Namelix review: A Unique Approach to Business Naming

Artificial intelligence has paved the way for an arsenal of new AI business tools that can streamline workflows and automate time-consuming tasks.

But what if you’re still brainstorming your business? Can AI help you create a business?

In some cases, it can. Namelix is an AI-powered business name generator that instantly does the brainstorming for you and creates brand logos at the tap of a button. It’s free, too.

Coming up with a business name and logo is one of the first steps to establishing a brand identity.

Brand identity can make all the difference in getting your business idea discovered and remembered, so this free AI tool is worth looking at if your new business is still in its start-up phase.

That’s what we’re going to do right here.

Below, we take a look at Namelix and what it has to offer, including whether Namelix has good, brandable business names and whether new businesses and entrepreneurs can benefit from using this AI tool.

What is Namelix?

Namelix is a web application that generates business names using artificial intelligence.

The free service lets users create dynamic business names in the hundreds for their business, along with brand logo design. Namelix was founded in 2018 by software developer Jack Qiao.

Namelix business name generator homepage.


Namelix review – is Namelix worth using?

First of all, Namelix sets itself apart from other online business name generator platforms due to the simple fact it’s powered by AI.

The AI uses keywords and machine learning algorithms to generate brandable business names that are not only relevant to your inputs, but memorable and discoverable – making it a potentially useful AI-based SEO tool.

In our review of Namelix business name generator, we look at:

  • The key features
  • How easy it is to use
  • The generated business names 
  • Additional services offered by Namelix

Find out everything you need to know about Namelix below as we look at its features and weigh up the pros and cons.

What are the main features of Namelix?

Namelix generates “unique, brandable names” using keywords and algorithms that continue to recommend names based on user preferences.


Namelix isn’t a standalone AI tool or software app with features that you have to pay for (it’s free). Still, its features and benefits are worth talking about!

The main features of Namelix are:

  • Keyword inputs
  • Choice of name styles
  • Domain name availability and domain name purchase
  • AI feedback describing each generated business name
  • Saved names and algorithm recommendations

Keyword inputs, name styles, AI feedback, and algorithm recommendations are the processes for which Namelix utilizes artificial intelligence.

So with Namelix, you’re not just getting randomized business names but AI-generated business names that are brandable and relevant.

The AI feedback (viewable when you click “more info”) also provides a short description of how the business name was generated and why it’s relevant to your keyword and name style inputs, which can further help you to choose an ideal name for your business.

Overall, these are simple but great features – especially for an AI tool that’s free to use.

Is Namelix easy to use?

In addition to keywords, Namelix lets users choose from eight business name styles inspired by successful businesses.


How easy is Namelix to use? Is it fast at generating business names? Well, let’s run through what the process involves.

How to generate business names with Namelix:

  1. Type in keywords relevant to your business
  2. Choose a name style (Auto, Alternate spelling, Compound words, Two words, Brandable names, Non-English words, Real words, Short phrase)
  3. Choose how random or varied you want the results to be (Low, Medium, or High)
  4. Add additional keywords (for example, keywords describing your products or services)
  5. Hit “Generate”

That’s it – it’s easy. Namelix will then take seconds (it really is that quick) to generate hundreds of business names based on your inputs.

So, in short, Namelix is quick and easy to use. You may take a while to choose different keywords and name styles, but as for the actual tool itself, it’s simple to navigate and make adjustments.

Are the generated business names any good?

Generating brandable business names on Namelix provides hundreds of scrollable thumbnails complete with AI-generated logos.


We experimented with different keywords, name styles, and business ideas. And in general, the results we received on Namelix impressed us more than not. 

Of course, you can expect a few generic business names, but Namelix gives you hundreds of options to scroll indefinitely – so you can expect to see a handful of business names that will either inspire you or have you considering them as potential options.

What’s also great about Namelix is the generated brand logo designs.

Not only do these offer font and color inspiration, but also allow you to view how the generated business names might look when rendered professionally in various fonts and colors.

