Jarvis Lyrics Review 2024: What Is It And AI Use Cases

Even music artists experience writer’s block. It’s not easy writing catchy melodies – let alone lyrics that stay in your head. But artificial intelligence is now here to help. Jarvis Lyrics is an AI lyrics generator that does exactly as advertised – it generates lyrics at the tap of a button using artificial intelligence technology. It can even generate lyrics in different languages for specific music genres.

Worth noting is Jarvis Lyrics is not to be confused with Jarvis AI – the former name for Jasper. Different apps, different developers. So is Jarvis Lyrics the real deal? Does it generate high-quality song lyrics that professional songwriters can actually use? Find out here. We review everything Jarvis Lyrics has to offer below and look at the best use cases for this unique AI tool.

What is Jarvis Lyrics?

Jarvis Lyrics is an AI lyrics generator that writes lyrics using artificial intelligence. It uses OpenAI GPT-3 technology to automatically generate lyrics for different music genres and languages. Jarvis Lyrics was developed in 2021 and is not associated with Jarvis AI, the former name for Jasper.

Jarvis Lyrics review

ChatGPT can generate lyrics and it’s free to use. But is Jarvis Lyrics better? You might be glad to know that Jarvis Lyrics has a free trial. Despite that, free use is limited. So before you sign up for the free trial or start paying for credits, find out everything you need to know about Jarvis Lyrics in our review, which looks at four key areas:

  1. The main features and benefits of Jarvis Lyrics
  2. UI and how to use Jarvis Lyrics
  3. Jarvis Lyrics plans and pricing
  4. Is Jarvis Lyrics worth it?

Main features and benefits

Jarvis Lyrics can generate lyrics in 37 languages and more than 60 music genres, including rap, punk, emo, rock, country, and more.


Let’s get straight to it. The main features Jarvis Lyrics brings to the table are:

  • AI lyrics generation for over 60 music genres
  • AI lyrics generation in 37 languages
  • OpenAI GPT-3 technology
  • A simple user interface
  • AI prompts for customizing lyrics generation

So right away, Jarvis Lyrics offers versatility for generating lyrics. 37 languages is more than enough to cater to most users. And with lyric generation for more than 60 music genres, Jarvis Lyrics can be used for virtually any type of music.

Some of these music genres include pop, rap, hip-hop, metal, punk, indie rock, indie pop, hard rock, grunge, metalcore, deathcore, jazz, swing, country, and bluegrass. Afrobeat, funk, and even sea shanty are even on the list, so it can also generate song lyrics for niche music genres. Including genre, Jarvis Lyrics has five fields for customizing what lyrics are generated. These include:

  • Artist
  • Genre
  • Title
  • “Start lyrics with”
  • Chaos

Last but not least, what’s worth mentioning is that Jarvis Lyrics uses OpenAI GPT-3. GPT-3 is one of the latest and most powerful AI natural language models available, so it’s another great feature this AI tool offers.

User interface and how to use Jarvis Lyrics

The Jarvis Lyrics user interface. It’s simple, offering five fields: “Artist”, “Genre”, “Title”, “Start lyrics with”, and “Chaos”.


Even if you don’t consider yourself tech-savvy, Jarvis Lyrics is simple enough to use. The user interface consists of four optional fields, a slider, and a “Generate” button – so it’s really that easy to use and navigate. And the process for generating lyrics with Jarvis Lyrics is quick and easy. It involves six steps overall:

  1. Artist (optional): Type in an artist the lyrics should be inspired by
  2. Genre (optional): Choose a music genre from the dropdown list, like love song or hip hop
  3. Title (optional): Type in your song title
  4. Start lyrics with (optional): Type in lyrics for Jarvis Lyrics to lead with or add to (up to 140 characters)
  5. Chaos: Adjust the slider for how “random” you want the generated lyrics to be
  6. Generate lyrics: Click to generate lyrics

In fact, all the input fields are optional, so you can even generate song lyrics from scratch with Jarvis Lyrics by just hitting the “Generate lyrics” button. Still, it will go without saying that you’ll generate more relevant results by giving Jarvis Lyrics more information. Once you click “Generate lyrics”, the lyrics will appear on the right-hand side. You can then copy the lyrics and paste them into any text editor.

