What Is It, Review, And AI Use Cases What is it, review, and AI use cases

Have you ever imagined something that you wished you or others could actually see? Sure, you could always draw it. But what if you’re not exactly a natural when it comes to using a pencil and paintbrush?

Mage Space is an AI image generator that can turn anything you can imagine into a digital image. As long as you can describe it, can create it.

The platform is free to use online, inviting users to “create anything”. Using AI art prompts, you can generate images of anything from character and product concepts to logos and fictional settings – all in just a few clicks.

If you’re new to the world of artificial intelligence, this might sound too good to be true. So is it?

Let’s take a look. We review Mage Space below and discuss the best use cases for how this AI tool can benefit users.

What is Mage Space?

It’s an art generator that creates images from text. Using AI art prompts, users can describe the image they want to create, and it will generate an image based on the descriptions. Mage Space was founded in 2019 and is free to use online. review

Believe it or not, AI image generation has been around for a while. And the internet has no shortage of AI-powered image generators that can create visually stunning art in a matter of clicks.

So is Mage Space one of the best AI image generators? Is it worth using?

Find what you need to know in our review of Mage Space, which runs over four key areas:

  1. Features and benefits

  2. How to use the tool

  3. The free plan

  4. The basic plan and pro plan

Lastly, we’ll answer whether we think Mage Space is worth it in our conclusion.

The main features and benefits of Mage Space

Mage Space’s “explore” page, which shows a featured selection of attractive AI-generated images created by users.


Aside from generating AI images, here are the main features Mage Space brings to the table:

  • 50+ AI text-to-image models

  • Image enhancement

  • GIF creation

  • Safety filter

  • Active online user community

So unlike some other online AI-based image generators, Mage Space doesn’t just run on one deep learning text-to-image model. The base model it uses is Stable Diffusion v1.5, with other powerful models (over 50) available for generating photorealistic images and various art styles.

On top of that, the platform offers GIF creation, image enhancement, and a safety filter feature. Users can also create GIFs, as a result, plus enhance image quality and filter out NSFW content – both on the website and what the AI generates.

Lastly, another notable feature of this AI art generator is its active online community. Registered users can generate images, share the images they’ve generated, save and “like” other users’ images, and follow other user accounts. Mage Space also has an active Discord community where users can share their images and receive tips from other users.

How to use Mage Space

Mage Space’s homepage, which lets you instantly generate an image for free by typing in a description of the image you want.


Mage Space is simple to use – especially for free users. On the homepage, the text bar lets you dive right in and describe an image you’d like to create. Using this method is as simple as typing in an image description and hitting your enter key (or clicking the arrow at the end of the text bar).

Other image generation methods include linking or uploading an existing image you’d like to recreate or copy. In this way, Mage Space will analyze the image and automatically create a prompt to generate a new but similar image.

So overall, the basic process for generating images involves two steps:

  1. Typing in an AI art prompt, linking an image, or uploading an image

  2. Generating the image by hitting enter on your keyboard or clicking on the arrow

The process generally takes less than a minute. And once you’re presented with the generated image, you can then do several things:

  • View image data – such as the text-to-image model, image dimensions, date created, and more)

  • Copy the image prompt for saving or pasting elsewhere

  • Copy the generated image URL

  • Download the image

  • Add tags (hashtags)

  • Enhance the image

For image enhancement, Mage Space has three options: “Upscale + Face Fix”, “Upscale Only”, and “Upscale Pro”.

Mage Space’s free plan – what does it offer?

You might be glad to know that Mage Space is free to use indefinitely. You don’t have to sign up to use it either, but registering an account will give you access to more user features, like saving images and following other users.

Still, there are limitations to being a free user.

Firstly, the free plan gives you unlimited AI image generation, unlimited privacy, and unlimited image enhancement.

As for the limitations, though, these are:

  • No image generation using links or uploading (text prompts only)

  • No access to other text-to-image models (generate using the base model only: Stable Diffusion v1.5)

  • Only one image enhancement feature (“Upscale + Face Fix”)

  • No GIF creation

To remove these limitations and access other features, you’ll need to subscribe to one of Mage Space’s memberships. membership plans

Mage Space’s three memberships compared, which include a Free Plan, Basic Plan, and Pro Plan.


Mage Space has two membership plans: Basic Plan and Pro Plan.

The Basic Plan is easily affordable. Despite that, it doesn’t give you much more than the Free Plan, as the only additional features it provides are an optional safety filter and multiple active sessions.

The Pro Plan, on the other hand, gives you full access to everything Mage Space has to offer. This includes:

  • No ads

  • Full access to more than 50 image AI models

  • GIF creation

  • 2000+ LoRAs, 2000+ textual inversions, and premium GPUs (in layman’s terms: AI image generation is faster and more powerful)

Needless to say, the Pro Plan is more expensive than the Basic Plan. But it’s definitely a huge step up feature-wise.

Mage Space AI use cases

An accurately generated image using Mage Space, created with the prompt “a photograph of an astronaut riding a horse”.


Generating images with artificial intelligence is fun – that’s for sure. But can AI image generation serve much more important purposes in today’s world?

The short answer is yes. So here are the best AI use cases for and how its advanced AI technology can be utilized to benefit different users.

Creating original image content

Mage Space can generate original image content for bloggers, content creators, and digital marketers. Using AI art prompts, these users can effortlessly create relevant image content for a range of purposes, doing away with the hassle of sourcing stock photos and photographing or creating image content manually.

Inspiring artists

Mage Space can be used as a valuable source of inspiration for artists, graphic designers, and more. In this case, artists can use the AI image generation tool to create visual ideas for their own artwork or even use the images generated to recreate or draw from – free of copyright issues and art plagiarism.

Inspiring creative writers

Mage Space can be a useful AI tool for creative writers, such as novelists. In one way, it can be utilized to inspire character ideas and settings. In another way, it can be used to generate full-blown character and world-building artwork for professional use, helping novelists put tangible visuals to their imagined creations.


So is Mage Space worth it?

All in all, the real power of Mage Space lies in its Pro membership. This is where users can take full advantage of its capabilities as an AI image generator, using over 50 advanced text-to-image models, unlimited image enhancement features, and GIF creation.

The Basic Plan doesn’t give you much more than the Mage Space Free Plan, so it’s not really worth it unless you’re only looking to access NSFW content.

As for the Free Plan, it’s hit and miss, using a less advanced version of Stable Diffusion that generates visually unattractive images while struggling to fully understand input prompts, resulting in inaccurate image generation.

So if you’re thinking about using this AI tool, the Pro Plan is really the way to go. Mage Space is certainly powerful, but the Free Plan and Basic Plan unfortunately don’t do this AI image generator’s full capabilities justice.

Frequently asked questions

Is Mage Space legit?

Mage Space is a popular and powerful AI image generator that generates images from text prompts. Users can simply type in a description of the image they want to create, and the AI technology will generate an image almost instantly.

Is Mage Space free?

Mage Space is a free online AI image generator. Free users can use the platform to generate any kind of image using their imagination. For users who want additional features and benefits, Mage Space offers two membership plans: Basic and Pro.