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Introducing Wudpecker, the AI Meeting Assistant trusted by million-dollar companies around the world, and a tool loved by over 6,000 active users.

Backed by renowned Nordic VCs and investors, and recognized on Product Hunt, Wudpecker has earned prestige for its revolutionary technology in the Summarizer category. This digital assistant saves valuable time by intelligently summarizing, extracting action items, and providing insights from your business meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

Among the key features are its chatGPT-powered summaries and transcripts. These allow for rapid reviewing of meetings and the efficient extraction of significant insights. Wudpecker is polyglot-friendly, offering support for over 100 languages. Its advanced technology can distinguish different speakers and languages occurring in the same meeting.

Collaboration is made simple as Wudpecker enables users to share recorded content with ease. Its user-friendly interface facilitates an effortless onboarding process, ensuring your team can get started with minimal complications.

Accolades and testimonials highlight Wudpecker as a tool that enhances productivity in business meetings. It secures the top 5 spots on Google for meeting summary. Try Wudpecker today and discover why it’s the preferred tool for thousands.

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