Published on: June 22, 2023  Updated on: January 20, 2024

The 5 Best AI Apps for Android: Comparing Our Top Picks

Author: Daniel Coombes

According to recent statistics, 86.11% of the world’s population has a smartphone. This equates to outstanding 6.92 billion mobile devices. 42% of these users use these portable machines for entertainment purposes and to cure boredom. 

However, it seems that a new ailment is plaguing Generation Z, those born between 1998 and 2010. ‘Phone boredom’ is a term that refers to endlessly scrolling through apps, social media, and games but finding nothing of interest. 

Could artificial intelligence apps be the key to reinvigorating mobile devices for a new generation? Come with us as we take some time to look at the very best AI-powered apps to grace both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. So iPhone and Android users listen up to the following mobile AI apps that will transform your free time.

The very best mobile apps for Android phones and Apple iPhones

Take a look at the following mobile apps available on both Apple and Android devices that are harnessing the infinite power of artificial intelligence.

1. ELSA Speak (English Language Speech Assistant) 

Apple App Store rating: 4.7

Google Play Store rating: 4.8

This remarkable mobile application uses a combination of machine learning and real-time speech recognition to provide users with the ultimate English-speaking coach. 

The homepage of ELS that state 'Meet ELSA - Your personal AI-powered English speaking coach'.

When users first download the app, they are greeted with a very brief and simplistic tutorial that demonstrates the power of this AI technology. 

You are asked to repeat the phrase ‘Hi ELSA! I can’t wait to improve my English speaking skills with your device’s microphone. 

The ELSA tutorial that asks you to speak 'Hi ELSA! I can't wait to improve my Engliish speaking skills'.

The voice recognition software will then compare your voice clip to its vast training data of English-speaking audio samples to calculate how similar you sound to a native speaker. This figure is displayed as a percentage, but can also be viewed as a more in-depth report that examines the following criteria:

  • Pronunciation: This analyzes how accurately you pronounce sounds. 
  • Intonation: This examines how much you emphasized the main words in a sentence.
  • Fluency: This indicates how naturally you use rhythm and pausing in a sentence.
  • Tips: The app provides helpful tips on how to improve your speaking. 
The report that shows your pronunciation, intonation, and fluency scores.

Once this is complete, you are then asked to answer the following questions to provide a more personalized experience:

  • What’s your native language? Select from a comprehensive list of languages. 
  • Why are you practicing English? Options include travel, job opportunities, education, living & working abroad, culture & entertainment, and more. 
  • What’s your English level? Select from beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 
  • What’s your practice goal? Choose how long you wish to practice every day. This ranges from 10 to 20 minutes. 
  • When is a good time? Pick a convenient time and the app will send you a notification to remind you to practice. 

Once you have registered an email address, you will be directed to your own custom home screen. From here, you can traverse and discover the many different tools available to users, which include:

  • Initial assessment: If you choose to take the initial assessment, ELSA will be able to analyze your results to generate a custom learning plan.
  • Daily lessons: Recommended training based on a user’s strengths, weaknesses, and progress. 
  • Pronunciation: Programs that challenge users to repeat words and phrases like a native speaker. 
  • Study by topic: Select from a diverse list of subjects, including online dating, family, common idioms, school, hospitality, and call centers.
  • Skills: Pick a lesson plan based on a specific skill such as ending sounds, consonant clusters, intonation, and linking sounds. 
  • Certificate courses: Helps students prepare for numerous exams such as EIKEN and IELTS
  • Unscrambling words: Use a definition to unscramble the letters and discover the hidden word in this fun game. Users must speak the answer into their microphone to be rewarded with an example sentence. 
  • Speech analyzer: The artificial intelligence will start a conversation by asking the user numerous questions and analyzing the responses. 
ELSA and a user having a conversation about reading.

The free version offers countless lessons and exercises. However, to unlock the full potential of this remarkable AI tool, users should opt for a paid plan. Check out the table below to see what features are available at different tiers. 

The different features between free, pro, and premium payment plans.

2. Youper

Apple App Store rating: 4.8

Google Play Store rating: 4.1

It is estimated that there are over 57.8 million individuals suffering from mental health conditions in America alone. Despite the fact that an estimated $220 billion is invested into mental health services yearly, we are undeniably living in the midst of a crisis that our healthcare system is unable to manage. 

Utilizing both artificial intelligence and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) techniques, the startup Youper could be the answer to many mental health concerns. This is truly one of the great artificial intelligence apps.

