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Caktus AI Review: An Essential Tool for Students?

Author: Lianne Jones

Caktus AI as an essay writer and much more.

Caktus AI launched in August 2022. In May 2023, it reached two million signups, making it one of the fastest-growing educational AI tools in recent years. Does that mean Caktus really is the best AI assistant for students? If you’re new to Caktus, it’s an AI-powered learning platform designed to help students with their education, to put it simply.

It can write essays automatically, cite published sources, answer academic questions, and more. As a result, it’s no surprise many students are leaving ChatGPT behind in favor of Caktus. But Caktus isn’t exactly free. So if you’re considering it, it’s well worth looking at everything Caktus brings to the table and whether it’s worth signing up.

Find out right here. In this review of Caktus AI, we run through its key features and look at several use cases for how this AI tool can benefit students now and in the future.

What is Caktus AI?

Caktus AI is an artificial intelligence online platform and assistant designed to help students with their academic education. Its AI language model and academic-curated search engine can be used to write essays, improve writing ability and style, answer academic questions, and cite published sources. Caktus AI can also conduct movie scene analysis, use a YouTube video as inspiration, and even summarize complex articles for you.

Caktus AI is one of the more useful tools out there for students and basically anyone who writes for business or pleasure. Although it’s mostly toted for academic writing, you can also use the platform as a personal statement writer, to generate content, and provide feedback and concise summaries.

With the goal of transforming education, this AI tool was created in 2022 by co-founders Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang.

Caktus AI review

Caktus AI is currently one of the most popular AI educational apps for students, providing academic assistance with essays, research, math problems, code, and tons more. More than two million users have signed up for an account, and many are still using this AI-powered learning platform and content generator today.

On top of that, many professors and educational institutions have embraced Caktus AI as a useful learning tool for students. So is Caktus AI the real deal? It has pros and cons. We’ll go over these in our review, which looks at four key areas:

  1. The main features of Caktus AI

  2. The user interface and tools

  3. Caktus AI plans and pricing

  4. Is Caktus worth it?

  5. Caktus AI use cases

Before you sign up, keep reading for everything you need to know about Caktus AI.

The features and benefits of Caktus AI

Caktus AI markets itself as an affordable AI assistant and “ a study tool to grow your mind”.


Caktus AI offers a ton of great education tools. In fact, its features are end-to-end for students of all ages, offering everything from AI-assisted essay research to cover letter and resume text generation. But let’s quickly summarize the main (and best) AI-powered features of Caktus AI. These are:

  • AI essay generator

  • Math & Science

  • Coding

  • Question Solver

  • Discussion Questions

  • Citation Creator

  • Paragraph Generator

  • Text Summarizer

  • Job Application

Above all, Caktus AI is an AI essay writer designed to make writing essays easier and faster. And this is where AI features such as AI text generation, AI chat, and AI-generated citations come into play.

Students can research using Question Solver and Discussion Questions, generate high-quality text using the Essay Writer and Paragraph Generator, and then find or automatically cite sources using the CORE-integrated Citation Creator. In addition to essay writing, Caktus AI can be used by students to learn and solve math equations and science problems step by step.

It boasts coding tools for Python and Java, too, helping students to both learn code and generate code using AI prompts. For graduating students, Caktus also offers AI assistance with job applications, including professional AI-generated text for cover letters and AI-generated resume highlights.

How to use the Caktus AI user interface and AI tools

Caktus AI Question Solver


Caktus AI has a web application interface that’s streamlined and easy to navigate. Compared to similar AI writing tools, it’s well laid out and attractively designed, so most students will find the tool fun to use, and it has a user-friendly interface. The user interface is comprised of a left-hand navigation sidebar listing the main tools next to a dashboard displaying thumbnails of other Caktus tools.

These can be pinned to the dashboard, and the user interface can also be switched between day and night mode, offering an element of customization and personalization. On the left-hand sidebar, you can easily access:

  • Documents

  • Question Solver

  • Math & Science

  • Playground

  • FlashCards

  • Citation Creator

Along the top of the user dashboard, there are tool categories for:

  • Featured

  • Writing

  • Coding

  • Studying

  • Language

  • Job Application

  • Fun

  • Arts

So it’s simple to navigate. You can even search for Caktus tools using the search bar in the top-right corner. Lastly, there is a Trending features section on the right-hand side of the dashboard, as well as a live count in the sidebar for how many users are using Caktus – small touches that can help to provide students with a sense of online community.

Caktus plans and pricing

Caktus A pricing.


