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ResumAI review: What is it, How it Works, and AI Use Cases

Author: Lianne Jones

ResumAI: What Is It, Review, And AI Use Cases

Ever spent hours writing or editing your resume? Have you ever worried that your resume might not be good enough? Well, artificial intelligence can now help with that. And by help, we mean generating a full, professional-looking resume with just a few clicks and prompts. ResumAI is an AI resume generator that builds resumes from scratch – formatting, wording, and the rest.

So if you struggle with resume building or just want to improve your chances of landing that dream job, ResumAI is worth looking at. After all, employers are now jumping on AI recruitment software, so why shouldn’t job hunters also take advantage of AI?

But is it really that good? Is ResumAI worth the money? Find out right here. Below we review ResumAI and look at a few use cases for how this unique AI tool can benefit job seekers.

What is ResumAI?

ResumAI by Wonsulting, not to be confused with Resume AI or ResumA.I., is an AI resume builder. It uses artificial intelligence technology to help users create professional resumes, including resume formatting and resume writing. ResumAI was created by WonsultingAI, a company founded in 2019 that develops AI tools for your next job search.

ResumAI review

ResumAI helps users describe their work experience with its AI bullet point generator, which generates text based on the user’s answers.


Like the sound of having a professional resume written for you? ResumAI is one of many new AI tools that can do that. But before you dive in, it’s worth knowing what ResumAI does exactly and whether it’s worth it before you register for an account. We go over four key areas in our ResumAI review:

  1. ResumAI key features
  2. How to use ResumAI
  3. ResumAI plans and pricing
  4. Whether ResumAI is worth it

For everything you need to know about ResumAI, keep reading to find out all the pros, cons, and use cases for this AI tool.

What are the main features of ResumAI?

Let’s get straight into it. Here are the main features ResumAI offers:

  • Professional resume template (Wonsulting resume template)
  • AI bullet point generator
  • Standalone app interface
  • Multiple resume creation
  • Instant PDF downloads

So right off the bat, ResumAI automatically formats resumes to a professional standard using the Wonsulting resume template – a template that’s “landed thousands of jobs for thousands of clients”. This will already improve most resumes. ResumAI is also a standalone app with an interface powered by AI.

It asks you questions about your education and work experience, then fills in the template for you, saving time. For more specific information about your past jobs, ResumAI asks further questions and generates a choice of bullet points based on your answers. These AI-generated bullet points are worded professionally and automatically pasted to the text editor if you decide to use an option.

The options can also be refreshed (regenerated) and manually edited. Lastly, you can create multiple resumes, including drafts and revisions, and download your resumes straight to PDF – the most widely accepted format for resume applications. So, all in all, these features cut out half the work of writing resumes—less formatting, less thinking, and less typing—saving your time in the process.

How do you use ResumAI?

ResumAI’s user interface is simple and easy to navigate, featuring a sidebar and main window for browsing and editing resumes.


If you don’t like creating resumes, you’ll be glad to know that ResumAI is simple to use. The interface has a left-hand sidebar with the AI app’s two main features: Resume Builder and Bullet Point Generator. Any existing resume you’ve already created or are currently working on is displayed in the right-hand window as thumbnails.

So it’s easy to get started on ResumAI. The process for creating your resume is also simple, as ResumAI will ask various questions, then AI-generate each section of your resume from top to bottom based on your answers and the generated text you decide to use. The good thing is that you also have creative freedom over your resume.

The text editor is always displayed on the right-hand side for real-time viewing and editing, with an upper toolbar that offers the usual formatting options. Once you’re happy with your resume, saving it to your computer to send off is as simple as clicking “Download PDF”.

Is ResumAI free?

ResumAI is free to use – but free usage is limited. Signing up to use ResumAI gives you 10 free tokens, and these are used for accessing the app’s AI tools, such as the ResumAI AI bullet point generator. So, essentially, the free tokens serve as a free trial of ResumAI’s AI tools. One token will let you generate “around 3 bullet points”.

This may or may not be enough to complete a resume, depending on how much you need to use the AI. Either way, once you use up the 10 free tokens, you’ll have to purchase more tokens if you want to continue to generate sections for your resume or future resumes.

