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Doctrina AI Review: Why it’s Essential for Educators

Author: Inge von Aulock

Are you looking to level up your teaching or learning experience? Doctrina AI is a revolutionary AI-powered learning platform that takes the learning experience of children and students to a whole new level. Doctrina uses the power of OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model to personalize the learning process for students. 

If you’re an educator, then this app is like having a teacher’s assistant who always has great ideas to improve student engagement. Parents who want to support their children’s education or students who are looking for more engaging learning tools would benefit from using Doctrina AI as well.

Doctrina AI is ideal for helping students adapt to the challenge of online or remote learning, but it works equally well for in-person teaching. The focus of the teaching methods is on promoting engagement by making learning fun.

This AI-powered app has the ability to process, understand, and respond to any learning material. It can analyze data from textbooks, syllabi, lectures, and more to help students stay on top of their studies. It can also be integrated into existing educational institutions’ systems using the software development kit (SDK).

Doctrina AI has over 300,000 users.


Once it has analyzed the course material, Doctrina AI can recommend personalized study plans and generate study notes and review sessions. It will also provide personalized feedback so the student knows where they have room for improvement. 

The interface is intuitive and very easy to use. It works well on mobile devices, too, so students can access their learning experience wherever they are using the Doctrina AI app.

Here are some good reasons to consider using the app:

Personalized learning – The app uses machine learning to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the student, and then it customizes the learning recommendations accordingly. This tailors the course material to the learning style and pace of the student rather than forcing the student to adapt.

Comprehensive curriculum – Doctrina AI covers a wide range of subjects, including math, science, history, and languages.
Engaging content – Keeping students engaged is a huge challenge. Doctrina AI uses quizzes, organized class notes, and chat to keep students engaged and motivated to keep learning.

Doctrina AI Features

Now, let’s get into our comprehensive Doctrina AI review and talk about the central features of the platform. Doctrina AI features 5 main education assistant tools:


The class notes tool is perfect for summarizing your class notes and helping you find important focus areas or key concepts. It’s also a handy way to organize your notes and be able to refer back whenever needed. Reviewing class notes effectively encourages active learning and, more often, results in a better understanding of the material. Students are more likely to participate in class and engage with their peers about the study subject.

Doctrina AI class notes tool.



Setting up a book quiz can take a lot of a teacher’s time. It’s also a challenge to compile fun questions that engage students while educating them.

The quiz generator is able to create custom quizzes that are fun and engaging with just the book title as input. Simply enter the book title and select a difficulty level. The AI algorithms generate original questions that cover characters, themes, and events from the book.

This is a big time saver for teachers but also works as a good revision tool for students who are working on exam preparation. Students enter the name of the book they will be tested on and use the quiz questions to gauge how prepared they are for the exam.

Automatically generate quiz questions with Doctrina AI.


Essay’s essay generator uses generative AI to help students simplify and streamline essay writing. Learning to write longer-form answers is a critical skill that students need to learn. 

When the student uses this tool, they’re not just letting Doctrina AI write for them. They’re learning how to structure longer-form answers in a coherent way.

The student enters the title of the essay, the theme to focus on, the essay type, and the number of paragraphs. The AI then generates an original essay tailored to the student’s needs.

But, if you think this is getting off too easy, students are responsible for checking the facts and adding their own personality to the essay as part of the finishing touches. If nothing else, the AI essay can serve as an example rather than work that a student would hand in as their own.

Creating essays with Doctrina AI.



When a teacher compiles an exam, they have to try to set the difficulty level to the estimated average ability of the class. This approach assumes that all students learn at the same pace, and that is hardly ever the case with any class. Some students grasp concepts quickly, while others take a little longer.

The exam feature generates personalized exams tailored to the ability of individual students.

As the AI assistant learns about the ability and learning style of the student, it adapts to the difficulty of the questions. This is a much more efficient way to help students through concepts they may be struggling with. 

This approach also keeps the student more engaged and challenged when the AI senses that the student understands a concept well. Personalized exam preparation benefits everyone!

Exams feature of Doctrina AI.



Getting a student to express themselves beyond simply answering an exam question is a great way to gauge understanding. 

The Doctrina AI chat feature is essentially an AI assistant with a keen “eye” for education. This feature can be beneficial for both students and educators. Although anyone can chat in the platform to improve critical thinking, delve into a new, unknown subject, and find new discussion topics, this feature is great for helping students with their homework.

Beyond students and teachers, even book club members will love how this app sparks discussion at their group meetings.

The chat feature of Doctrina AI.


Doctrina AI pricing

With all the amazing features we’ve outlined so far, you might be surprised to learn that some of the components of Doctrina AI are free. These include the class notes and quiz functions. To unlock the remaining tools, you’ll need to sign up for lifetime access, which is currently $39. The only (slight) catch is that you have to sign up to use any of its features, even the free ones. Just click on Get Started on the homepage and then the Sign Up link. Here’s what you’ll see as soon as you sign up:

Class notes and quiz are free, the other AI assistant tools requirement lifetime access.


What’s next for Doctrina AI?

If you’re an educator looking to elevate the classroom experience, the Doctrina AI app is one of the best educational AI tools you should consider. It’s so easy to use, so there’s hardly any learning curve holding you back from implementing it in your class right now.

If you’re a parent who wants to help your child get better at self-learning, then Doctrina AI is a great revision tool, too. And if you’re a student who wants to take responsibility for your own education, Doctrina AI will definitely improve active learning, critical thinking, and your overall essay writing process.

The Doctrina AI features are numerous. You can create personalized exams, organize yourself with the class notes tool, have discussions to improve understanding, and so much more. And for teachers, it’s good to know that if you get attached to Doctrina AI, it can easily be integrated into your existing systems by applying for the software development kit.

Students who use this great AI app will immediately experience increased engagement. They’ll also appreciate the responsive way it caters to them as individuals. The resulting increase in comprehension and retention makes this a must-have AI app for both educators and students. What are you waiting for? Download the Doctrina AI app today to improve your learning experience!

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