DeepAI Review: What is it and How Can You Use it?

Do you often use ChatGPT? Whether it’s for research, word generation, or entertainment (perhaps even all of the above), it’s not the only free AI text generator and chatbot you have at your fingertips.

DeepAI does exactly what its name implies, boasting AI-powered text generation that can be used for a host of purposes, from writing sentences for you to answering any question you throw at it.

It’s also an API, allowing its artificial intelligence capabilities to be integrated into other applications.

If you’re interested in AI word generators or natural language processing (NLP) technology in general, then this is an AI tool worth knowing about.

So our review below looks at DeepAI, what it can do, and all its pros and cons. We also talk about the best use cases and, lastly, whether we think it’s worth using as an AI tool.

What is DeepAI?

DeepAI is an AI tool and text generation API. Using GPT-2, a large natural language model, and deep learning algorithms, it can generate paragraphs of text based on a range of input prompts. Additionally, when it was first launched, the platform used generative adversarial networks for its image generation to create art. This is one of several web-based AI tools created by DeepAI, a software company founded in 2016 by Kevin Baragona a leader in the AI industry.

DeepAI – a full review

Interested in taking advantage of AI-generated words and want to know what Deep AI can do?

You’ll find the main features, benefits, and pros and cons weighed up in our review, which runs over four key areas:

  1. The main features and benefits

  2. How to create

  3. Plans and pricing

  4. Is it worth using?

  5. Use cases

What can DeepAI do?

An example of DeepAI generating text to complete the impartial text prompt “hello my name is”.


DeepAI is a stripped-down text generation tool. As a result, its key feature is text generation, which can be used for:

  • Finishing incomplete sentences

  • Information and research

  • Question-answering

However, it can also be used as an AI image editor. You simply upload an image you have previously created, add a simple prompt with an editing instruction, like ‘make the background blue’, and then click Generate.

The deepAI text generator uses OpenAI’s GPT-2 technology to generate text. You can type in virtually any text prompt, from incomplete sentences to research-based questions. Each time, the tool will automatically generate a full paragraph of text of up to around 100 words.

You might already know that there are many other cutting-edge AI text generators that can do this. But where DeepAI differs from most other AI text generators (and AI chatbots) is API integration.

So, overall, it’s simple but powerful and fast at generating text from input prompts. As an API, its text generation capabilities can also be integrated into other software apps, making it a potentially useful tool for developers.

How do you use DeepAI?

You can paste a URL into DeepAI and it will generate accurate information based on the website.


DeepAI couldn’t be easier to use. It’s a web-based AI application that has a single text bar for typing or pasting input prompts. So essentially, using its interface boils down to two basic steps:

  1. Typing or pasting your input prompt in the text bar

  2. Clicking “Generate”

There are no settings or parameters for modifying the generated output. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on what you’re looking for in an AI text-generation tool.

Despite that, it can process and create text from a wide range of input prompts, including:

  • Incomplete sentences

  • Questions

  • URLs

  • Single-word subjects or topics

  • Math questions

  • Basic conversation

Once text is generated (a process that typically takes a matter of seconds) using DeepAI, you can copy and paste the text or try a new input prompt.

Is DeepAI free?

The plans and pricing for DeepAI.


The AI text generator isn’t the only AI tool offered by DeepAI. The platform has other AI tools you can access, including a chatbot (with various AI chat modes), an image generator, an editor for images, and more.

So if you buy into DeepAI’s Pro features, you’ll also gain access to the Pro features of the company’s other online AI tools – something worth noting.

You’ll find two user plans available:

  • DeepAI Pro

  • Pay as you go

DeepAI Pro is a monthly subscription providing full access to all the AI tools and user features. These include 500 AI generator calls, 1750 AI Chat messages per month, and 60 Genius Mode messages.

Pay-as-you-go, on the other hand, provides 100 AI generator calls and 350 AI chat messages.

Both plans provide private AI image generation, API access, and no ads. So overall, the main differences are the limitations for AI generation and “Genius Mode,” a feature that provides higher-quality generative text in DeepAI’s AI chat tool.

Is DeepAI worth it?

DeepAI can generate human-like conversational text, shown in this example using the input prompt “how are you?”.


So is it worth using? Is it worth paying for?

In summary, the main advantages are:

  • Simple and versatile AI text generation

  • Fast processing

  • API access

  • Flexible and affordable user plans

The disadvantages, however, are:

  • GPT-2 (an older and less advanced version of OpenAI’s popular language model)

  • Only generates a single paragraph for each prompt

So overall, the main selling points for DeepAI are its ease and versatility as a text generation tool, API access, and affordable plans.

Users who want to utilize OpenAI’s more advanced language models (GPT-3 or GPT-4), however, or generate large amounts of text might find its AI capabilities lacking.

DeepAI – AI use cases

Now that you know the features and benefits, how can this AI text generator be utilized in today’s world?

Here’s a look at the best AI use cases for DeepAI, including how this AI technology can be leveraged and how its main features can benefit different users now and going forward.

AI research assistant

DeepAI Text Genera can be used for research, generating informational answers for question-based prompts.


Writers and students can use DeepAI as a question-answering and information research tool. It’s able to read and process virtually any AI text prompt, from single-word subjects to questions and website URLs, quickly generating information for users that’s accurate and simple to understand.

However, it’s important to remember that it isn’t necessarily fact checked. This means it can be great for giving you ideas and direction for your research, but be sure to double-check any statistics or facts before you publish!

AI writing assistant

DeepAI can be used for creative writing. The example shows generated text for “it was a cloudy day as John walked to the park”.


Creative writers, such as novelists, can take advantage of this tool as an AI writing assistant and source of creative inspiration. It can process creative writing prompts to either elaborate on sentences or even generate a new descriptive paragraph based on the context of the prompt.

Remember, though, that DeepAI is meant to compliment writers, not replace them. In fact, the platform’s tagline is “Artificially intelligent tools for naturally creative humans.”

API for AI text generation

DeepAI is also an API. The screenshot demonstrates API integration using cURL commands.


As an API, DeepAI allows users to integrate its AI text generation into other software applications – a feature not all AI text generators offer. For developers and businesses, this can be especially useful for improving the capabilities of websites and other apps.

An AI text generator can help a business by smoothing out workflows to ensure everyone is working as efficiently as possible.

Editing images

The AI image editor is a fantastic app to add to your creativity tools. Using artificial intelligence, DeepAI can generate images from existing images alongside a prompt.

This is an innovative way to spark your creativity and inspiration. When we generate images that don’t yet exist, we are tapping into our imagination and practicing our creativity, so it can only be a good thing!


All in all, DeepAI is a fast and intuitive AI text and image generation tool with the power to generate accurate text outputs for virtually any prompt.

It’s free to use online, and its free text generation and image editing features can be useful for both professional writers and students. This is thanks to its ability to process and predict subsequent text for incomplete sentences as well as answer question-based prompts.

For users who want greater access and more AI-powered features, however, the flexible user plans are easily affordable and also provide full access to other powerful platform tools. These include the powerful AI chatbot and AI image generator, plus API access – something developers and businesses can benefit from in particular.

Frequently asked questions

What is DeepAI?

DeepAI is an online platform hosting various deep learning AI tools, including AI Chat, AI Image Generator API, and AI Text Generation API. DeepAI was founded in 2016 by Kevin Baragona and became the first company to offer a web-based AI-powered text-to-image generator.

What is AI text generation?

AI text generation is the automated process of generating text using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms trained on large datasets. AI text generators can generate text based on virtually any input prompt for blog posts, stories, marketing content, and more.