February 17, 2023


Create AI-Generated Music for Creators and Artists

Best for:

  • Content Creators
  • Artists
  • Video Producers

Use cases:

  • Creating background music for videos
  • Generating beats for songs
  • Customizing music tracks for podcasts

Users like:

  • Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Media Production


Quick Introduction

SOUNDRAW is an innovative AI-powered music creation tool designed specifically for creators and artists. This platform allows users to generate unique and royalty-free music tracks for use in various projects, such as videos, podcasts, games, and more. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, SOUNDRAW simplifies the process of creating and customizing music, making it accessible to both amateurs and professionals. Whether you are a content creator looking for background music or an artist needing beats for your tracks, SOUNDRAW offers an efficient and creative solution.

Pros and Cons


  1. Unlimited Music Creation: Generate infinite royalty-free music with ease.
  2. AI-Powered Customization: Seamlessly edit and personalize tracks.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design that simplifies music production.


  1. Subscription-Based Pricing: May be costly for casual users.
  2. Device Limitation: Cannot use the same account on multiple devices simultaneously.
  3. Limited Direct Integrations: Integration capabilities might be limited for some users.


  • Generate Unique Music Tracks: Quickly create and customize tracks.
  • Royalty-Free Music: Use in any project without legal concerns.
  • Flexible Licensing Plans: Various pricing options for different needs.

Features and Functionality

  • AI-Powered Music Generation: Create original tracks in a few clicks, thanks to advanced AI algorithms.
  • Song Customization: Tailor intros, choruses, and structures effortlessly to fit your project’s needs.
  • Royalty-Free Licensing: Use generated music in commercial and personal projects without copyright issues.
  • Unlimited Downloads: Access and download as many tracks as you need with certain subscription plans.
  • Collaboration Features: Supports the addition of vocals to beats, enhancing creative possibilities.

Integration and Compatibility

SOUNDRAW is primarily a standalone tool designed to simplify music creation. While it does not boast extensive integration options, it does offer an ultra-easy API for businesses looking to integrate its revolutionary AI technology into their platforms. This makes SOUNDRAW a versatile choice for standalone music creation as well as an excellent addition to other platforms looking to leverage its capabilities.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Improved Accuracy: AI algorithms ensure high-quality music generation.
  • Time Savings: Quickly create and customize music, reducing production time.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Numerous customization options inspire unique compositions.
  • Future-Proof Licensing: Royalty-free tracks with lifetime licensing.
  • Monetization Ease: Artists can monetize tracks and keep recording royalties.
  • No Copyright Issues: Generate music without worrying about copyright strikes.

Pricing and Licensing

SOUNDRAW offers several subscription plans to cater to different user needs. These include:

  • Content Creator Plan: $16.99 per month for infinite downloads.
  • Artist Starter Plan: $29.99 per month for 10 downloads/month.
  • Artist Pro Plan: $35.99 per month for 20 downloads/month plus stems.
  • Artist Unlimited Plan: $49.99 per month for infinite downloads and stems.

    Do you use SOUNDRAW?

    All plans come with a lifetime license, making them suitable for both commercial and personal use.

Support and Resources

SOUNDRAW offers comprehensive support options, including customer service, detailed documentation, and a community forum. Users can also access an FAQ section and chat support for real-time assistance. These resources ensure that users can make the most out of the platform and resolve any issues efficiently.

SOUNDRAW as an Alternative to:

Compared to traditional music production software, SOUNDRAW shines in terms of ease and speed. Unlike tools like FL Studio or Ableton Live that require extensive knowledge and experience, SOUNDRAW allows even beginners to generate professional-grade music effortlessly. Its AI customizations are more user-friendly compared to complex DAWs, making it a go-to choice for quick music production.

Alternatives to SOUNDRAW

  • Epidemic Sound: Ideal for creators needing a vast library of ready-made royalty-free music.
  • Artlist: Perfect for filmmakers and video producers seeking high-quality licensed tracks.
  • Beatoven.ai: Suitable for users who prefer another AI-powered music generation tool with a different interface and feature set.


SOUNDRAW is a powerful AI music creation tool that caters to both creators and artists, offering unparalleled ease of use and customization. With various plans to suit different needs and comprehensive support, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking to streamline their music production process. Its impressive features, flexible licensing, and royalty-free tracks make it a standout option for modern music creators.

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