Fliki AI Review 2024: An Essential App for Content Creators

Thanks to the continued growth and development of artificial intelligence, it is becoming increasingly easier for content creators to generate, edit, and publish content. One of the most popular ways content creators are currently using AI tech is to edit videos. Video editing using AI makes everything so much easier. We can quickly splice videos, edit key moments, create thumbnails, and so much more.

One popular video editing AI tool is Fliki. Fliki is a powerful tool content creators can use if they want to differentiate themselves from the crowd and engage their audience, but what does it do?

That’s the question we’re going to answer today. In this post, you’ll find a detailed Fliki review that tells you everything you need to know about the platform. We’ll tell you what it is, how it works, what features it has to offer, and so much more. Let’s dive in!

What is Fliki?

Fliki is a revolutionary online AI tool that falls into the video editing space. This powerful AI platform takes text prompts and turns them into engaging video content that can be used in a variety of different ways. A type of text-to-speech and text-to-video converter, Fliki can be used to convert the text we input into high-quality videos and audio.

It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate high-quality audio that sounds just like humans. To date, Fliki supports more than 900 different voices.

Fliki review

Fliki is one of many tools content creators can use to make money with AI. Using Fliki, users can streamline their content creation process and produce high-quality content in half the time it usually takes. In the bulk of our review, we’re going to be looking at some of the key aspects of Fliki. Some of the things we’ll be looking at include:

  1. What Fliki can do
  2. How Fliki works
  3. The benefits of using Fliki
  4. The main Fliki features
  5. How easy Fliki is to use
  6. Who should use Fliki
  7. Fliki pricing

We’ll start by looking at what Fliki can do!

What can Fliki do?

The Fliki home page. This is where users can start their video editing journey using the AI platform.


As far as AI text-to-speech converters go, Fliki is one of the best. It is designed to take simple text inputs and output them as impressive audio files and video content that includes AI-generated voices. Using Fliki, users can easily make high-quality video clips that have a better chance of ranking higher online. The most common use of Fliki is as a YouTube video editing tool.

That’s not all Fliki can do though! Fliki can also transform blog articles into engaging videos. Currently, this AI platform can operate in 75 languages and offer users almost 1,000 voice-over options. As if that wasn’t enough, Fliki is also packed with millions of video clips, images, and music options. For many people, video editing has never been so simple.

How does Fliki work?

The Fliki dashboard is where users can create new projects, edit older projects, and learn more about how to use Fliki.


So, how does Fliki work and how does it offer users the ability to create videos? Well, Fliki uses advanced AI tech and machine learning to take the text we input, analyze what we’ve asked, and output accurate results in the form of audio and video content. With the text-to-video generator and streamlined user interface, users have everything they need to create content from scratch.

The blog-to-video converter also uses machine learning to output blog content as eye-catching videos. Fliki also has a large database of images, music, and voice-overs which makes it possible for users to edit their videos and find the style that suits them.

Fliki benefits

When we reviewed Fliki, we identified a range of key benefits that make it an excellent tool for content creators to use. We’ve listed the biggest benefits associated with using Fliki below!

  1. Users can effortlessly create professional videos using text in less than 5 minutes.
  2. Fliki is a very quick and easy tool to use. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an editing expert, you can use Fliki.
  3. Easily convert blog content into videos.
  4. Fliki has a wide range of features and tools to choose from.
  5. Users have a large database of different voices to choose from.

Customer support services

We’ve already mentioned the tutorial features but Fliki also offers live chat support. This support can come in handy for beginners that are just learning the ropes.

The Fliki interface

Fliki’s AI interface is very easy to access and use. It is beginner-friendly and offers all the tools users need to create content in one place. Even if you don’t follow the tutorials, you will still be able to use the platform relatively easily.


One of our favorite Fliki features is the tutorials feature. Every time a user goes to use a new feature, they are first shown a quick tutorial that shows them how to use the tool. Users can choose to skip each tutorial but they are very useful. To make things even better, Fliki has a resources section and blog that regularly publishes helpful guides, training videos, and updates.

The main features

The Fliki video-creating interface. Here, users can use various tools to create videos with realistic AI voiceovers.


In terms of features, this video editing tool is up there with the very best AI tools. Fliki has a huge array of different features that make it super easy for users to create videos. Like most platforms, some features are better than others, but generally speaking, every feature you come across on Fliki will come in handy for something. The main features Fliki has to offer are:

  • AI voiceover
  • AI avatar
  • A public podcast page
  • Voice cloning feature
  • Translator
  • Idea to video
  • Text to speech

Let’s look at a few of these features in a little more detail.