Caktus AI has a free version that you can use after you sign up for an account. Despite that, it comes with limitations, which include:

  • 5,000 character limit

  • 90-second wait after each request

  • Five math solutions

So it’s essentially a free trial – one that won’t last long, considering 5,000 characters is around 700–1250 words. And to remove those limitations, you’ll need to pay for one of two subscription plans. Both Caktus plans offer full access but just provide you with two ways to pay:

  • Monthly for $14.99

  • Yearly for $99.99

Whether you decide to pay monthly or annually, these plans are subscription services that will automatically renew – something worth keeping in mind. It’s also worth mentioning that Caktus AI lets users trial its Question Solver tool on its website. Before signing up for the free trial or any of the plans, this can give you an idea of what the AI is capable of for general research and text generation.

Is Caktus AI worth it?

The student-focused tool Caktus AI has over two million users.


Onto the big question: Is Caktus AI worth the money? For students who need help writing essays, solving math and science problems, or writing code, there’s no doubt that Caktus AI is a powerful all-in-one educational tool. It’s equipped with all the right features to enhance student learning as well as assist students with learning difficulties.

The only downside is that, like most other AI text generators and AI writing assistants, the generated text can sometimes digress from the subject or read robotically. These are especially important to think about when it comes to essay writing, as some teachers or professors may see signs that the content is AI-generated.

Another thing to be careful of is AI-generated plagiarism, which students should also remain wary of when using Caktus. Despite that, Caktus was designed to assist students as a tool, not as a hands-off essay-generating machine. There’s no arguing that its various AI-based tools can help students in different ways, coupled with the fact that Caktus is also affordable compared to many other AI writing tools.

Caktus AI use cases

Caktus is an all-in-one educational tool powered by artificial intelligence. It can serve a range of academic purposes, from helping students with research and text generation to writing code and solving math or science problems. Overall, Caktus doesn’t just do the work for the students but helps them learn using step-by-step processes while encouraging hands-on text editing.

But how else can it be used as an AI-powered learning tool? Here are a few use cases that make Caktus AI stand out from other AI writing assistants and education assistants.

Caktus AI essay writer features.

AI assistance for people with learning difficulties

Caktus isn’t just designed to help students write essays quicker and easier. Its many tools can also be utilized by students with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia and dysgraphia, or even students who are not fluent in English. Caktus can serve a more important purpose, in this case, assisting these users with writing, coding, equation solving, and even reading – thanks to its Text Summarizer tool.

An AI assistant can make all elements of life easier for people living with disabilities. This is an essential development in technology that will help even the playing field for all students and help those struggling have an equal chance at success.

Job application for graduating students

Aside from its various academic tools, Caktus offers AI text generation that’s capable of writing cover letters and resumes. This is another area students can struggle with, but the Caktus AI language model can generate text that reads professionally, speeding up the job application process and increasing the potential for graduating students to get hired.

It can even pick up a certain writing style to adapt to different types of job applications. Remember to add your personal touch to increase your chances of success. Without this, recruiters and employers may be able to recognize that you have used artificial intelligence and choose to disregard your application.

Help students learn to code

Caktus AI’s coding features make it easy for students to learn how to code. As well as its code writer tool, it has a ‘breakdown’ section. This means that while it will generate full Python and Javascript code for just about anything, it will also explain what the code means and how it works.

This is a great opportunity for students to learn how to write code independently. It’s an increasingly important skill in our digital world and it’s vital that schools teach it. Caktus AI can help this happen!

Kickstart the essay writing process

We all remember the dread of staring at a blank page with just an essay title and not knowing where to begin. Caktus AI has plenty of different options to help students get started and aid the process. From a full essay generator to just a paragraph generator, every student can have their needs met.

This can reduce anxiety and even encourage different ideas. An AI essay writer may sound like a bad idea, but it can be an invaluable tool for all students when used correctly! As always, we wouldn’t recommend using a fully AI-generated essay. It will need a human touch to be effective, so instead, think of it as your AI writing assistant.


Caktus AI has a large user base of students – and for good reason. It’s an all-in-one AI tool for education with an arsenal of AI-powered features, all designed to both speed up and assist the learning process. Caktus also boasts its own AI language model created for high-quality writing and is integrated with CORE for academic citation creation.

These simply make it a much more attractive AI assistant for students than other AI writing tools and text generators. There can be drawbacks when using Caktus, including robotic-sounding text, but this is more of a general limitation of AI technology. Another drawback is how Caktus lacks a plagiarism detection tool – a feature of many other AI writers.

That said, it’s still among the best AI educational tools for students. Caktus is powerful and affordable and can be especially beneficial for students with learning difficulties.

The many features of Caktus AI.


Is Caktus AI still free?

Caktus AI lets free users generate 5,000 characters of text after signing up. For users who want to access the service without limitations, Caktus offers a subscription service that users can pay monthly or yearly.

Who owns Caktus AI?

Caktus AI was created by co-founders Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang and launched in 2022. It’s a popular learning platform with AI-powered tools that can help students with their education, from writing essays and code to solving math and science problems.

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