The Ultimate AI Rap Generator Apps: Compare the Results

Take a moment to think about the most influential rappers that have graced the music industry; you most likely will think of the likes of:

  • Kanye West
  • Drake
  • Eminem 
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Dr. Dre

However, now it is your time to step up to the mic and take the hip-hop scene by storm with your own rap songs. Are you worried about your lack of songwriting ability? Do not fret; a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms can create an original hit song in seconds.

Come with us as we explore the top AI rap generators that can transform you from an unknown small fry to the Notorious B.I.G. 

The best AI rap lyrics generators

Light up your social media and TikTok accounts with your own fresh new beats using these user-friendly AI rap lyric generators. 

1. Freshbots

The Freshbots team considers the following criteria as essential ingredients to a rap song:

  • Boasting
  • Storytelling
  • Wordplay
  • Pop culture references
  • Vivid imagery 
  • Slang
  • Controversial topics
  • Similes and metaphors
  • Poetic style
  • Social commentary

This incredibly easy-to-use AI rap lyrics generator can create original lyrics in mere seconds. The user writes a prompt about a specific topic, and the algorithm generates a unique rap every time.

The Freshbots song lyric generator homepage.

Freshbots AI claims that it can replicate the rap genre’s nuances, rhythms, and structure by using natural language processing (NLP) to compare mass data sets of lyrics. This allows their generated outputs to ‘pass the test of the human ear.’

Check out the generated lyrics created for the prompt ‘artificial intelligence’ below:

Verse 1:

I’m living in a world where AI’s the norm

The future’s here, technology’s the swarm

From Siri to Alexa, they’re always at my side

Always within reach, they never hide


AI’s the way of the world, the future’s here to stay

With algorithms and data, we’ll never lose our way

Robots and machines, they control our fate

Artificial intelligence, it’s never too late.

If we examine the above lyrics and compare them to Freshbot’s ‘rap song’ ingredients, we can see that incredibly it meets almost all of these criteria. However, we must bring to the reader’s attention that this rap generator will often produce incredibly expletive language due to the nature of the genre. 

It is also important to note that this tool only generated one verse, which is below the 2-4 average. It’s natural to presume you could simply regenerate the prompt; however, our testing showed this was ineffective as the outputs did not match in tone, content, or style.

2. Jarvis

Sign up to Jarvis now to experience the ultimate AI rap generator, guaranteed to create lyrics that will annihilate the competition at any rap battle. 

This remarkable tool covers over 60 genres of music and is designed to help songwriters, rappers, and music producers overcome writer’s block, from the disastrous consequences of writer’s block.

The songwriting AI companion called Jarvis's homepage.

This incredible tool offers endless levels of customization for AI-generated lyrics, which include: 

  • Artist: Type in the name of an iconic rap artist you wish to emulate. 
  • Genre: Select a subgenre of rap, such as emo rap, R&B, hip-hop, and trap.
  • Year: Pick a year between 1930 and 2020 to base your rap lyrics on.
  • Title: Provide the app with your desired title for the rap. 
  • Song part: Select which part of the rap you wish to generate, including verse, pre-chorus, chorus, hook, and bridge. 
  • Language: Pick the language of the generated output. 
  • Starting lyrics: Type in the start of some lyrics for the algorithm to continue.
  • Chaos: Use the slider to control how creative and out-of-the-box the artificial intelligence can be. 
  • Rhyme: Decide whether you want your lyrics to rhyme. 
A user filling out the settings of Jarvis and creating unique lyrics.

Once you have selected the settings, hit the ‘generate lyrics’ button, and Jarvis will spit out some lines in moments. 

The settings we used to generate the below output.Genre: RapArtist: EminemYear: 2006Title: Artificial intelligence

Take a look at the song written for us, titled ‘Artificial Intelligence’, using the settings from the above image.

Verse 1:

Life is like a puzzle, it starts all the same

I’m searching for the pieces that I know will remain

I can’t find my purpose, I’m feeling insane

I’m looking for knowledge, but Artificial Intelligence is to blame

My mind’s become a weapon and I don’t have control

My soul’s dark and cold so it’s hard to console

While this is a high-quality rap song reminiscent of the real Slim Shady himself, this tool has one glaring flaw. The lack of a ‘topic’ setting has not provided these lyrics with a clear focus meaning that they have little connection to the field of artificial intelligence

However, we did regenerate this prompt and received much greater success, as seen below. 

Verse 1:

The game’s changing, real intelligence fading

Magnetic minds, my rhymes, they keep attracting

New advances in technology ain’t surprising

Got people side-eyeing like Willy Wonka’s surprise prize

Phone batteries and Wifi done messed with our heads

Can’t even go a minute without needing electronics the bed

Distractions and apathy will spread like pathogens

3. Uberduck

This AI voice generator is the ultimate rap package, allowing users to:

  • Pick a beat
  • Generate rap lyrics
  • Select a voice 
The Uberduck homepage that states you can 'make music with AI vocals'.

Users can listen and select the following six backing tracks for their generated rap:

  • Downtown – Barre 
  • Mr.Krabs – YukiBeats
  • Nike – Futile
  • Prancer – Cushy
  • Winners Circle – BOGER
The screen where you can listen to and select a beat.

Once you select your beat, hit the ‘save and continue’ button to generate lyrics. Here users can type in a detailed description of what the rap should be about. 

The screen where you are able to generate the lyrics using a text box.

Once you click the ‘generate lyrics’ button, the algorithm will create one four-line verse based on the entered prompt. The title and lyrics will be displayed below the prompt box and can be fully edited. 

The AI generated a rap called 'AI Slavery' with four lines of lyrics.

If you want to generate more lines and verses, sign up for the $96 Uberduck premium account. 

The Creator ($96) and Enterprise ($300) subscription plans.

Next, it is time to provide your lyrics with some killer vocals selected from six incredible rappers, including JSXI, Relikk, and Sam Lachow. Using a combination of text-to-speech (TTS) technology and NLP, artificial intelligence takes the generated lyrics and creates a fake voiceover in the artist’s style. 


How does a rap song generator work? 

A rap song generator uses machine learning and natural language processing to create rap songs. The algorithm is trained on a huge dataset of existing rap lyrics and learns the patterns within them. The app then generates new lines and verses based on the inputted prompts.

Does AI rap music count as plagiarism?

Plagiarism involves using someone else’s work without permission. Generated rap lyrics are created by AI models based on patterns learned from existing rap lyrics, not directly copying specific artists. However, if the AI model uses copyrighted material without permission or closely imitates a particular artist, it can raise copyright concerns. 

Ready or not, here AI comes

AI rap generators are undeniably a fantastic tool for artists struggling to get those creative juices moving. However, they are inarguably no substitute for a real songwriter’s creativity and artistic eye, as they lack passion, style, and true emotion. 

In the near future, artificial intelligence and songwriters will be able to work together harmoniously to deliver a new generation of smash hits to our airwaves. 

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