The 8 Most Fun AI Websites To Play Around With On The Web

There has been continuing discussion about the ability of AI technology to revolutionize countless industries, from manufacturing to healthcare. 

However, we here at Top Apps believe that one of AI’s most interesting use cases is, unfortunately, often overlooked, and that is the potential for fun. Throughout the web, countless innovators are creating AI experiments and demos that are sure to bring a smile to your face. 

So, join us as we shine the spotlight on the seven most fun AI websites that will brighten your day.

The top 8 fun AI websites

A lot of attention has been given to the innovative chatbot ChatGPT and the fun and often hilarious, activities that can be achieved with this incredible technology, from telling jokes to playing games. 

The chatbot from ChatGPT telling a user a funny joke.


However, there are endless fun apps that are currently not sharing this limelight. Here are our top picks of fun alternatives to ChatGPT that are sure to take up countless hours of your life.

1. This Person Does Not Exist: Create your own population 

With every refresh, this incredible AI tool will create a photo-realistic image of a fictionalized person. 

Using a complex algorithm, called the generative adversarial network, and user input prompts the website scans millions of images of real people. The machine-learning model then recreates these patterns as a realistic portrait of a non-existent person. 

A beautiful brunette woman who is a completely fake person created by This Person Does Not Exist.


To create these portraits, simply select three prompts from the following dropdown menus: 

  1. Gender: Male or female
  2. Age: 12-18, 19-25, 26-35, 35-50, 50+
  3. Ethnicity: Asian, Black, White, Indian, Middle Eastern, Latino Hispanic
The toolbar that allows you to put in the prompts to generate the fictionalized person which include, gender, age, and ethnicity.

While the results are often mind-blowing and realistic, occasionally the AI makes some errors that end in questionable yet hilarious results. Like all image generation tool, it’ll keep you entertained for hours.

An error made by the AI generated this distorted and funny image of a fictional person.

2.  Autodraw: Make sense out of nonsensical doodles

Are you fed up with your doodles being incomprehensible? Autodraw is an AI art tool that has the solution. Using the basic drawing features, not dissimilar to those in Microsoft Paint, you can scribble down a mess of lines and shapes. 

These features include:

  • Line color 
  • Shape
  • Fill
  • Text
  • Draw
  • Line width
An awfully simplistic drawing of a fish created with AutoDraw's drawing tools.


However, the true magic begins when selecting the Autodraw feature. Using deep learning, the image generator will guess what your doodles are supposed to be, displaying them in a handy toolbar at the top of the screen. 

The suggestions made by Autodraw in regards to the above drawing featuring numerous well drawn images of fish.

Once you have selected your choice of image, the AI replaces your drawing with the selected professionally drawn illustration. We know it’s not the most advanced app out of all the AI powered tools, but it’s great fun!

The well-drawn image of a fish that has replaced the original  drawing.

3. Craiyon: Create any image imaginable

This revolutionary AI image generator is truly out of this world.  Through deep learning and neural networks, the app uses user prompts to combine concepts from images in interesting ways.

An animated image of Mario eating a hotdog.


We generated the below selection of unbelievable images by simply typing in ‘a picture of two robots hugging each other in a city’ into the textbox. The resulting images are free to be implemented in any academic, personal, or commercial use case. However, Craiyon insists that they are credited if the user is a free subscriber.

9 images of robots hugging each other in a cityscape.

For the best results, Craiyon recommends the following tips:

  1. Be specific: Use as many words to describe your desired image. Include the setting, tone, color scheme, time of day, characters, and more.
  2. Art style: Craiyon suggests using keywords such as illustration, photorealistic, anime, watercolor, and high definition to create interesting alternatives to images.
  3. Discord: The Craiyon community is full of tips and tricks to create the perfect image, head to their Discord page to find out more.

Are you in love with the AI-generated image Craiyon has created? Take your passion for your best AI creations a step further by ordering the image on a light or dark t-shirt. 

The image of two robots hugging printed on a white t-shirt.

This AI website also comes in the form of an app available for Android from the Google Play Store, meaning that this incredible tech is now portable. While there is currently no Apple Store app, the team at Craiyon are hard at work creating one. 

While the basic Craiyon experience is completely free, there are a few more advanced options available. Check out the handy pricing guide below that details what the different pricing plans have to offer.

The different payment plans for Craiyon ranging from $5 per month to $20.

4. DALL-E 2: Unleash your inner artist 

Artificial intelligence is about to unlock the dormant artist within you. Powered by GPT-3, OpenAi’s DALL-E 2 uses advanced AI technology like complex machine learning algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) tech to translate text prompts into artistic masterpieces. 

The welcome screen of DALL-E 2 which showcases the functions of the app.


To do this, simply write your prompt in the text box and hit the ‘draw’ button. Here are our top four tips to get the high-quality AI images you desire.