The Youper homepage that states it is 'artificial intelligence for mental healthcare'.

Does this remarkable technology sound too good to be true? The following statistics highlight how this AI application is revolutionizing therapy:

  • Over 2.5 million patients have gotten help through Youper
  • 83% of patients are now experiencing better moods
  • There have been over 10 million conversations on the app

To start their journey to better mental health, the user must create an account by following these simple steps:

  1. Select three goals that you wish to obtain through the use of the app. These include: reducing anxiety, improving relationships, and overcoming depression. 
  2. Let Youper know how familiar you are with CBT practices.
  3. Provide the app with your age and fill out a brief survey about your current mental health so it can create a personalized experience.
  4. Select the best times in the morning, afternoon, and evening to have a conversation. 
  5. Finish registering with an email address, Apple, or Google account. 

The main feature of Youper is the chat function, which enables users to have long conversations with a sophisticated AI bot about their fears, worries, emotions, anxieties, and general well-being. 

The AI chatbot can provide advice, treatments, coping strategies, and much more to help ease the user’s negative feelings. These conversations are stored on the home screen and can be easily found for future reference using a search feature.

A conversation between the therapy chatbot and a user about a work issue.

In the ‘explore’ section, there are countless activities, techniques, and exercises that are designed to alleviate stress and anxiety. These cover such subjects as: 

  • Mindful breathing
  • Cognitive restructuring 
  • Deep body scan
  • How to stop worrying 
  • Removing roadblocks
  • Mind noting meditation 
  • Self-compassion
  • Facing your fears
The 'explore' section which displays numerous activities, such as: accept my feelings, practice gratitude, and connect with someone.

You can also visit the ‘symptoms’ section to monitor any concerns and undergo various screening tests, including those for:

  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Depression 
  • Panic
  • PTSD
  • Social anxiety

These tests can be retaken during your journey to see how your time with Youper has reduced your symptoms. 

3. Amazon Alexa

Apple App Store rating: 4.6

Google Play Store rating: 4.3

This renowned personal assistant was once confined to a physical home speaker. Now it has been unleashed to revolutionize how we use our mobile devices. This is Android’s AI solution to Siri.

The evolution of the Alexa Echoes.


When first installing the voice assistant, users are prompted to complete the following fields:

  • Country: Select where you live from a long list of countries.
  • Devices: Connect any smart appliances that are within your household, including Amazon Echos, lights, switches, plug sockets, cameras, remotes, security systems, and televisions.
  • Create IDs: Create unique voice IDs for all your family members so the AI can recognize specific individuals.
  • Contacts: Allow access to your contact information so that Alexa is able to call and message.

From the home screen, family members can use voice commands to perform various tasks, including:

  1. Start a timer: Start a timer that will activate after a determined amount of time. 
  2. Set reminder: Alexa will set a reminder of an event or event for a specific time.
  3. Create a shopping list: Generate a shopping list of items needed from a supermarket.
  4. Spotify: Ask Alexa to play specific songs or podcasts from this popular music streaming app.
  5. Call and message: Use Alexa to contact close friends and family.
  6. Play a routine: The voice assistant will perform a routine of actions. For instance, the ‘time for bed’ routine could consist of turning on a night light, wishing you a good night, and playing soothing music. 
  7. Play games: Play games including Song Quiz, Gruffalo Move, Question of the Day, Puzzler, and Animal Sounds.

This is but a small selection of the endless amounts of ‘skills’ that can be found in the ‘things to try’ section. We encourage you to browse this diverse range of apps and select your must-have favorites. 

A selection of voice commands that users can use to perform specific tasks.

4. Microsoft Bing

Apple App Store rating: 4.7

Google Play Store rating: 4.3

This revolutionary IOS and Android app is powered by the incredible GPT-4 language model, which allows it to be leaps and bounds above its competition. 

Using a complex combination of natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning, Bing is able to effectively respond to numerous prompts.

The central features of this app are the ‘chat’ and ‘search’ functions. Search is similar to a normal search engine and will provide users with countless results in response to a textual or audio prompt. However, when asking a question, the AI will often generate a direct answer drawn from multiple sources. 

The search function that uses multiple sources to answer 'are sharks dangerous?'

The chat feature, on the other hand, is more akin to chatbots, such as Chat GPT. It allows users to engage in conversation with the artificial intelligence about a particular subject. These conversations come in three distinct styles:

  • More creative 
  • More balanced 
  • More precise 
The chat function starting a conversation about the topic of 'are sharks dangerous?'

