The Ultimate AI Productivity Tools to Streamline Your Business

It doesn’t matter if your business is a global success story or a brand-new startup. Sometimes you just feel like you’re going around in circles. But here’s the good news. With impressive developments in computer science, there is an easy way to get back on track.

In today’s world, where knowledge is power and technology reigns over us all, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) should be a no-brainer for your company. These applications will help you streamline your workflows and put a spark back into your unmotivated team. 

Think it’s time to implement your own AI productivity tools? Us too. So, let’s explore some of the most useful resources that are guaranteed to take your business to the next level. 

The benefits of workplace productivity AI tools

We’re sure your team loves what they do. But that doesn’t mean they don’t experience their fair share of boring meetings, uncreative assignments, and never-ending email chains. These productivity drains can inhibit business growth and group morale. 

An illustration of a large small is at the bottom center of the page. There are people riding it and another person pulling it by a rope towards a target. The heading reads "7 Most Common Causes of Low Productivity". These are lack of employee training, workplace stress, too many tasks at hand, toxic work culture, lack of management, impaired organisational structure, and no feeling of belonging.


51% of employees in the US claim to be satisfied with their job. Increasing this number is one thing, but imagine if you could switch out “satisfied” for “proud” or even “passionate”? This might sound like an unreachable goal, but it is completely possible with AI tools. 

There is a growing number of AI productivity apps designed to make life easier for you and your team members. You’ll discover benefits in every aspect of company life and a new vibrancy across every division. So, before we dive into some of our top productivity tools, let’s further consider why you should implement them.  

  • Employee satisfaction. 64% of surveyed workers admit that they personally benefit from using AI in their jobs. These tools will make them feel more empowered, more creative, and less weighed down by unimportant chores. 
  • Automation capabilities. These software applications are designed to automate repetitive tasks for you. When employees can forget about these, they will have time, energy, and vision to spend elsewhere. You’ll boost productivity in no time. 
  • Improved accuracy. Things go wrong, it’s only natural to encounter a spelling mistake in an email or an incorrect calculation. But when this doesn’t happen anymore- and it won’t with AI apps- your business will appear more authoritative and less money will be spent trying to solve problems. 
  • Better decision-making. It can be hard knowing what’s right for your company. With the helping hand of AI, you can get better data-driven insights that will make you feel more confident in everything you do. 

AI can change the game when done right. There’s no denying the rewards you will reap both over time and immediately after implementation. Is your mind now brimming with possibilities? Then it’s time to discuss the applications that will make them a reality. 

The 6 best AI productivity tools for the workplace

37% of companies have implemented AI in some way already. Technology isn’t going anywhere, so it’s safe to say that this number is set to get bigger. A leading and innovative business has no choice but to prepare for its arrival. With budget-friendly options and user-friendly interfaces, jumping on the bandwagon has never been easier. So, let’s take a look at the 6 best AI productivity tools out there.

1. ChatGPT as a writing assistant

Even if you aren’t an avid reader of AI news, it’s pretty hard to avoid at the moment. Emerging technologies and trends continue to dominate headlines and conversations. Something that you’ve definitely heard of, regardless of your interest, is ChatGPT

The natural language processing chatbot was launched by OpenAI in 2022 and has since been making waves. Its popularity grew because of its fascinating abilities. This AI tool can write your essay for you in seconds, with citations and in a chosen tone. Now, that’s neat.

The question at the top of the page reads "How cool is ChatGPT?". ChatGPT has answered with, "As an AI language model, I don't have emotions, so I don't have a personal opinion on how cool I am. However, I am designed to provide helpful and informative responses to your questions, so I hope that I am meeting your expectations!"


There are so many benefits to writing tools like ChatGPT. Imagine a powerful assistant that doesn’t even require training. You’ll save so much time but still receive high-quality content. Here are some of the most useful features of the tool that you need to know. 