  1. Detailed description: The more specific and comprehensive the text prompt, the more accurate the generated image should be. Guiding Tech recommends the following formula:

Prompt = Main Character + Primary Activity + Emotion during the activity + Random Specific Detail + Where the activity is taking place + Random Specific Detail about the environment 

  1. Art style: Include in your text prompt an art style such as water color, pastel, chalk, surrealism, abstract, surrealism, cyberpunk, or animated. 
  2. Multiple characters: Try to limit the number of characters featured in the piece of art so that the AI has less to focus on. 
  3. Surprise me: If you are lacking that creative flair, then simply click the ‘surprise button’ for DALL-E 2.
The different results from a simple prompt and a detailed prompt.

Head to the History section, where you can view your creations and do so much more, such as: 

  • Share to social media
  • Download a copy
  • Generate variations of an image
  • Use basic image editing software
A screenshot of the editing software available to transform the AI generated images.

As a free subscriber, you are entitled to 15 credits a month, which means that you are able to create 15 unique images. Have you run out of credits but have an idea for an absolutely incredible piece of art? Do not fret; DALL-E 2 allows you to buy more at the reasonable cost of $15 per 115 credits.

5. FakeYou: Say anything as anyone

Have you ever wished your favorite Hollywood star could say happy birthday to you? Well, FakeYou could be your next dream app. This text-to-speech artificial intelligence tool uses machine learning to replicate over 2000 celebrity and character voices. 

The homepage of FakeYou that highlights how you can 'say stuff with your favourite characters'.


The first step is to select your voiceover. To do this, either search for a specific voice or browse the countless categories ranging from superheroes to real people. The list of available voices is truly incredible, but here are some of our highlights:

  • Donal Trump
  • Morgan Freeman
  • David Attenborough 
  • Batman 
  • Spiderman
  • Darth Vader
  • Jack Sparrow
The voice selector that allows you to browse the many categories or search for specific voices.

Conveniently, each voiceover is ranked using a simplistic rating scheme from 0 (voice sounds meh) to 5 (voice sounds great), allowing you to make the right decision based on quality.

Once you have determined your chosen voice-over, it is time to give it something to say. Simply write into the textbox your desired dialogue and hit the speak button. Your content will now be pending in a virtual queue and, when processed, will be displayed in the Session TTS Results section. 

Check out our results with the godly voiceover of Morgan Freeman.

6. Semantris: An addictive word association game

Forget about Wordle and Candy Crush, Semantic is your next gaming addiction. This semantic word association game is entirely powered by AI, using natural language processing and machine learning to read immense datasets. 

The techno looking home screen of Semantris.


Semantris comes in two distinct flavors: 

  1. Arcade: Stop the list of words building up to the top of the page by typing in associated words.
  2. Blocks: Type in clues to remove words from the screen. Chain together combos by connecting words encased in the same colored blocks. 

The arcade mode is a fast-paced game of quick thinking and word association. The aim is to type in a prompt that the AI will associate with the blue highlighted target word at the top of the page.

The words in the list associated with this new prompt are sent below the blue line, and if this includes the target word, then you score points. However, if the list of terms reaches the very top of the page, it is game over. Sounds easy? Think again; the longer you play, the quicker the words are added to the list. 

A GIF showcasing gameplay from Arcade mode.

Blocks is a real-time word association game with a twist. Simply type a clue about one of the colored blocks on the screen into the textbox. Through machine learning the AI system will try to figure out what word you were hinting towards. The block, plus any other connecting of the same color, will be removed from the screen and turned into points.

A GIF showcasing gameplay from Blocks mode.

7. Supermeme: Create must-use memes in a few mere clicks

An outstanding 74% of users send memes to make people smile or laugh. However, after hundreds of hours of scrawling the web for memes, you can often find yourself scraping the bottom of the barrel for new content. 

Enter Supermeme, an AI-driven app that pairs your text with the perfect image to create hilarious memes worthy of any Whatsapp chat or social media feed.

The homepage of Supermeme that states it's intent to 'turn text into memes using AI meme generator'.


Simply enter a prompt, up to 300 characters, into the textbox and hit the generate button to create high-quality memes and GIFs.

We tried typing in ‘Are you bored? Check out the incredible apps at’ and below are a couple of our results. 

An AI generated meme that states 'when you discover and never run out of entertainment options again'.
A toddler excitedly clenching their fists stating 'the moment you discover and your life changes forever'.

If you need a little more guidance, choose from an extensive range of images from the template library. Once selected, type in a topic and then hit generate, and the AI will create a selection of fun memes. 

An example of how to use a template to create a hilarious meme.

Can’t think of the perfect prompt for your meme? Then select the ‘use random text’ option to generate a random meme.

Once you have generated a hilarious meme, you have numerous editing options available, including:

  • Rewriting the headers and footers 
  • Changing the orientation of the text
  • Enlarging or shrinking captions
  • Adding a new textbox
The Supermeme editor that allows you to edit generated memes.

Honorable mentions 

As mentioned above, there are countless fun AI websites clamoring for your attention and time. Here are a few more incredible choices to check out.

Go on, have some fun

We are going to be entirely honest here, we have barely scraped the top of the iceberg of fun AI websites. While our choices offer hours of entertainment, there are countless other apps available that provide endless fun and laughter. 

So, we recommended taking some time now to explore the wealth of fun AI tools waiting to be discovered around the web.

Check out our Top Apps library, where you can explore hundreds of entertaining AI apps in our Fun Tools category.