on the other hand, is the full package for busy writers. The main benefits here are:

  • 500 writing credits per month

  • Unlimited rewrites and plagiarism checks

  • 12,000 max characters for rewrites and plagiarism checks

  • Long-form AI writing – up to 5,000 words

All in all, Smodin Essentials will serve most purposes for students and content writers. But for those who write a lot, or often write long-form essays or articles, Smodin Productive might be the more fitting plan.
Is Smodin worth it?

Now that you know what Smodin brings to the table and what its plans and pricing are, one final question remains: Is

Is Smodin worth it?

Despite the limitations (hence the name), Smodin Limited is free, above all. And if you’re a student, blogger, or content writer who’s interested in any of Smodin’s many features, it’s an AI writing assistant that’s definitely worth checking out.

It’s also worth mentioning that, compared to other AI writing tools, Smodin sits at a more affordable price for both its paid subscriptions. In fact, the price for Smodin Productive, the top user plan, is still cheaper than most other popular AI writing tools, making it one of the most budget-friendly AI writers out there.

But whether you choose to pay for Smodin or not—now or down the line—Smodin Limited is worth looking at before anything else. It’s free and the best way to see what Smodin can offer you.

Smodin AI use cases

Smodin offers “all-in-one writing essentials”, including AI writing, citations, grading, plagiarism prevention, AI feedback, and more.


Smodin calls itself an all-in-one writing tool – and it’s hard to disagree. While it’s primarily targeted at students, it offers the right AI tools to quickly and easily generate high-quality written content for informational articles and business blogs, plus brand and product descriptions.

For this reason, Smodin can also be one of the most useful AI writing tools for business owners.

But where does Smodin have the most potential as an AI tool?

Let’s look at the best use cases for Smodin – how its artificial intelligence can be utilized in today’s world.

Essay writing assistance

By far the most beneficial use of Smodin is its ability to assist essay writing. This is due to the array of essay-writing tools it offers, which, aside from AI-generated text, include AI rewriting, citation generation, plagiarism detection, and AI feedback.

On top of that, Smodin also provides AI feedback and grading. This doesn’t just give students helpful feedback during the writing process, but an overall grade on all written pieces, helping students who either want to improve their grade or achieve a certain grade.

Marketing content for businesses

Smodin can be used to generate marketing content, including website content and product descriptions. And what’s special about Smodin is that its AI-assisted research and citation machine can also help business owners create informational content that’s factual and legitimately sourced – making it ideal for content that needs to be backed up with statistics.


All in all, Smodin rightfully earns its place as one of the most popular AI writing assistants on the market. It comes with a handful of AI writing tools to help users write essays, create website articles, and more, with a big focus on detailed research and high-quality articles.

What sets Smodin apart from other AI content creation tools is the ability to produce plagiarism-free content, making it a dream for scholars, students, and everybody in between.

And since Smodin offers a free plan, there’s no reason not to try it out to see if any of its AI-powered features benefit your writing process.

Frequently asked questions

Is Smodin legit?

Smodin is one of the most widely used AI writers, having around 3 million users that include students, universities, and businesses. It offers various AI-powered tools to help users write essays, website articles, marketing content, cover letters, and more.

Who created Smodin?

Smodin was created by Kevin Danikowski in 2017. The AI writing assistant helps users create written content for a range of purposes, with a focus on helping students research, write, and improve the quality of their essays.