  • Text generation. Your team can give the tool a prompt or a question and it will write the content for you. This could automate tasks like email marketing, social media captions, blogs, or any other copy you might need to create. 
  • Sentiment analysis. ChatGPT is so realistic because it can determine the emotional tone of a writing piece. Using this feature will help you easily adjust content to any demographic and context. 
  • Text summaries. It can be a pain for employees when they need to shorten meeting notes, sift through project instructions, or write a report. This tool can do most of the work for you whilst preserving the most important and relevant information. 
  • Language translation. Maybe you want to reach new markets and audiences. Or perhaps you have stakeholders, clients, or partners in other countries. Whatever the reasoning, ChatGPT can translate for you.

The basic version of ChatGPT is completely free to use. You can embrace artificial intelligence even without any stretch in your budget. Still, it’s important to be aware that this application is still in its research preview. When this is up, it’s highly likely that the fees will change. 

2. Grammarly Business as a content editor

We can be honest with ourselves. Editing is a very dull process. It eats away at your day, causes procrastination, and sinks morale. Even once the task is complete, there is a risk that mistakes have been missed or peers have made incorrect changes. 

You’ve probably used Grammarly before. The cloud-based typing assistant has been around since 2009 and has helped many writers and students alike to improve their written content. But not enough businesses leverage the tool as part of their business processes. 

The text reads, "Once a piece of content has been produced, using Grammarly can shorten or even eliminate the editting proccesses." Grammarly has underlined the last two words as incorrectly spelt.


The application uses a combination of data, machine learning, and natural language processing to deliver accurate and intelligent suggestions. While it’s already a fantastic resource, you can go beyond the regular subscription and get Grammarly Business. Here are some of the benefits that are specific to this upgrade. 

  • More advanced suggestions. This plan goes beyond the regular advice offered on the free plan to streamline writing for businesses. The tool will focus on making sure your content is concise, engaging, and inclusive. 
  • A tone profile. Grammarly Business allows you to create a profile that clarifies the nuances of your company’s voice. This way, every team member will get it right, so you won’t have to spend time looking over their work and fixing their errors. 
  • A dashboard. With this feature, you can assign roles and produce style guides. There are also ways to monitor activity, so you’ll be there to solve a problem before it develops. Productivity increases when people know exactly what they’re doing. 
  • Snippets. Do you have a call-to-action that gets placed at the bottom of every blog? Or an explanatory paragraph about your product that gets reused? Grammarly Business lets you easily insert these into your text to save you time.

Grammarly itself is a free tool. However, the Business version will cost extra. The range of fees is much wider than most platforms, so we will show you below what that will look like. Ultimately, it is dependent on how many members you want to join the plan. Once you know who will need access, the cost will be on a scale of $15.00 a month to $1,862.50. 

The slider shows that the price is dependent on how many members you sign up. The price is monthly but billed annually. The image shows that for 50 members it would cost $650.00 per month.


3. as a meeting assistant 

Each day, your employees will take notes, transcribe discussions, summarize findings, search for a time that suits everyone when scheduling meetings, and chase follow-ups with their coworkers. Can you even imagine how many hours have been wasted?

These practices are crucial for a business to run smoothly, but no one said you had to do them alone. Streamlining them with the help of a robot would surely lift everyone’s moods. With Otter, a speech-to-text application that works 30 times faster than you, it’s possible. 

The heading on the left hand side says "Goodbye manual notes. Hello OtterPilot". Underneath it states that you will "get an AI meeting assistant that records audio, writes notes, automatically captures slides, and generates summaries".


The AI productivity tool turns your voice conversations into text through the use of proprietary algorithms. Once translated, they can be shared for effective collaboration, making manual notes a problem of the past. Below you’ll find other ways to make the most of the resource. 