AI voiceover

We know how important voiceovers are in the age of video content creation and social media. But we’re not all voice actors! And the quality of our speech makes a difference. There can be reasons why we aren’t able to provide a voiceover, and when it might be best to rely on an AI voice, including the following:

  • Not enough time: Recording a voiceover can take a long time, especially if you’re reading a long script. This, paired with multiple takes and editing, means a big chunk of your day will be saved by automating it.
  • Small budget: The old cliche is true, time is money. Whether that’s your own time or paying for a voice actor. Fliki will save you a lot of money!
  • Scaling video creation: If you want to create high-quality videos and a lot of them, then it’s simply not feasible to record voiceovers for each one. Fliki’s video software can automate it for you!

There are over 2000 AI voices to create audio from. Furthermore, there are over 75 languages to choose from, meaning your video generation efforts can be scaled and shared around the world, attracting the biggest audience possible with realistic sounding voices.

AI Avatar

Good content is all about relatability these days. Without this, viewers can lose interest and your engagement can plummet. So, instead of having just a voiceover, why not have a realistic avatar that tells the story for you and creates a convincing narrative?

Well, Fliki can do just that. After inputting your text and choosing the right voice out of all of the realistic AI voices, you can then browse the avatars. Pick the one that tells the right story for you and you’re done. Simply export the professional-quality videos you create and you’re ready to share them!

This video feature is perfect for those a little camera shy but still want a personal touch to their content.


The ability to translate content is invaluable. Before artificial intelligence technology, you would have to employ hundreds of translators around the world. Not only would this be very costly, it’s also just not feasible for many companies.

Fliki’s translator feature means you can generate audio content in over 75 different languages in ultra-realistic voices. If your business operates in more than one country this is a must. Think about all of the untapped audiences that are out there! If you’re a startup or small business looking to grow and develop, you have to be creating videos that can be global.

It’s super simple to use. Just input your text, choose a language, and then choose from multiple voices for the best fit. Fliki goes above and beyond other software, making it an elite video editor!

Public podcast page

One of the main Fliki features is the podcasting tool. This tool allows users to create engaging podcasts in just minutes.


Another neat Fliki feature is the public podcast page. Not only can content creators build a podcast on Fliki from scratch, but they can also generate a cool public podcast page too. When you create a podcast using the platform, Fliki will provide you with a stunning landing page that you can share with your audience.

Is Fliki easy to use?

The Fliki login screen. Users can sign into Fliki using Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, or an email address.


To put it super simply, Fliki is a very easy tool to use. So much so, it can be used by virtually anyone. The platform as a whole is very easy to access and just as easy to use. You can sign up in a matter of seconds using a Google account or email address and you can get straight to work on your projects.

The tools are relatively easy to understand but even if you don’t quite know how to do something there are plenty of tutorials to guide you through the process. Overall, this platform is a delight to use.

Who is Fliki for?

We will look at some AI use cases shortly, but first, we’d like to show you some of the people that Fliki is aimed at. We’ve listed them below!

  • Podcast creators
  • Video creators
  • YouTubers
  • Audiobook creators
  • Bloggers
  • Digital marketers

Fliki pricing

The Fliki pricing plans. This includes free, basic, standard, and premium.


Fliki prides itself on being free to use forever, however, if you want to get the most out of the platform, you will have to sign up for one of the three paid plans. The pricing plans users have to choose from are:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium

The main difference between each paid plan is the access users are given to certain features and the quality of videos generated. Generally speaking, the free plan is perfect for beginners, but professional content creators will want to opt for a paid plan instead. You can see what each plan has to offer in the image above.

Fliki AI use cases

To finish off, here are some AI use cases that show how Fliki can be used.


YouTubers can use Fliki to create engaging YouTube videos from text. This cuts the video creation and editing process down and reduces the hours it takes to make a video. We’d say Fliki is one of the best AI YouTube tools we can use.

Digital marketers

Digital marketers can use Fliki to create a diverse range of content from text and blog posts. By using the blog-to-text feature, digital marketers can share and promote content on social media with ease.


Creating a podcast has never been so easy! Thanks to Fliki, podcasters can create high-quality, engaging podcast content and a podcast landing page in very little time and with virtually no effort.

Final thoughts

You should now know what Fliki is and what it has to offer. In this review, we’ve told you everything you need to know about this text-to-speech converter so that you know what to expect before you use it.

Now you know what to expect, you can decide if Fliki is the best platform for you. If it is, head over to the Fliki website and give it a try for yourself. Find your AI voice!

Frequently asked questions

How easy is Fliki to access?

Fliki is very easy to access. This AI tool is available via an online platform so as long as you have an internet connection, you can use Fliki.

Who is the founder of Fliki?

Fliki was founded by Atul Yadav. Yadav founded Fliki in 2021 which means it is still a relatively new AI video editing platform.