If you like a brand name and logo design, you can save it.

And the good thing about this is that the more business names you save, the more Namelix will recommend similar names through its AI algorithms.

You like a business name – now what?

Generating business names on Namelix provides hundreds of scrollable thumbnails complete with AI-generated logos.


With the hundreds of business names and logos Namelix automatically generates for you, you’re sure to eventually come across one that catches your eye. But then what?

As it turns out, Namelix gives you two options:

  1. Purchase a domain name (and check domain availability)
  2. Purchase the logo design

If you find a business name that you like, bring your cursor over it, and you’ll see an option to “register the domain.” You can also click on “more info” to see other available relevant domain names and then proceed to domain registration.

Alternatively, clicking on the brand logo thumbnail takes you to another site, Brandmark, where you can purchase the copyrighted logo design. 


Brandmark is, in fact, a partner of Namelix that AI-generates the brand logos you’ll see on Namelix.

And it’s a service that also offers other purchase options that include design changes, business card designs, social media graphics, and more.

So, alongside business name generation, Namelix offers optional additional steps to make your chosen business name official.

Namelix AI use cases

Namelix might be free, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer any real-world benefits. After all, artificial intelligence has already revolutionized many aspects of running a business – yet 50% of companies don’t know how to leverage AI.

So it’s worth going over how Namelix can be used as an AI tool in today’s world.

Reasons to use brandable names for your business idea.


AI business name generation

Thanks to its ability to AI-generate hundreds of business names with just a few prompts, Namelix can speed up the process for entrepreneurs looking to hit the ground running with their new business idea or start-up. Plus, traditional name generators often relied on combining dictionary words to create longer name ideas, but Namelix’s AI really helps shorten things up.

What’s more, Namelix generates brandable names that are unique and short, which will help with a business’s memorability, discoverability, and SEO-friendliness.

This can mean less to think about for entrepreneurs when it comes to brainstorming brand identity.

AI business logo generation 

With every generated business name, Namelix also generates potential brand logos.

As this lets users instantly see how a business name might look professionally in various fonts, colors, and styles, this can help entrepreneurs both decide on a business name as well as source inspiration for brand identity.

Again, this can simply speed up the process of starting a new business.

This AI tool wouldn’t be as useful if the business names were generated in a long list of text, but Namelix solves this problem and helps users by providing high-quality AI-generated business logos.

Using Namelix's partner, Brandmark, to generate logos.


AI-assisted rebranding 

Rebranding often comes with a host of transitional processes, requiring time and hands-on effort.

But since Namelix can create catchy business names and easily brandable logos with just a few user inputs, it’s an AI tool that can effectively take care of the first step of business rebranding.

Even if a business doesn’t end up using any of the names or logos generated by Namelix, it can still be leveraged as a source of inspiration.

Generated business names can also be saved on Namelix, with algorithms that continue to AI-generate similar business names and logos for future consideration.


Namelix is a quick and easy-to-use business name generator, and the output will have users considering the names or at least finding them inspiring.

Namelix generates hundreds of potential business names complete with professional-looking logo designs and AI feedback describing how and why the name was generated. 

Business names can be re-generated with a few quick keyword and name style changes or even side-scrolled to browse different brand logo designs. Gone are the days of looking up dictionary words for inspiration.

So if you are running in circles trying to come up with a short, brandable business name, we think Nameflix business name generator is an AI tool worth checking out.

It’s a free AI-powered business name generator that can simply make starting a business and brainstorming brand identity faster and easier.

Frequently asked questions 

Is Namelix free?

Namelix is a free online business name generator powered by AI where users can generate hundreds of potential brandable names for their business.

Generating business names is free on Namelix, but users also have the option of purchasing domain names, completing domain registration, and creating copyrighted brand logos with Namelix’s partner, Brandmark. 

How does Namelix work?

Namelix uses keyword inputs and machine learning algorithms powered by artificial intelligence to generate hundreds of business names automatically.

Users simply type in keywords and choose from name styles to generate relevant brand names.