  • Slide capture. Remember the days of screenshotting slides shared by the presenter of an online meeting? They’re long gone. Otter will automatically place these within notes, so you’ll always have the full context of the conversations. 
  • Automated processes. The process of recording meetings, note-taking, and transcription can all be automated. You won’t have to worry about missing important points, running late, or dozing off! 
  • Task management. When conversations drag on, you run the risk of employees getting confused about their tasks.If they didn’t hear the instructions, they’ll have to ask you for clarification, which takes up time you don’t have. Instead, simply tag them in actionable items or assign them to roles in the notes. 
  • An assistant to take your place. As a business owner, you’ll have hundreds of places to be at once. We’re sure you’ve triple-booked yourself at least once. Otter’s assistant can attend meetings on platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams for you so you can still get all of the information you need.

Otter does offer users a free plan. However, we recommend the Business option to truly optimize your AI partnership. Not only does it offer team features, which are a key part of business productivity, but it is also proclaimed by the platform to be the best value for money. Here is a comparison of the monthly cost, subject to your company’s needs.

The screenshot shows that a Basic plan is free, a Pro plan is $8.33 per month, a Business plan (tagged as the best value) is $20 a month, and an Enterprise plan requires you to contact the sales team.


4. Narrato as a content creator

60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day. On the outside, this might sound doable. But there are so many components to that single blog, video, or podcast. Sometimes, if just one creator is doing the research, creating, and publishing, it can take their entire shift to complete it. This leaves no room for planning or innovation. 

Save your employees with Narrato. Not only do they deserve it, but when you make their life easier, you’ll notice huge changes in your company. Turnaround will be faster, but also, the product will be better than ever before. Your talented creators will suddenly have the time to improve, re-think, and upgrade. 

The heading reads "Increase productivity and visibility multi-folds". The copy explains that Narrato is a content workflow and project management platform.


We know content is at the heart of your brand. It’s how you build relationships with consumers, illustrate your values, and prove that you’re good at what you do. Settling for a satisfactory tool isn’t going to happen. Below are some of the reasons why Narrato will exceed your expectations.

  • Content creation. Through AI capabilities, you can generate content. They even offer hundreds of templates sure to meet any need, from your website to your social media posts. When inspiration is running thin, Narrato will even generate ideas for you. Blank pages won’t be a problem again. 
  • One collaborative space. Spend less time chasing team members down by having all communication on one platform. This isn’t just limited to those in-house, because you can add freelancers, influencers, and whoever else into the space.
  • Images and graphics. You’ll know exactly how much energy and time is wasted searching for the right image. Even when you find it, it might be hidden behind copyright, not high enough quality, or not the right style for your brand. Narrato has free images and graphics for you to use, and you won’t have to worry about licenses. With this application, you will find exactly what you need for your topic or keyword. 
  • Boosted consistency. You can set default templates that can be used by everyone in a project or campaign. This keeps everyone’s content looking the same, which will increase brand awareness and your reputation. 

The free version of Narrato certainly has a lot to offer. However, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t benefit more from a Business upgrade. After all, it’s the most popular choice for a reason. If you’re still not sure, take advantage of the free trials and demos first. 

The webpage shows that you can get a free plan, or a Pro plan for $9 per user per month, or a Business option for $19 per user per month. Finally, there is a Custom choice when you get in touch with them.


5. Reclaim as a scheduling assistant 

As a business, you’re bound to have goals, tasks, and campaigns that need to be realized. Scheduling is how you ensure they are done in the time you have available. When it comes to productivity, a well-structured schedule and a clued-up team are must-haves. 

When each day is planned around multiple Google calendars, a string of emails, and Slack conversations with employees that you’re going to forget, you’re not working efficiently. You need a single source of truth and a machine that knows your routine better than you do. What you need is Reclaim

The heading reads "Smarter scheduling for busy teams". The copy explains that Reclaim creates the perfect schedule for your team's priorities and saves up to 40% of the workweek.


By recognizing patterns and collating information about your work life and calendar, Reclaim promises to save up to 40% of your week. Why is this impressive? It will lead to a significant increase in the jobs that get done and promote a stress-free environment for your employees. Here are even more strengths of this life-saving tool. 

