AI Poem Generator: Ready to Redefine Poetry With AI?

If you’ve ever tried to write a poem, you’ll know they aren’t easy to write. Poems require imagination, creativity, and the ability to choose powerful words that produce vivid imagery and convey meaning. For most people, writing a poem often starts with a few hours spent staring at a blank page. But what if you could instantly generate a poem at the tap of a button?

The future of AI certainly looks interesting. While you might already know that AI can hold conversations, generate information, and write essays, you might not have known that it can write full poems. As a form of creative writing, generating poems—good poems—with AI shouldn’t be so easy – which is why AI Poem Generator is one AI tool worth looking at.

So let’s take a look. We give our overview of AI Poem Generator below, including how good it is at writing poems, what it can’t do, and how this AI tool can be used from a practical point of view.

Example of free verse poetry.


What is AI Poem Generator?

AI Poem Generator (APG) is an online tool that uses OpenAI to generate poems. Users type in a description of the poem they want to generate, and the platform does the rest, generating a complete poem that reads coherently and rhymes. It’s free to use.

It generates words with artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI, which uses natural language processing (NLP), algorithms, and an ever-growing database to simulate human intelligence and process textual information. So if your poetry writing skills aren’t up to par, this could be the ideal writing companion for you.

AI Poem Generator review

Curious to know whether APG is worth using? You’ll find out here. We spent time with the popular AI poem writer to see what it can and can’t do, focusing on three key areas:

  1. How good is it at generating poems

  2. How easy it is to use

  3. What it can’t or won’t generate

AI Poem Generator is a free AI tool, so you can jump straight into using it online. But before you do, here’s everything you can expect, including the pros and cons of what it offers.

How good is AI Poem Generator at generating poems?

Right off the bat, this AI poetry generator gives you an example prompt, “falling leaves in autumn,” to type into the text bar. So here was our result after we typed it in and hit generate.

A simple but well-written rhyming poem about “falling leaves in autumn”, generated by AI Poem Generator.

At a glance, it’s an acceptable poem by most standards. The result delivered on the description and used word choice and descriptions that effectively conveyed the subject in ways that most readers will understand and relate to. So, in a nutshell, APG generates poems that have:

  • 3–5 stanzas

  • four lines per stanza

  • octosyllabic verse (around eight syllables per line)

  • a consistent A-A-B-B rhyming pattern

This is the style that AI Poem Generator generates no matter what you type into the text bar, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the type of poem you’re after. It’s also worth mentioning that the generated poem is different every time. So if you don’t like the poem generated, you can simply hit “Generate Poem” again to get another unique AI-generated poem using the same description.

Some might view the poems as basic, but it has to be said, including the use of metaphors and similes that some users might find generic. But this really shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that it’s, well, AI-generated poetry. Overall, APG’s generated poems are generally good – especially for a free AI writing tool.

It can instantly generate poems based on a wide range of short and long prompts and is also good at finding an appropriate, neutral tone for every poem, no matter whether you type in a lighthearted or serious topic.

How easy is AI Poem Generator to use?

The homepage for AI Poem Generator, which simply features a text bar for typing in a description of the poem you want to generate.

Put simply, APG couldn’t be easier to use. Right from the homepage, you can jump straight into describing the poem you want before hitting “Generate Poem” to create the poem. In general, poems take around 20 to 30 seconds to generate, so it’s also quick to use. It’s a bit surprising that you can create unique poems in such a short amount of time. Thanks, AI!

Once you generate a poem, you can re-generate the poem by tapping “Generate” again or make edits to your description if you don’t like it. And when you’re happy with the poem, you can highlight and copy the poem to paste it into your text editor of choice or share a link to the generated poem straight from the address bar.

That’s really it. As a result, most users won’t have any problems using APG. It’s free to use and is also accessible on mobile browsers.

What can’t AI Poem Generator do?

AI Poem Generator still generates poems that rhyme even when typing in a prompt for “a poem that doesn’t rhyme”.

Alright, so what can’t AI Poem Generator do? As mentioned earlier, poems generated by this tool all use the same poetic style: three to five four-line stanzas following mostly octosyllabic verse that rhymes in an A-A-B-B pattern.

So if you wanted non-rhyming free verse poems, long-form epic poems, or even poems that use a different rhyming pattern or structure, then this is where you’ll hit a brick wall using APG. You simply can’t select a poem type. Another thing AI Poem Generator can’t do is generate poems with content that’s inappropriate, offensive, or violent.

This falls under OpenAI’s general content guidelines, which is something most users will agree with anyway. As a final nitpick, AI Poem Generator doesn’t generate poem titles. In some cases, a basic title will be generated above the poem, but it depends on the prompt typed into the text bar. It’s a small thing, but worth mentioning nonetheless.

AI use cases – how AI Poem Generator can be used

Artificial intelligence is appearing more and more in everyday life, used by both casual users and businesses. It’s becoming more useful than ever for different purposes, so it’s well worth looking at how AI Poem Generator can be used as an AI tool. If you’re not sure how you or anyone else can benefit from using APG, here are a few AI use cases for how it can be used practically.

Providing inspiration for poets and writers

The most obvious benefit of AI Poem Generator is how it can provide inspiration for poets and writers. Poets and writers can use APG to give you poem keywords, ideas, themes, and outlines, which can then help the writing process – especially when it comes to creative blocks such as writer’s block.

What’s unique about using APG to create poetry is that it also generates poems that rhyme. This can be especially useful for poets and writers who struggle to find rhyming words or write lines that have rhythmic structure (meter).

Helping students with creative writing

Students can take advantage of AI Poem Generator as a tool for writing or studying poetry. This includes school, college, and university students, particularly those who are enrolled in creative writing or English literature courses.

An AI poetry generator helps students with creativity.


AI Poem Generator can be used by students to help them write poetry for assignments and projects or even as a tool for studying how poems with different subjects can be themed and structured. And although it generates poems that some might view as “basic,” this can also work in its favor to help make poetry more accessible to those studying it.


AI Poem Generator is an AI tool that generates poems based on descriptive input prompts. And it does its job well – the AI writes full poems with coherent and evocative descriptions across a variety of prompts, complete with octosyllabic meter and rhyming words. It’s also free, easy to use, and fast at a unique poem, which often takes no more than 30 seconds to create. Creating poetry, at least at a basic level is now easier than ever!

Despite that, this AI poetry generator only creates poems in one style. So if you want to generate a poem with blank verse or a different poetic structure, such as a sonnet, this is where AI Poem Generator largely falls short.

All in all, though, it’s one of the best AI poem writers currently out there, which can benefit poets, writers, and students for both inspiration and education. AI is only set to improve too, so AI Poem Generator is definitely an AI tool worth checking out now and in the future. How will your poetry writing skills stack up?