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Introducing Motion, the ultimate life assistant designed to help you manage your daily schedule effectively. This all-in-one solution provides an integrated Calendar, Project Manager, Task Manager, and Meeting Assistant to ensure a seamless experience in organizing your work life. By using Motion, users can save an impressive 30.3 days per year.

The intelligent calendar feature within Motion offers a quick glance at your daily schedule with easy access through any browser window. It prioritizes tasks automatically by importance and provides reminders for upcoming deadlines. Furthermore, Motion can adapt to unexpected changes, rebuilding your schedule as needed.

Motion’s Automatic Task Manager allows users to view and create tasks in just 10 seconds with a single click from any website window. There’s no need for manual to-do lists, as Motion generates one for you. Recurring tasks can be scheduled easily, and the mobile app enables task management on the go.

The Automatic Project Manager keeps users on top of large, complex projects with the option of Kanban view or list view. Motion also automates task and project scheduling for every member of your team, ensuring optimal time management. Track the amount of time spent in meetings versus working on tasks for better insights into productivity.

In addition to task and project management, Motion offers a comprehensive platform for organizing project information. Users can add notes, attachments, and comments to tasks and projects, keeping all relevant information in one accessible location.

Embrace the power of Motion, your ultimate life assistant, and unlock unparalleled efficiency and success in managing your daily schedule.

Usemotion Pricing Starting at $12/mo.

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