That’s really it. So overall, Jarvis AI is quick and simple to use, with a user-friendly interface that most users won’t have any trouble navigating.

Jarvis Lyrics plans and pricing

Jarvis Lyrics offers four one-time payment plans, each providing a set amount of credits for generating lyrics.


Interested in Jarvis Lyrics? Firstly, Jarvis Lyrics has a free trial. To access it, you have to sign up with an email address and password – no credit card required. The free trial has no time limit and provides full access to all the features of Jarvis Lyrics, but it does come with limited credits.

So what are credits? Generating lyrics with Jarvis Lyrics will use up 1 credit. And each of the Jarvis Lyrics user plans gives you a fixed number of credits to use. The Jarvis Lyrics plans are:

  • Chorus: 200 credits ($2.99)
  • Song: 600 credits ($7.49)
  • EP: 1800 credits ($19.99)
  • Album: 5000 credits ($44.99)

So to be clear, the plans are not subscriptions; they’re “packages” with one-time payments. Simply purchase the amount of credits you need, then purchase more when you run out. And like other packages and subscriptions, the higher the plan you opt for, the more you also save in the long run.

Is Jarvis Lyrics worth it?

So that’s everything Jarvis Lyrics has to offer. But is it worth it? Ultimately, this is an AI tool for songwriters who often experience writer’s block. So if that’s you, Jarvis Lyrics can help you through the lyric writing process thanks to its fast processing and versatile input fields.

As for the AI generated lyrics, Jarvis Lyrics does a good enough job of creating lyrics—even rhyming lyrics—for any genre that can be used in professional songs. At the least, the generated lyrics can be a great jumping off point or source of inspiration. Users should still be aware of plagiarism, though, as the AI may inadvertently generate recognizable lyrics that already exist.

Another thing to be aware of is the tool’s inability to generate lyrics to a “rhythm”. This is a drawback of AI technology in general, however, and not a limitation of Jarvis Lyrics itself. Lastly, Jarvis Lyrics does not offer subscriptions and, for most users, this is generally a good thing. The lowest credit package is more than affordable and you can simply purchase credits as you need them.

Jarvis Lyrics AI use cases

As artificial intelligence technology continues to improve, it’s always worth looking at how it can be utilized to assist with everyday tasks and improve general quality of life. So with that said, here are the best AI use cases for Jarvis Lyrics and how it can benefit different users both now and in the future.

Lyrics and songwriting inspiration

Jarvis Lyrics can serve as an on-demand AI lyricist and collaborator. It generates song lyrics in just a few clicks, and this can make it a highly useful AI tool for songwriters and music producers. The lyrics it generates can be used royalty-free as they are, or as a source of inspiration for songwriting direction – essentially removing the obstacle of writer’s block.

Poetry inspiration

There’s nothing stopping poets or novelists from using Jarvis Lyrics as a source of poetry and creative writing inspiration. The AI-generated lyrics are creatively written and often emotionally expressive, which can make Jarvis Lyrics a helpful AI tool not only for inspiring song lyrics, but creative writing in general.


All in all, there’s no doubt that Jarvis Lyrics can generate lyrics that can be used for professional songwriting purposes or, at the least, as a helpful source of inspiration. And with the power to generate lyrics for different music genres and languages, there are enough reasons here for songwriters and lyricists to try out this AI tool – especially for those who often face writer’s block.

Jarvis Lyrics offers a free trial with limited credits as well as four one-time payment plans for purchasing additional credits on demand. There are no subscriptions of monthly payments, as a result, also making this AI-powered lyrics generator both flexible and affordable.

Frequently asked questions

Is Jarvis Lyrics free?

Jarvis Lyrics AI has a free trial that offers users a limited amount of credits for generating lyrics. For users who want to generate more lyrics, Jarvis Lyrics offers various one-time payment plans for purchasing additional AI credits.

How does Jarvis Lyrics work?

Jarvis Lyrics uses the neural network, dataset, and natural language processing capabilities of GPT-3 to generate song lyrics. Jarvis Lyrics is an AI lyrics generator that can assist songwriters, music producers, and more.