Top 5 Free AI Text Generators for Efficient Businesses

Putting your great ideas into words is crucial if you want to motivate people to take action or even if you just want them to be entertained. But writer’s block strikes hard when you’re staring at that blank page. AI-generated words can give you the inspiration you need to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard.

Some online AI word generators like create new words from scratch, while others are great for crafting catchy ad copy or even longer form blog posts.

We’ll take a closer look at how an AI text generator works and why you should consider using one. We’ll also introduce you to some of the best AI writers and some of the really cool things they can help you with.

What is an AI text generator?

An AI text generator is a generative artificial intelligence that uses a text prompt as a guide and then spits out what it thinks you were after. The really good ones are trained on large data sets and multiple styles. 

These generative AI text generator tools are trained on huge sets of data scraped from the internet, so they are prone to the “garbage in, garbage out” principle. In spite of the best efforts of AI engineers, these tools often spit out inaccurate or even offensive content.

Here are just a few examples of what an AI writer can do:

  • Create outlines or write entire content for blog posts or articles.
  • Create product descriptions for an e-commerce store.
  • Generate ideas for a topic you’re brainstorming.
  • Create ad or social media copy that’s optimized for conversions.
  • Summarize long text that you don’t have time to read.
  • Write poetry or a story in the style of your favorite author.
  • Write short answers for an FAQ section.
ChatGPT AI writer


5 Free AI text generators

OpenAI’s Chat GPT is probably the first AI text writer that comes to mind, but there are some other great options with specific use cases for AI-generated text. If you’re a blogger, reporter, author, or marketer, AI writers can help with inspiration or even shorten your writing cycles. 


Most AI writers generate sentences or complete paragraphs but not this one. It generates just one word at a time. But each word it generates is brand new and completely original.

When you click the “New Word” link, you get to see a word that no one else has ever heard of. It also gives a description of the meaning of the new word it just came up with and an example of a sentence to use it in.

That might sound weird at first, but how many times have you thought: “There should be a word for that”? We use words like selfie, emoji, or meme, and they didn’t exist until just a few years ago.

A lot of the words it comes up with are very random, but it also comes up with some gems. Here are some of our favorites:

This Word Does Not Exist


This Word Does Not Exist


2. Copy.AI Instagram Caption Generator

Your Instagram pic may be amazing, but often it’s the description that will get people to like, comment, follow, or click through to your bio. Copy.AI is a powerful AI writing tool, and they’ve got a free Instagram caption generator.

Give it information about your social media post and the tone you’re looking for, and then click “Create Copy” to start the text generation process. The AI writer will even sprinkle hashtags and emojis into the caption.

Copy.AI Instagram writer



  • Generates multiple caption suggestions fast
  • Multiple preset tones or enter your own
  • Free content creation tool
  • Text generator with multi-language support


  • Would be nice if it integrated directly into Instagram

3. Predis

Predis is an AI text generator that produces copy for all your social media posts and can create content to go with them. You can enter an idea for a post, and it will generate single image, carousel, or video posts with captions. 

You can link it to your Shopify store or upload your Woocommerce product list and have it create social media posts for all of your products.

Predis Social Media AI


Predis Social Media AI



  • Integrates with multiple social media platforms
  • Creates AI-generated text for captions and media for posts
  • Allows for scheduled posts
  • Integrates with e-commerce platforms
  • Does social media competitor analysis


  • To post more than 15 posts per month requires a paid account.

4. Clever Reach

Clever Reach uses artificial intelligence to write newsletters and autoresponders that maximize the success rates of your email campaigns. Newsletter subject lines are crucial for high open rates, and Clever Reach uses AI to customize and generate text for subject lines that are likely to get clicked.

We really like how this tool integrates with a lot of CRM and e-commerce platforms. This is great if you’re looking for an AI email tool to use in your Shopify or Woocommerce store, for example.

CleverReach AI



  • The free plan allows for 250 contacts and 1,000 emails per month
  • Writes great newsletter subject lines.


  • Only basic options available to try on the free plan

5. Quick Tools by Picsart

Picsart has a lot of free AI writing tools, including one that does fairly decent product descriptions. If you’re looking for a free tool that’s easy to use then this is a good option.

It’s a super simple AI writer tool that can generate content for E-commerce businesses, making tedious and repetitive tasks automated and efficient.

Quick Tools Picsart AI Product Descriptions



  • Free AI product description writer
  • Easy to use


  • The descriptions it writes are a little clunky sometimes

AI text generator limitations 

As helpful as AI writing tools are, they do have some limitations. If you’re looking for a tool that consistently creates perfect, professional copy at the press of a button, we’re not quite there yet.

Here are a few of the drawbacks of AI writing tools:

  1. Prone to inaccuracy
  2. Lack of originality / risk of plagiarism
  3. Can reinforce bias
  4. Lack of feeling
  5. Limited contextual understanding
  6. Needs supervision

Prone to inaccuracy

AI writers are trained on data sets and are dependent on the quality of that data. If there are inaccuracies in the data set, then it’s going to produce inaccurate content. It doesn’t know how to evaluate the truth of what it’s writing.

Lack of originality/risk of plagiarism

AI writing is rephrasing, summarizing, or collating existing facts from the data set it is trained on. These tools do not have the ability to create something truly original. As a result, the risk of plagiarism is something you’d need to check before hitting the publish button.

Can reinforce bias

If the data set included material that expressed biased views regarding nationality, race, gender, or sexual orientation, then these biases will often come out in the content your AI tool produces.

Lack of feeling

It’s a computer program doing the writing, so it’s unsurprising that the copy feels a little cold or lifeless. AI tools can use some powerful words to encourage a call to action, but they don’t create content that creates a true emotional response in the reader.

Limited contextual understanding

Natural language programming allows these tools to “understand” the meaning of words and the immediate context of what they write in a very limited way. When human writers write about a subject, their broad understanding of the context of the subject informs what they write. AI can’t do that.

Is AI-generated text here to stay? 

AI writing tools are already great at what they do and will only get better. As with other AI developments, the improvements are likely to be exponential rather than linear. 

Copywriters and marketers are most likely to be among the first adopters, with others following hot on their heels. 

You probably already use Gmail’s autocomplete when writing emails. Expect more and more of your writing communication to be aided, if not compiled in total, by AI generated content.

As for reading for enjoyment, it’s hard to see AI writing tools ever replacing your favorite author. If AI is ever able to recreate the emotion of Hemingway or the humor of Wodehouse then we’ll be truly impressed.