Designify AI Review: Leveraging AI-Powered Photo Editing

The world of content creation is full of scope and possibilities. One peer might write blogs about fashion, another might have an educational podcast, and the next might post selfies with their lunch. But there is one thing everyone has in common, and that is visual content. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Whoever they are, they hit the nail on the head. After all, when 91% of consumers prefer image-based over text-centric, even the most professional article will need a picture, video, or GIF in there somewhere. 

To be the best content creator you can be, you have to be a master of visuals. Luckily for you, there are brilliant applications on the web built to take the pressure off and the recent phenomenon of AI-generated photos. Allow us to introduce Designify, an assistant for all things eye-catching and engaging. 

This AI photo editor can take your images from amateur to professional in seconds.

What is Designify?

A content creator’s job involves juggling many different tasks. These aren’t even limited to photography, graphic design, editing, creative thinking, and storytelling. Designify is an AI-powered photo editor that uses advanced technology to give you that much-needed extra hand. 

This is achieved through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to generate automatic designs. The tool was built with creatives in mind, making it the perfect choice for businesses, freelancers, and creators to elevate their content game with ease and speed.

The heading is large and bold, reading "Turn any photo into awesome". Beneath it says that the process is 100% automatic and free. On the right it shows that you have to upload your image for the designs to generate.


How does Designify work?

To make the most out of this photo editing app, you need to first understand how it works. Designify offers a few example photos for you to use so you can get to grips with their service. If you want to dive straight in and edit images you’ve already taken, you need to upload a jpg or png image to start off. For now, let’s take one of their example photos and run with it for context. 

You’ve partnered up with a car brand or dealership. They’ve commissioned you to create something that will draw customers to use this product below. 

A white car sits in the center of the image. The rest of it is just a simple white background.

But just how much work does that entail?

  • Take professional product photos and videos which will need editing on Photoshop, Canva, or Lightroom
  • Come up with unique and engaging campaigns to wow consumers, which will include creative graphic design and other visuals
  • Edit each image you have to fit with the branding, ensuring that it is compatible and shareable on all social media, apps, websites, and print marketing

Exhausting, right? Not when you sign up with Designify. Through the power of API, a smart editor, and AI-powered designs, you’ll have amazing templates right at your fingertips. 

You could place the car on a mountain road. This way, you can show that the product is able to handle more challenging terrains without ever needing to move or change locations. Demonstrating these abilities will draw in buyers and generate excitement. 

A white car that has been edited onto a mountain road. There are trees and fog in the background and tall peaks.

Or, you could change the background to a solid color that matches the branding of your client. This will make the image look professional, clean, and eye-catching. For this picture in particular, you can choose from neutral, turquoise, purple, red, or yellow. 

A white car that has been edited onto a bold red background.

It doesn’t end there. You can add sale badges, other location-based backgrounds such as a showroom, a search bar mockup, or even turn the photo into a logo. Whatever your brief, product, or goal might be, they’ll be something to suit it perfectly. 

What else does Designify have to offer?

We’ve only scratched the surface of what this application is capable of. With the promise of new features and the chance to offer up your own suggestions, it’s safe to say that there’ll be even more cool stuff on the horizon. Here’s a taster of what to expect from this AI photo editor.

  • Image editing. As we touched on earlier, Designify can make automated designs for your photos. Beyond that, you’ll have the tools on hand to create to the highest possible standard. This includes the ability to enhance colors, add logos, add realistic shadows, adjust smart shadows, fix pixelation, and transform. 
  • Customer support. The platform offers a wide range of options, so you’ll always feel supported as you work. This includes an email to message, a forum for FAQs, and a help desk for more complicated queries. 
  • Suggestions. There will be a variety of categories to choose from once you’ve uploaded your image, including e-commerce, marketing, and creative. Each will determine a different end result that boasts a unique style. Suggestions will be made for you depending on what you’ve submitted. 
  • Batch-editing. As a content creator, you’ll be expected to produce a plethora of material for a client or partner to utilize. Any additional images will slow down your workflow, but you can boost productivity with Designify’s automatic bulk-edit feature. Make every product look finished, cohesive, and branded in seconds. 
The heading says "Start batch with any design". The image to the right shows 5 different product photos which have been edited the same way automatically.

What upgrades are available for Designify?

When it comes to pricing, Designify is completely free. This is great news for users who want to play around with the design tool. However, if you want to implement the resource into your professional workflow, then take a look at the upgrade that’s available to you. 

The other plan, known as Designify Pro, doesn’t come for free. That being said, the multitude of new functionalities will be very valuable assets to your growing career. Below are some of the advantages you will gain for $39.00 per month. 

  • High-resolution images to download. As a creator, the most effective way to gain customers is by showcasing your value. If the quality isn’t there, then potential clients will find someone else to advertise their products. Upgrading your plan will give you access to a higher standard of image, so your content will appear professional and first-rate.
  • Gained API access. With Pro, you’ll have the capability to integrate automatic design editing directly into your website, app, or workflow. This will be a huge booster of productivity, and you’ll soon see how much time you save when you automate. 
  • Lifetime feature updates. You know how difficult it can be to stand out. It is estimated that over 200 million people worldwide are contributing to the creator industry. When you get upgrades consistently, you’ll be remembered because you stayed ahead of the trends, utilized innovative new developments, and felt fresh to your audience. 
There are two boxes, the one on the left says "What others charge" and is crossed out. The one to the right says "Ridiculous launch offer". Within this box it details what you can get for $39.00 a month, which is batch processing, high resolution, API access, lifetime feature updates, and a lifetime price guarantee.

A quick disclaimer: the people at Designify specify that they cannot promise this cost won’t change. They can offer a lifetime price guarantee for those who sign up for the limited-time launch offer. If we’ve swayed you enough to check the tool out, then it’s worth looking into. 


As you can see, Designify is an impressive AI-powered design tool that can automate repetitive tasks, provide a catalog of inspiration, and lighten the workload tenfold. Its high-quality image editing software means for both seasoned creators who want to freshen up their portfolio and up-and-coming newbies, this platform certainly has potential. 

While you can’t create AI generated photos from scratch, you’ll be able to edit images until perfection. We’d recommend giving the free version a generous trial before you decide to upgrade and edit additional images. You can learn a lot about its capabilities and limitations, which will tell you if this photo editing app is the right solution to partner up with. 

Have fun and experiment with your content if you want to watch your brand blossom. AI can be as entertaining as it is helpful. We can’t wait to see what you do with it. 

If you’d like to discover more creative AI-powered applications, then you’re in luck. At Top Apps, we have an endless library of professional and fun tools to try out.