  • Smart scheduling. If you leave the office early on a Friday to pick your children up from school or have a regularly scheduled coffee shop meeting on a Tuesday, putting it in your calendar every week can be a bore. Or worse, if someone takes up this time slot with you, you have to waste time reorganizing. Reclaim will automatically block off space for any routines or personal commitments. 
  • Productivity stats. Sometimes the best way to see where time can be better spent is to have the data laid out in front of you. That’s exactly what this tool will do for you with its insights and time-tracking features. This will help you to optimize everyone’s schedule for a smooth week ahead. 
  • Smart buffers. Do you often forget to schedule travel times or fresh air into your day? Without Reclaim, this can lead to back-to-back meetings and calls. Instead, the application’s smart buffers will input this for you so your to-do lists never get overwhelming. Everyone needs a breather or productivity will start to decline. 
  • Project management. When a person doesn’t know which task is the most important, they might focus on one that should be put on the back burner. Use this tool for its task prioritization feature and keep employees informed and on track.  

With a forever-free plan, you really can’t go wrong. Not only does this accommodate every budget, but it also means you can try the tool before committing to an upgrade. If you do decide to try another plan, there will be a price difference, but it will likely be a better fit for you. Before you worry about this, let your team try it and see if it boosts productivity. 

The webpage shows that you can begin on a free forever plan. After that, you can upgrade to a Starter plan for $8 per user per month, a Business plan for $12 per user per month, or a custom Enterprise subscription.


6. Surfer as an SEO expert

SEO is as useful as it is time-consuming. But when 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine, it’s not a strategy that can be ignored. Instead of neglecting it for easier and quicker approaches, why not try a tool that can do the majority of the tasks for you?

Surfer is an optimization application that analyzes ranking factors to ensure your content is performing the best it can. With AI-generated tasks, all of the guesswork and endless research are removed, leaving you with valuable insights. These turn into suggestions. 

The heading says "Skyrocket your organic traffic with Surfer". The copy explains that Surfer will give you a SEO workflow to boost your organic traffic, increase your visibility, and improve your rank.


One of the advantages of using these tools is that they often include resources you’ve never considered utilizing before. Surfer certainly has lots to offer, so you should explore some of these capabilities for yourself. Before you do that, here are some of our favorites. 

  • Authenticity checker. Sometimes things go wrong, and misunderstandings happen. Avoid potential penalties, upset audiences, and lost credibility when you use Surfer to check for plagiarism. It’s one less job for your busy editors to do. 
  • Integration. The tool works with you, regardless of your preferred platform, and can integrate with Jasper, Google Docs, WordPress, and more. No more copying and pasting to another platform. 
  • Keyword research. Use Surfer to gain topical authority and rankable content. You will receive relevant and engaging keyword clusters in seconds. You won’t miss out on trending topics either because you’ll get updates in real time. The hours you spend researching and optimizing will be cut in half, if not more. 
  • SEO audit. The whole process is automated, so you won’t have to spend ages tweaking, double-checking, and experimenting with your content. Surfer will make internal link suggestions, check keyword density, and scan for missing backlinks. 

As you’ve probably gathered by now, once you decide Surfer is the right fit , you will find different options for your team-up. Each plan comes with a complimentary trial but if your business is a larger one and has demanding content needs, you can find a custom Enterprise plan. This one will require a chat with the sales team, though. 

The webpage explains that the plan begins at $49 per month, then moves up to $99 monthly for a Pro plan, or $199 per month for a Business plan.



Technology doesn’t stop evolving. And when you chase innovation, your company will do exactly the same. So, don’t put your research on hold once you’ve found your perfect match. Chances are, they’ll be something better out there in a month, or even a week. 

Hopefully, it’s clear now that the world of AI tools is as impressive as it is vast. There’s no doubt that you’ll find just what your business needs to flourish. The above applications are a brilliant place to start, but they’re just the beginning. 

The opportunities for your company are endless. You can find even more of the best high-quality, and trusted AI-powered web apps right here at Top Apps