As a result, ResumAI doesn’t have user plans or pricing tiers. It’s a “pay-as-you-go” AI app with tokens that you’ll need to purchase depending on how much you use ResumAI.

Is ResumAI worth it?

ResumAI asks users questions such as “What was your role?” and “What did you accomplish?” to generate resume information.


This AI tool is useful for anyone who:

  • Struggles with writing resumes
  • Wants to improve the professionalism of their resumes
  • Needs resume inspiration
  • Wants to feel more confident in their resume

ResumAI is free to try, after all, so you can get a sample of how it formats and writes resumes with the 10 free tokens you receive as a new user. Despite that, there is one drawback to ResumAI. And it’s that ResumAI can sometimes invent work experience details, such as percentages and figures, when generating bullet points. These tend to appear more when you provide short, vague answers.

All generated bullet points are optional, refreshable, and editable, however. And it’s possible to reduce the possibility of the AI “over-exaggerating” your work experience by simply providing more information in your answers.

Needless to say, including fabricated information in your resume is risky, especially if you’re asked to elaborate later on in the hiring process – so it’s something worth mentioning.

AI use cases

ResumAI can quickly and easily improve resume appeal thanks to its professionally formatted template and AI bullet point generator that’s designed to create well-written and compelling work experience statements with AI-generated words. So with that in mind, here are several real-world use cases for how this AI resume builder can genuinely benefit job seekers:

  1. Increasing the chances of getting hired
  2. Assisting non-English speakers and people with dyslexia or dysgraphia
  3. Improving LinkedIn profiles

Increasing the chances of getting hired

The most obvious AI use case of ResumAI is how it can increase the possibility of getting hired – or, at the least, considered as a candidate. The AI technology generates professional-looking resumes with just a few clicks and text inputs, improving resume quality while reducing the amount of time and effort resumes involve.

For that reason, users can also spend more time searching for jobs, reviewing job descriptions, and sending out applications instead of focusing on their resumes for longer than necessary. With a resume they feel confident about, users may also go in feeling more confident at the interview stage, potentially increasing the chances of getting hired.

Assisting non-English speakers and people with dyslexia or dysgraphia

Not everyone speaks fluent English or is a natural at writing. Others struggle with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia and dysgraphia. All of these can be an unfair disadvantage when it comes to writing resumes, as even qualified workers can get overlooked if their resume isn’t up to standard.

As a result, ResumAI can be the AI assistant and collaborator someone might need to help them write their resume to a high standard. It’s also accessible and easy to use, making it a great all-around AI tool for anyone who struggles with resume writing.

Improving LinkedIn profiles

ResumAI can help users improve their LinkedIn profiles, which also often serve as “online resumes” for employers and recruiters. Users can generate professional resumes using ResumAI, then take the AI-generated text and use it on their LinkedIn profiles, which can also increase their chances of being scouted and hired.


ResumAI by Wonsulting is a highly useful AI tool if job seekers need help creating a professional, well-written resume to increase their chances of getting hired or being considered for a job. ResumAI uses professional resume formatting and generates compelling resume statements using artificial intelligence.

The AI technology can, therefore, improve existing resume quality while also reducing the time and effort resumes often require. Despite the benefits, ResumAI can sometimes generate false work experience statements if users don’t provide enough information.

ResumAI also has a token system: after using the 10 free tokens provided, you’ll need to purchase more tokens to use the AI tools, such as the ResumAI bullet point generator. All in all, ResumAI serves its purpose. And, of course, if it helps you land a new job, you won’t regret any money spent on this AI resume builder.

Frequently asked questions

Who is ResumAI for?

ResumAI by Wonsulting is an AI tool designed for job seekers who want help creating a professional resume. It can generate presentable, well-written resumes thanks to its user-friendly AI tools, which include an AI resume builder for an entire resume and an AI bullet point generator.

Can I use AI to write?

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help you write for a range of purposes, from essays and website content to resumes and social media captions. AI writing tools use machine learning algorithms to analyze data and generate textual information automatically.

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