There are many incredible tools available on Bing, but here are a few notable highlights: 

  • News: Provide a personalized news stream that focuses on your interests and hobbies.
  • Bing image generator: This powerful image generator, powered by DALL-E, uses a combination of NLP and machine learning to create fantastical images based on prompts.
  • Money: Follow the stock tickers that are most important to you by monitoring relevant news, insights, and alerts. 
  • Gaming: Microsoft Bing offers a plethora of addictive games guaranteed to be the ultimate time waster.
  • Weather: Uses your geolocation data to provide you with an up-to-date weather forecast for your location. 
  • Math: This remarkable tool uses image recognition and NLP to answer complicated math questions from user-submitted photos. It is also possible to either type or draw equations for the algorithm to solve.
  • Translator: Simply type a prompt in English and the app will accurately translate it into multiple languages. 
The Bing Image Generator creating an image of a young boy in a yellow raincoat holding a red balloon.

5. FaceApp

Apple App Store rating: 4.7

Google Play Store rating: 4.4

This wonderful photo editing app has countless fun, innovative, and effective features and filters that will keep you entertained for hours. 

When selecting an initial image, there are four different upload formats: 

  1. Upload an image from your gallery 
  2. Take a picture with your camera
  3. Use a demo photo to try all the premium features
  4. Pick an image of a famous celebrity
A selection of four demo photos that can be used to explore all of the features.

There are many different categories of filters and features; here are some highlights:

  • Beards: Have you ever wondered what you would look like with a beard? Insert many different styles of beards onto your images, including hipster, full beard, goatee, and mustache. 
  • Glasses: Place a set of glasses or shades on anyone; styles available include thick rectangle, sunglasses, and thin oval. 
  • Gender: How would you look if you were born the opposite gender? Change the gender of a target using sophisticated artificial intelligence technology.
  • Age: Use the app to time travel by making a subject look either younger or older. 
An attractive young woman with long strawberry blonde hair.
The woman has been transformed into an attrative young man who shares similar characteristics with the original image.
  • Smiles: Are you fed up with having a miserable frown in every picture? Using the power of AI, you can generate a smile in every selfie. 
  • Hair color: Do you want to dye your hair but are scared to make the leap? See how you would look with a different hair color using this remarkable tool. 
  • Makeup: Have you got a big night out planned but are unsure how to do your makeup? Use FaceApp to generate images of you with different looks.
  • Hairstyles: Are you curious about how you would look with a bob cut or bangs? This remarkable technology can transform your hair into many different styles, including side-swept, wavy, long, volume, straight, and short. 
The woman from the above picture with bright pink hair.

Top 10 honorable mentions

So far, we have covered seven incredible artificial intelligence mobile apps. However, there are hundreds of more brilliant AI tools waiting to be discovered. Here is our list of 10 honorable mentions:

  1. Databot: This customizable, multi-modular virtual assistant can create multimedia presentations, chat, play games, tell jokes, read the news, and be your personal secretary.
  2. WOMBO Dream: This impressive image generator can create fantastical art from a simple text prompt. 
  3. Google assistant: This virtual assistant can set alarms, provide directions, play music, call and message contacts.
  4. Siri: This well-known, Apple-exclusive voice assistant is able to attend to any user’s needs and wants with voice commands. 
  5. Socratic: This EdTech startup provides students with an infinite amount of resources to help them study almost any subject. 
  6. Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard: A sophisticated smart keyboard that allows you to type, send emojis, stickers, and GIFs. 
  7. SoundHound Chat: Hound chatbot can access real-time data about flights, sports, weather, stocks, and restaurants.
  8. AI Mirror: This image generator takes uploaded pictures and converts them into new images with different filters, such as cartoon style, anime, and manga.
  9. Snapchat: This popular app is inarguably the greatest innovator in mobile phone artificial intelligence supplying its users with a sophisticated chatbot and countless filters.
  10.  Rizz AI: Users upload screenshots of their dating app conversations, and the artificial intelligence will generate the perfect response. 
The Databot app which is designed to be a personal assistant and virtual friend.


An end to boredom?

Does the implementation of artificial intelligence in mobile apps spell the end of phone boredom? We certainly believe so. As this industry continuously evolves and new innovations are uncovered, we can almost guarantee to see even more engaging applications of this incredible technology. 

We advise you to take some time to browse the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to find even more must-own mobile AI apps that could revolutionize your life.

For more information about the very best artificial intelligence mobile apps, keep an eye on the TopApps blog.

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