Pirr Review: What is it and is it any Good?

Are you a writer who likes writing erotic fiction? Or do you just like to read erotic stories?

If the answer is yes, Pirr is an erotica platform you should know about – one that sets itself apart from your average erotica website.

Pirr is powered by artificial intelligence. And it lets you create and read erotica stories using AI-generated words.

Pirr AI isn’t that popular (yet), so you won’t find much about how it works online. But here we’ll run through everything you need to know about the AI app before you sign up for an account.

Below, in our review of Pirr, we talk about its features, benefits, interface, and safety measures. We also look at several use cases for how this AI technology can benefit different users, both now and in the future.

What is Pirr AI?

Pirr is an AI-powered platform where users can write and read erotic stories. It uses artificial intelligence to generate erotic fiction, allowing users to create their own fantasies as well as read live erotica created in real time by other users. Pirr was founded in 2020 and is available for download on Android and iOS.

A full review of Pirr AI

Pirr is an AI app that you can download for free on Android and iOS. But before you can use the platform, you have to create an account.

So before you dive in, it’s worth knowing what Pirr offers, how it works, and whether it’s worth your time.

In our Pirr AI review, we provide an in-depth look at:

  1. Is Pirr AI free to use?
  2. How does Pirr AI work?
  3. Is Pirr AI safe?
  4. Is Pirr AI worth it?

Is Pirr AI free?

Pirr AI on iOS, which is free to download. The app’s welcome page reads “Let your fantasies run wild”.


Pirr is free to download on iOS and Android. So it’s an app, first and foremost, and not a web application that you can use on a desktop.

It’s also free to create a user account. And you might be glad to know that there are no in-app purchases either.

Pirr is 100% free to use. As a result, there are no plans, subscriptions, or one-off payments to access bonus features.

How does Pirr AI work?

On Pirr, you can create stories privately using “Closed mode” or publicly for other users to read in real time with “Open mode”.


So how do you use Pirr AI?

Pirr lets you do two main things:

  • Create your own AI-generated erotica
  • Read live AI-generated erotica created by other users

You can create erotic stories on Pirr using “Closed mode” or “Open mode”. Closed mode is private, so no other users can watch or read as you create your story. Open mode, on the other hand, lets other users watch and read as you create your story in real time.

You can choose either of these options in the “Create” section on the app.

To read others’ stories, you need to go to the “Read others” section. This will display a list of erotica stories with titles and text previews, which you can tap on and start reading as the creator creates the story live. Each story will display how many other users are currently reading. You can also “like” the story as a way to react in real time.

When creating, you can create stories on Pirr using two ways:

  • Tap on text suggestions that Pirr AI-generates for you
  • Write your own text

You can use either one of these methods or a mixture of both. Either way, Pirr AI-generates three text options that you can use or take inspiration from when writing your own text. You can also edit the text for each generated option if you want to change the words or details.

When you have finished writing a story on Pirr, it will be saved in the “Yours” section of the app. Here you can edit each section of the story that you generated or wrote as well as add titles and tags. You can also delete any story you created if desired.

And that’s it. Overall, Pirr offers simple but great user features and an app interface that’s easy to use and navigate.

Is Pirr AI safe to use?

When signing up, Pirr encourages users to remain anonymous and not reveal personal information when creating stories.


Signing up to use certain apps and platforms can come with concerns for privacy and safety. But you might be glad to know that Pirr is safe to use.

For one, Pirr doesn’t require you to provide personal information. Creating an account only requires an email address and password, along with your desired username. As a result, creating and reading stories on Pirr is totally anonymous.

Pirr also allows users to report stories that may be inappropriate or offensive by tapping on the report icon, located at the top-right corner of all live stories.

During the signup process, Pirr requires new users to confirm that they are:

  • Over 18 years old
  • Understand the adult nature of the content
  • Accept the platform’s Code of Conduct

The developers also welcome users to “let us know if any Pirr fantasy is crossing a line where you don’t feel safe and respected.”

Is Pirr AI worth it?

Pirr gives you three AI-generated pieces of text to choose from when creating stories. You can also write your own text.


Last but not least, is Pirr worth it?

Pirr is a powerful AI storyteller. For creating erotic fiction, Pirr’s AI-generated text is highly creative and descriptive, allowing you to effortlessly write erotica by either using the generated text or guiding the AI with your own creative sentences.

What’s also worth mentioning here is that no matter whether you choose to use the AI-generated text options or write your own sentences, the AI always generates new text that’s relevant and related to the story at hand.

For that reason, writing stories on Pirr is easy, fun, and flexible, allowing you to flex your creativity as well as use the AI-generated suggestions for inspiration. Pirr can therefore be used not only as a platform for writing and reading erotica, but creating live literary fantasies that you have complete control over story-wise.

These great features and benefits, as well as the fact that Pirr is free and safe to use, make Pirr a unique AI app that’s definitely worth checking out for both creative writers and fans of erotic fiction.

Pirr AI use cases

Aside from being entertaining and fun to use, how can Pirr and its artificial intelligence serve a greater purpose as an AI tool?

Below let’s take a look at the best AI use cases for Pirr and how it can benefit users both now and in the future as AI technology continues to improve.

Creating personal fantasies

The real power of Pirr AI is how it lets users create personal literary fantasies with full control over plot direction, characters, and descriptive details. This sets the user experience apart from reading online erotica or erotic books, as Pirr offers users the ability to both write and read their own erotic stories at the same time.

Writing erotic fiction

Pirr AI can be a powerful AI writing assistant for writing novels and short stories. Pirr generates erotic fiction at the tap of a button, allowing novelists to create original stories from scratch or use the AI-generated text for narrative inspiration. Pirr can therefore serve as an AI storytelling collaborator that can also help novelists overcome writer’s block.

Improving mental and sexual health

Pirr is an online platform where users can fulfill their erotic fantasies in a safe and anonymous environment while discovering more about themselves sexually. When it comes to love life and sexuality, Pirr, much like AI companion apps, can help users improve their mental well-being, sexual health, and general confidence overall.


Pirr AI might seem like an app designed purely for erotic entertainment but, under the surface, it’s a powerful AI storytelling tool and platform where you can create your erotic short stories in real time or write compelling and descriptive erotic fiction for professional writing purposes.

Pirr is simple to use. The AI-generated text is creative and descriptive and always generates new text that’s relevant to the story you’re creating. It also gives you great flexibility thanks to how you can edit the text it generates for you or write your own text to guide the AI’s next suggestions.

All in all, Pirr brings some amazing features to the table, on top of several real-life benefits for different users. The fact it’s free and safe to use also makes it an app that’s well worth looking into for novel writers, erotica fans, and anyone looking to explore their own sexuality.

Frequently asked questions

Is Pirr AI free to use?

Pirr AI is a free AI-powered platform and mobile app for creating and reading erotic stories. Users can generate erotica using artificial intelligence and read other stories as they are created in real time by other users. Pirr is free to download on Android and iOS.

Is Pirr AI safe?

Pirr AI is safe to use. Users can anonymously create and read erotic stories on Pirr as well as report stories that are inappropriate or offensive. Pirr encourages users to never share personal information in their stories and report content that makes them feel uncomfortable.