ABOUT Thatch

Introducing Thatch, an innovative AI-powered virtual mailbox service that revolutionizes the way you handle your physical mail. As a leading solution in the summarizer category, Thatch enables users to efficiently manage snail mail with various features.

AI Powered Snail Mail: With ChatGPT integration, Thatch opens, scans, and summarizes the contents of your mail, simplifying mail management.

Team Collaboration: Thatch provides tools for organizations to respond to essential communications and collaborate effectively.

Remote Work Support: Instant notifications and global forwarding options ensure important mail reaches you anywhere in the world.

Privacy and Protection: Utilize a real business street address at HIPAA compliant mail centers to separate your office or home from your public mailing address.

Additional features include:

Full Text Search: Easily search your entire mail history within high-resolution PDFs.

Mail Forwarding: Online tracking for mail and package forwarding.

Shredding and Destruction: Secure shredding and recycling options for physical mail.

Chain of Custody: Complete visibility into your mail receipt history.

Real Business Address: A legitimate street address for business filings, credit card applications, and deliveries.

Top-notch Security: Compliance with HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and SSAE-18 standards.

Thatch is the perfect virtual mailbox solution for businesses and individuals seeking efficient online mail management, privacy protection, and team collaboration on crucial communications.

Thatch Pricing Starting at $39/mo

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